Geometric Holders


Creatively imbue a classy and modish appeal into your home interior design and showcase our geometric centerpiece and holders to elevate your aesthetics up a notch. Boasting sharp shapes and clean lines, a geometric candle holder is just the perfect accent to effortlessly invoke elegance and panache into your space.

Whether you’re going for a Scandinavian and minimal style decor or you’re looking to infuse a modern flair into your space, you can never go wrong with our geometric candle holder stylishly placed on your coffee table or accent table.

If you’re searching for unique accents that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your holiday decor, we suggest you opt for our Nordic style gold geometric terrarium candle holder. With its timeless color and adaptable shape, this metal geometrical candle holder centerpiece is versatile and can be used to create an artful light display or can be transformed into a whimsical centerpiece by flaunting some gorgeous blooms and foliage inside it emanating an enticing appeal.

If using a table centerpiece sounds too mainstream when looking to inject an eccentric appeal into your design, try suspending our hanging rose gold geometric candle holder just above your dinner table or place our tall rectangular black geometric flower holder stand on the floor to elegantly display your floral and foliage decor pots striking the perfect balance of modern and fresh elements.

Our prime goal at Ehomemart is to make sure that you find the perfect accent pieces at the best prices to add that riveting visual kick to your interior without exceeding your budget. To this end, we offer an awesome range of geometric votive candle stands and wire candle holders that’ll help you effortlessly impart a chic and modish allure. Check out our collection and grab a beautiful geometric candle holder set, wire wall shelf, and metal flower stand that match your style now!


1. How to make geometric centerpieces ?

Ans: If you're searching for a trendy and unique way to embellish your tabletops and mantels, eHomemart's geometric candlestick decor is a great option. The nicest part about these beautiful little gems is that they're inexpensive, eco-friendly, and could be DIY’d according to your preference.

Our original and contemporary geometric stand is made of high-quality iron and can safely hold your favorite decorations. Accessorize these 3D geometric centerpieces with artificial flowers and greenery, candles, and other ornaments for more elegance and depth.

Allow the shape and angles of our stunning Nordic style tea light and votive candle holders to be a minimalist and chic addition to your home and bring extra coziness to the living room or dining table. Use these unique tea light candle holders as is or add your favorite tea light candles for a minimalist look.

2. How to make tea light candle holders at home ?

Ans: If you've considered making tea light holders as part of your home décor but haven't gotten around to it because it seems like too much work, why not choose from our metal tea light holders featuring eye-catching geometric designs and let these stunning beauties provide you with the wow factor you've been looking for?

Even without a candle, these geometric tea light candle holders make a visual impact, but when you add shimmering candlelight to this metallic beauty, you are guaranteed to have stunning finishing touch on your tables. A clear glass light holder is included, which may be filled to the brim with miniature succulents, air plants, stunning silk flowers, or lush foliage for a fashionable bohemian feel, or use with tea lights or votive candles to create warm and romantic ambiance.

For an aesthetically minimalist style for your home interior, mix and match these decorative tea light holders with our geometric vases, hanging planters, and other geometric table decors. In the bedroom, bathroom, living room, foyer, shelf, or mantle, place a geometric tealight holder alone or in a group.

3. What can you put in candle holders besides candles ?

Ans: Geometric accent pieces are popular because of their adaptability and striking appearance. But did you know that you can use something other than delicate tealights in these holders? Continue reading to learn more:

  • Flowers, succulents, or foliage can be placed in our pentagon geometric candle holders. These hanging tea light holders also make a beautiful centerpiece or prominent design feature on desks and shelves.
  • Remove the glass candle cups from our rose gold candle holder and use them to store cosmetic brushes and other items on your vanity such as eyeliners, lip pencils, and mascaras.
  • Use our gold geometric candle vessel as storage for pens, pencils, scissors, and other writing equipment on your home study desk to add modern detail.

4. How to arrange candle holders ?

Ans: When you start looking at different candle holder arrangement ideas, you'll quickly find that the options are virtually limitless. So, if you enjoy decorating your home with candle holders and want to know how to include eHomemart's unique and attractive geometric shape centerpieces into your home aesthetic, consider the following:

  • Line up our Geometric Metal Candle Holder with Amber Glass Votives of varying heights next to each other to create a stunning asymmetrical look.
  • Anything looks better in two, and candle holders are no exception. For a lovely, balanced ambiance, choose a pair of our metal tea light candle holders. Who knows, maybe your matchmaking skills may lead to raging chemistry in the decor department!
  • Use our 8" Gold Hanging Geometric Tealight Candle Holders as the main centerpiece in the center of your dining room or patio table; when candles are lit within these gold metal candle holders, they provide a shimmering illumination that creates a warm environment for your dinner or celebration.
  • Along with books and a small indoor plant, place our geometric tea candle holder on your side or coffee table.
  • You don't have to be concerned if you're having trouble finding terrarium candle holders that match. To retain a unified design, choose one of our modern candle holders sold in sets rather than individual candle holders.

5. Where to buy candlesticks ?

Ans: With eHomemart’s geometric candlestick holders, you can easily set the mood for romance wherever needed. Made up of a combination of triangle, hexagonal, octagonal, and other shapes, these tea light votives are lightweight but crafted from very sturdy metal. They make excellent centerpieces for a wedding party or accent decorations for special events, as well as great everyday decor.

Fits anywhere around your home, these 3-dimensional table candle holders with a metallic frame will accentuate your space and render a touch of exquisiteness to your tabletop, shelves, mantel, or fireplace. You may use them as a traditional hanging glass candle holder, a flowerpot by adding some foliage and greenery, or take a little more time and effort by putting your choice of succulents and rocks. 

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