Candlelight creates a warm and inviting ambiance that is perfect for any special occasion. Picking up interesting candlestick holders for your LEDs or wax candles will give your space a sparkly glow. If you are searching for a striking candlelight display for your indoor/outdoor events, weddings, birthdays, or even home candlelight dinners, our exclusive collection of decorative candle holders features a variety of designs and styles that will give a unique and distinctive touch to your ambiance.

Play with your aesthetic creativity by lighting your decorative candles in our metal candle holders that come in beautiful designs. To make a tantalizing centerpiece for your party or dining table, pick our geometric candlestick holders and let these gorgeous candle holder centerpieces exude a warm glow around. Add a modish twist to your mantel shelf decor or holiday decorations with our stylish pillar candle holders and bring out a superlative glow.

If you’re in love with an antique-style interior design, opt for our gorgeous antique roman column candle holders. Add a touch of elegance to your gathering or create a relaxing ambiance of candles in your own home with glass candle holders like our lotus flower glass candle holders and enjoy their warm, inviting glow.

Create an aura of luminous beauty by hanging our candle lanterns from ceilings, branches, arches, and windows, or place them flat on the floor or tables as standalone accent pieces. Add elegance and grace to your candle decor with our mercury votive candle holders and in case you’re leaning towards a luxurious style décor, pick our crystal glass taper candelabras and give your tapers an exotic dreamlike look.

Enhance your home décor or exhibit grandeur into your event by choosing from our chic candle holder decor collection and achieving any look. Browse through eHomemart to find unique candlelight to accentuate your interior décor.


1. Where do you put a candle holder ?

Ans: It's understandable why candle holders are among the most useful decorative items to own. The idea of decorating with one or a few pieces is practically limitless because this decorative element encourages a lot of visual experimentation. However, safety measures are always the first and foremost thing to consider, regardless of the candle holder table centerpiece display ideas you may be considering.

The most common location to place a gorgeous centerpiece candle holder is on a table or any flat surface. For example, you can place an ornate votive holder on a coffee table, a side table, a nightstand, a fireplace mantel, on top of a bookcase, etc. 

You can also place a few candle lanterns on the floor to light up a nook, but make sure it is in a stable and level place. Another option is to hang a candle holder centerpiece on the wall. This is a great option if you want to create a more dramatic look and free up tablespace while brightening up a room.

2. Can you decorate with candle holders without candles ?

Ans: Candle holders make lovely standalone decorative items even though they are functional accessories used to hold lit candles. As a result, decorating with candleless tabletop candle holder centerpieces has been on the rise. Not only is it beneficial to find another use for your candle containers, but it is also an opportunity to change the decoration of your living space as there are so many different ways to put them on display.

You can achieve various decorative designs with candle holder for centerpieces without using candles, as some truly intriguing candelabras and candlesticks can serve as sculptures and give your display an added height dimension. 

Due to their stylistic versatility, these table decorations can also be used to decorate more formal or expensive social gatherings. Choose two or three pillar candle stands in soft gray, beige, or white as a wedding centerpiece if you decide to go candleless. Using candleless candelabra centerpieces and rustic candle centerpieces to decorate your home will always produce the desired results, whether you want to add more style, tradition, or elegance to your space.

3. Where to buy candle sticks ?

Ans: A great way to decorate a space is by using candle holders. Candlesticks, crystal candelabras, and other exquisite candle holder centerpieces are available at and will add the perfect touch of sparkle to any home design. Our candle holder set will instantly add a touch of elegance to your dining table, coffee table, or mantel, even without candles.

With eccentric taper candle holders such as our Gold Manzanita Tree Branch Candelabra, you can set the mood and create a light atmosphere. To keep outdoor events going all night long, place pillar candles in a  glass candle vase and decorative candle lanterns, or dine casually with contemporary candlestick holders such as our Gold Metal Ring Taper Candle Holders

A scattering of pretty candle holder centerpieces such as our Crystal Glass Lotus Flower Votive Candle Holders will illuminate tables and wall shelves. Create an opulent arrangement of candelabras made of sleek metal such as our Gold Metal 5-Arm Candle Holder Candelabra Table Centerpiece that you can enhance with an arrangement of greenery and blooms in complementing vases. So, what are you waiting for? Find great deals on various candle holders and candle centerpieces for tables at eHomemart today!

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