Are 3D Wall Panels Good?

Are you on a lookout for some stylish ways to deck out your plain and boring walls? Well, 3D wall panels are the perfect wall accent that adds personality and drama to your home interior designs. These decorative wall panels are innovative and economical wall décor accents that bring life to your otherwise dull and drab walls. If you have an unsightly or problematic wall, ceiling, or any surface that needs covering and are looking for a quick solution to give them a unique look, then 3D wall panels are what you need to get hold of. At Ehomemart, you will find some amazing decorative wall panels that are light weighted, waterproof, durable, and can be stuck and peeled off very easily. Whether you want to make a jazzy splash on your walls or are looking to impart a sophisticated look, we have got you covered with some exquisite 3D wall panels. If you want these decorative wall panels in your home but are confused, are 3D wall panels good? Read along as we are sharing some cool facts about these trendy 3D wall panels that will surely make you fall in love with them.

3D wall panel

Are 3D Wall Panels Waterproof?

3D wall panels give walls a unique 3D effect and take accent walls to the next level by making them the center of attention in any room in your home. One of the major concerns of the customers is whether or not these 3D wall panels are waterproof, and can be used in situations where they are regularly exposed to water. Well, if you look at their construction design closely you will find a closed cell design that provides waterproof protection on the foam mat, which you will not find in an open cell design, also, these decorative 3D wall panels have a much firmer texture than an open cell one. These waterproof wall panels will keep your walls clean and satin-free, whether it’s the work of art on your toddler’s bedroom wall, or the stains in your kitchen, dining room, or any other area in the house. Our peel and stick 3D wall panels include backsplash walls, mirror walls, & mosaic decorative wall panels that are waterproof and thus will protect your walls from scratch, splash, and heat. Use our 3D wall panels peel & stick that are available in wavy, French, diamond, alligator skin style designs, these white 3D wall panels are waterproof and will stylishly spruce up your living room, dining room, or bedroom walls.

Are PVC Wall Panels Waterproof?

PVC 3D wall panels are widely being used because of their water-resistant quality and economical price. An ideal alternative to fiber plastic panels, these waterproof wall panels not only keep the areas that require hygiene but also create a captivating curated look. These PVC 3D wall panels get dried quickly and can also be wiped out with any damp cloth, so let these waterproof 3D wall panels give your kitchens and bathrooms a clean, dry, and hygienic feel. The waterproof quality of these modern 3D wall panels makes them an ideal choice for covering the walls as well as their light weighted, easy to handle, cut, and maintained features make them stay on your walls for as long as you like. We offer our stunning range of peel & stick wall panels that are made of PVC foam material and easily get installed due to their self-adhesive backing material. Choose our backsplash mirror wall tiles, marble glass mosaic wall tiles, rhinestone studded 2D metal wall tiles, & mosaic mirror wall tiles, and give your walls a fresh and luxurious look and feel. These stylish backsplashes can also be used to fill the space between the cabinets and countertops of your bathrooms and kitchens.

How Do You Make A Brick Wall With Styrofoam?

Brick wall style has never gone out of style, people love giving their walls a brick look as it makes the walls look neat, stylish, and impressive. Not all of us can have a perfect brick wall, but ease yourself, as a brick wall can be created with Styrofoam. Yes, you heard it right, with Styrofoam you can recreate the classic look of brick walls without dealing with the actual bricks, but getting these foam pieces together to create a 3D wall panel seems like a daunting affair. Well, not anymore, by using our peel and stick wall panels anyone can set their walls like a pro. You simply need to choose the brick 3D wall panels in color and texture that you like and peel and stick them. These adhesive 3D wall panels are available in white, black, pink, & silver colors and their self-adhesive feature makes the installation process quick, easy, and mess-free.

To apply these peel and stick wall panels you simply have to cut the 3D wall panel in your desired shape and size with a pair of scissors, next remove the back paper and blow the back with hairdryer on high heat and try to peel after 1-2 mins of hot air blowing. Lastly, apply it on any clean and sleek surface! And whoosh! Your designer wall is ready in less than half an hour.

We understand that giving significant change to the walls can be costly and time consuming, but with 3D wall panels, anyone can decorate and renovate their boring and dreary walls in an economical and quick way. Peel and stick 3D wall panels provide an ideal wall covering solution for interior decoration. So are you still questioning yourself, ‘are 3d wall panels good’? We hope not! Look into our collection of decorative 3D wall panels and let your walls speak your style out!