When it comes to dressing up your windows, curtains definitely top the list. Whether you’re looking to stylishly cover your windows to keep strangers from peeking into your home or you want to upgrade your interior design, we are at your service with our high-quality premium home curtains that are fit for any and all purposes!

Does your interior lack vibrance? Add an instant pop of color with flamboyant linen curtains injecting a lovely perky charm into your interior design. However, if you want to block out the scorching sunlight and heat in the summer season, drape our blackout curtains over your windows.

Available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and lengths, these blackout curtains will not only restrict the sunlight and heat but will also add a graceful flair to your home decor. In case you’re looking to incorporate glitz and glam into your room decor, opt for our stylish curtains to add a sparkling allure to your otherwise dull and dreary space.

Whereas, if you want to conceal the drab windows without completely blocking out the warm sunshine, our sheer curtains are your best bet! Whichever kind, style, design, or fabric you choose for your home curtains, don’t forget to install chic curtain rods to beautifully drape your curtains adding a lovely cohesive flair to your entire decor.

We at eHomemart strive to provide top-quality linen curtains at affordable prices to help you decorate your home like a pro without dropping a huge chunk of change! Visit our online store and check out the entire range of high grade yet inexpensive curtains to spruce up your windows today!


1. How to choose curtains for home ?

Ans: One of the elements that complete the look and feel of any interior space, especially when used in the right way, are home curtains & drapes. However, choosing the right curtains and things necessary, including the curtain rod, can be a bit daunting, as there are different types of curtains, prints, and linings available in the market. To help you in the process of selecting the right curtain lengths, curtain colors, and curtain styles, here are a few handy rules to follow when shopping for home décor curtains.

  • Ideal Length and Width

One of the major factors to consider when selecting curtains is their height and width, as it will look strange if you hang long curtains on short windows and vice versa. The exact length of the curtain finish will depend on the type of curtain heading you prefer—either just below the ceiling or right above the window frame. To ensure the fullness of the curtain, add four to eight inches on both sides of your panels and double the sum.

  • Curtain Fabric and Color

Another fundamental aspect to consider when choosing the best curtains for home is the fabric, as it will influence the style of the room, the level of privacy, and the amount of light the space will get. Sheer floor curtains are used primarily for privacy, but they still allow a moderate amount of light to pass through, making these window sheers ideal for use in the living room. Drapes, on the other hand, are made of thicker materials, primarily to block sunlight, perfect for use as a total bedroom blackout.

You will have a lot to choose from in terms of color and pattern from our aesthetic curtains collection, depending on the fabric option you have selected. If you want your window treatment to stand out, choose a bold color that contrasts with your wall and furniture. Or you can always keep it simple with plain curtains that complement the shade of your wall.

  • Hardware and Accessories

Curtains can be hung in a number of ways, which is why curtain rod sizes and hardware also comes in different styles. Heavier curtains require stronger rods, while sheers can be placed on thin, simple curtain rods. The most popular hardware material options that fit most interior styles are antique bronze, brushed nickel, brass, and polished nickel. To give your drapes and decor curtains more flair, you can also add unique curtain rods and accessories like finials and tiebacks.

    2. What are the best curtains to block out light ?

    Ans: If you are in the market for the best blackout curtains because you work the night shift or have difficulty sleeping, then you can’t go wrong with eHomemart's wide selection of exquisite long blackout curtains. These blackout window panels not only block light but also balance the temperature of the room by insulating it from heat or cold.

    When choosing light blocking curtains for your home, you probably want them to be attractive and effective, and you can have the best of both worlds with our chevron patterned blackout curtains, cabana stripe blackout curtains with designs, and lattice printed blackout curtains. And despite their name, our blackout window curtains come in a wide variety of colors.

    3. How to hang sheer and solid curtains ?

    Ans: Among the window curtains types, hanging sheer living room curtains with blinds is one of the widely used and popular techniques to make home interiors look fancier while saving energy. In addition, this will make your living room or bedroom window ideas show stylish and striking variation.

    One style to consider is putting sheer curtains over the solid drapes for large windows, or vice versa. These breezy curtains for large windows in the living room will provide adequate privacy while letting in filtered light, while the solid curtains for large windows in the living room will highlight the window frame. For added depth and texture, you may also hang multiple pretty curtains for 3 windows side by side. If you prefer a more subtle look, you can go with just solid floor length curtains or two see-through curtains for two windows close together, depending on whether or not you are planning to have them pulled aside.

    4. How to install curtain rods ?

    Ans: Curtain rods will hold and support curtain panels, so proper installation will greatly benefit your big and small window curtain ideas in many ways. Apart from that, these extendable curtain rods also give a subtle layer of decoration to window treatments. For low ceilings, you can hang the rods higher. If you want your windows with narrow curtains to look wider, extend the hardware beyond the window on each side to cover the wall space with the curtain panels.

    Stop living with boring curtains or no curtains at all and start hanging your favorite types of curtains with these four easy steps.

    • The first step is to choose window treatments & hardware.
    • Next, determine and measure where you want to hang your curtain rods.
    • Measure approximately 3"- 4" from the ends of the curtain rod and use a pencil to mark the pilot holes for your brackets
    • Once you have completed the third step, you can now drill the holes where you have made your marks and mount the brackets.
    • After the ceiling curtain rod brackets are attached, it’s time for you to hang your indoor curtains. Opening and closing the curtains will determine if the curtain rod hardware has been mounted properly.

    5. Where can I buy affordable curtains ?

    Ans: Interior door curtains are a good addition to your home decoration journey. There are a variety of 2 pack curtain panels and inexpensive curtains for large windows in the market, but when it comes to quality, you can't be sure. With eHomemart, we offer you the best quality yet inexpensive and highly rated drapes and curtains. 

    From rod pocket door curtains to classy curtains and beautiful window curtains, we have a wide range of options in color palettes and patterns that you are sure to obsess over. On the other hand, to complement your backyard or outdoor spaces, we also got you covered with our chic-looking patio curtains and sheer privacy curtains.

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