When it comes to dressing up your windows, curtains definitely top the list. Whether you’re looking to stylishly cover your windows to keep strangers from peeking into your home or you want to upgrade your interior design, we are your service with our high-quality premium home curtains that are fit for any and all purposes!

Does your interior lack vibrance? Add an instant pop of color with flamboyant linen curtains injecting a lovely perky charm into your interior design. However, if want to block out the scorching sunlight and heat in the summer season, drape our blackout curtains over your windows.

Available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and lengths, these blackout curtains will not only restrict the sunlight and heat but will also add a graceful flair to your home decor. In case you’re looking to incorporate glitz and glam into your room decor, opt for our stylish curtains to add a sparkling allure to your otherwise dull and dreary space.

Whereas, if you want to conceal the drab windows without completely blocking out the warm sunshine, our sheer curtains are your best bet! Whichever kind, style, design, or fabric you choose for your home curtains, don’t forget to install chic curtain rods to beautifully drape your curtains adding a lovely cohesive flair to your entire decor.

We at eHomemart strive to provide top-quality linen curtains at affordable prices to help you decorate your home like a pro without dropping a huge chunk of change! Visit our online store and check out the entire range of high grade yet cheap curtains to spruce up your windows today!

Frequently asked questions:

1. How to choose curtains for home ?

Ans: Curtains complete the look and feel of any room, especially when used the right way. Explore and choose your style from our vast collection of home decor curtains. Here are some helpful tips in choosing the best curtains for home:

  • Calculate the length, you will want to measure it from your curtain rod to floor height.
  • Choose your desired fabric. 
  • Decide on the hardware. This includes the curtain rod usually sized 6 to 12 inches wider than the window, in order to balance the overall look.

2. How to divide a room with curtains ?

Ans: In addition to magnifying the comfort and style of your windows, there are many things you can do with curtains. With our collection of room divider curtains, you can easily partition rooms into sections. Here are some suggestions on how you can use our curtain dividers to add style to your home interior:

3. What are the best curtains to block out light ?

Ans: If you are in the market for the best blackout curtains because you work the night shift or have difficulty sleeping, then you can’t go wrong with eHomemart's wide selection of thermal blackout curtains. These blackout window panels not only block light but also balance the temperature of the room by insulating it from heat or cold.

When choosing light blocking curtains for your home, you probably want them to be attractive and effective, and you can have the best of both worlds with our chevron, Cabana stripe, and Lattice print grommet blackout curtains. And despite their name, our blackout window curtains come in a wide variety of colors.

4. How to hang sheer and solid curtains ?

Ans: Hanging sheer and solid curtains is one of the widely used and popular techniques to make home interiors look fancier while saving energy. In addition, this will make your exclusive home curtains design show an elegant and amazing variation.

One style to consider is putting sheer curtains over the solid curtain, or vice versa. Sheer curtain panels will provide privacy while letting in filtered light while the solid decorative panels frame the window. For added depth and texture, you may also hang multiple panels side by side. If you prefer a more subtle look, you can go with just solid sheer drapes or two sheer panels, depending on whether or not you are planning to have them pulled aside.

5. How to install curtain rods ? 

Ans: Curtain rods hold back and support curtain panels, so installing them correctly will benefit you greatly in many ways. Apart from that, extendable curtain rods are also a nice addition to window treatments decoration.

  • The first step is to mark the location where you want to install your hanging curtain rods with a pencil. 
  • Next is to decide where to put the extendable curtain rod brackets.
  • Once you have the second step determined, you can now drill holes where you have made your markings.
  • Once the ceiling curtain rod brackets are fixed, it’s time for you to hang your indoor curtains. Opening and closing the curtains will determine if the curtain rod hardware has been mounted properly.
6. Where can I buy affordable curtains ?

Ans: Curtains and drapes are a good addition to your home decoration journey. There are many affordable window treatment panels in the market, but when it comes to quality, you can't be sure.

With eHomemart, we offer you the best quality and inexpensive dainty home curtains. From rod pocket blackout curtains to stylish curtains and hanging bead curtains, we have a wide range of options in color palettes and patterns that you are sure to obsess over. On the other hand, to complement your backyard or outdoor areas, we also got you covered with our chic-looking patio curtains and outdoor sheer curtains.

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