Unscented Candles


Nothing should stop you from having a wonderful collection of luminous unscented candles at your home or office for utilitarian or decorative purposes. However, if you are not keen on having fragrant candles, you can opt for our scentless candles which remain the safest choice among our decorative candle sets.

Create a cozy and intimate atmosphere at your home or office by lighting a few well-placed dripless unscented votive candles. The flicker of silver mini disc dripless floating candles produces a lovely ambiance that simply cannot be replicated. Light a bunch of rose design dripless candles to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Add the finishing touch to any event in a stylish way using our premium dripless taper candles. Perfect for centerpiece decorations or candlelight effects, these taper unscented candles have a burn time of up to 9 hours.

You can choose from our wide variety of unscented candles to match the theme and lighting requirements of any event or room to make it feel warm and welcoming. Moreover, as our non drip candles burn cleanly, you need not worry about the black soot emitted from ordinary candles. Check out the elegant collection of best dripless candles and non toxic candles at Ehomemart as soon as possible as the wonderful stock may not last long.


1. What are the best candles for home ?

Ans: If you've already ruled out scented decor candles in your search for the perfect candle to permeate your interior, eHomemart's fantastic collection of scentless candles is a great place to start. Here are some of the best fragrance-free candles we have available, ranging from small white candles to large white candles that are drip-free and an economical option that can evoke a spa-like retreat.

  • Choose our unscented pillar candles if you prefer longer-lasting candles that are also mess-free. They burn down to the holder's base and are inherently non-dripping and smoke-free.
  • Our small round candles are the perfect bathroom candle decoration element to create a soothing, spa-like ambiance if you wish to indulge in a weekend of personal care. As they calmly glow, enjoy their lovely radiance.
  • Tealights are the perfect alternative for decorating your home or any event if you're seeking less utilitarian but more trendy candles. Our drip-free tealight candles are available in two styles: metallic tea light candles with a 2-hour burn duration and glitter tea light candles with a 4-hour burn time. Both are lead-free and smoke-free, which is ideal for health-conscious shoppers.

2. How to use floating candles ?

Ans: Candles are no longer just for lighting; they've evolved into a symbol of elegance and luxury. That is why, in recent years, homeowners have included floating water candles in their home interiors to improve their décor style. Floating unscented tealight candles are the most adaptable of the candle varieties, as they may be used practically everywhere, especially in water. They make a terrific complement to home décor and interior design because of their magnetic atmosphere. 

Here's how to use floating tea light candles to make aesthetically pleasing home decor with some ornamental objects like vase fillers, flowers, and a pair of vases in your desired size.

  • Putting floating 3-inch unscented candles in glass is one option. A wine, goblet, or margarita glass could also be used. Depending on the size of your glass, multiple small floating candles may fit inside it.
  • To construct a minimalist floating candle votive, fill a small glass floating candle holder halfway with water and drop 3 to 4 pieces of floating votive candles. You can display these on your dinner table, mantle, or porch.
  • Fill a clear glass bowl with decorative sand, faux pearls, or stone fillers to create a brilliant and attractive DIY floating candle centerpiece. Fill the container with water up to three-quarters full and gently place several mini rose floating flower candles.
  • Floating candles decoration do not have to be elaborate. To produce a warm and lovely centerpiece for the living area or dining room, just fill a large bowl with water and set a few white floating candles in it. To establish a natural feeling of calmness, add some dense flower heads.

3. How long do taper candles burn ?

Ans: Our excellent dripless unscented taper candles score high and will not fail you with their burning time of up to 8-9 hours. So whether you wish to light up the living room and unwind with a lighted candle centerpiece or cook a special meal for your loved ones at home, these drip-free, window candles can last through even the longest dinners or gatherings.

Simply insert these non-drip colored candles set in any of our metal or glass candle holders, together with any of our artificial flower wreaths, to create an eye-catching flower arrangement with slow burn candles that is perfect for year-round use or for special occasions and festive seasons.

4. Where to buy dripless candles ?

Ans: Consider eHomemart's non-drip block candles if you want something more festive than timeless white unscented candles but don't want the huge mess they usually leave behind. Our best dripless candles are fragrance-free, and smoke-free, use a 100% cotton wick, and have a clean burn with almost no wax drips, allowing your home spaces to glow brilliantly without endangering your mantels and surfaces.

Our high-quality paraffin wax candles come in a variety of types, including pillar, taper, votive, and mini disc, and will look beautiful on your dining table, coffee table, or fireplace. These fragrance free candles are also perfect for everyday use, seasonal decor, and special occasions. Place them next to a floral arrangement or insert our beautiful unscented candles within one of our candle wreaths to create a beautiful, festive display that you can set anywhere in your house.

5. Where to buy unscented candles ?

Ans: Fragrant candle lights can infuse your home with the most delightful scents, but it is also essential to have one of the best unscented jar candles on hand for moments when you just want to experience a cozy fresh look and a sense of space rather than to make your place smell great.

With eHomemart's completely unscented candles, you may have a warm and environmentally-friendly glow in your house all the time. These attractive scentless pack of candles offer a lovely flicker of light and have a long burning period to provide long-lasting tranquility. Plus, these wax luminaries burn so well that there are no drips to clean afterward, not unless they are tipped in some way.

While our water candles are romantic and calming while floating in a water-filled vessel, there are other possibilities to consider: our lovely metallic and succulent tea lights which will look enchanting in a fancy candelabra, or the classic tapers which are perfect for home gatherings that require a soft yet longer-lasting luminescence. Choose a favorite and buy a bunch of it, or mix and match plain candles by color or design to create a look that complements your interior decor.

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