Neon Signs & Letter Lights


Brighten up your home decor with striking Neon Signs and letter lights that’ll not only ooze majestic radiance but also add depth and dimension to the space. Electrify the atmosphere and energize the ambiance with LED neon lights that are available in different designs and are easy to use. These LED sign accessories are the perfect decor accents to transform your dull and boring spaces into fun and exciting ones.

If you want to exude a captivating allure at your entrance hallway decor then opt for the LED light box to display “welcome home” or “Home Sweet Home” in style. You can also add a unique and personalized touch to your home interior using vintage metal marquee letters, numbers, & symbols placing them on shelves, tables, or mantelshelf for a sophisticated display. Planning to host a party at home? Add a festive appeal to the decor by suspending the Let’s Party neon light sign to generate a thrilling and energizing glow.

Bring an interesting and fun-filled vibe to your home decor with marquee letters and cool neon signs to usher in a whimsical charm. Browse through Ehomemart’s exotic collection of decorative light up letters and add a twinkling allure to your space. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out our Neon Signs and Letter lights collection now!


1. Can you leave a neon sign on all night ?

Ans: It is acceptable to leave your aesthetic neon signs on overnight. You don't have to worry about energy costs or burning out your neon signs if you need to leave them on overnight. The cost of energy will remain low. Also, the tube won't get too hot because neon lights lack filaments, which would burn out and use a lot of electricity.

However, it would be beneficial to turn the LED neon signs off if they disturb your regular sleep. Doing this wouldn't mess with your biological clock, which almost certainly regulates your sleeping patterns based on how much light is available. It would be a good idea to keep the switch nearby so you can turn on the neon lights whenever you need to.

When used correctly, neon signs are a great way to decorate a space. Light up signs today are beneficial to human health. You shouldn't leave neon lights on when you're trying to sleep unless absolutely necessary because they could keep you awake. Your ability to successfully carry out specific bodily functions depends on how well you sleep.

2. How to clean neon signs ?

Ans: Maintaining cleanliness will be the most crucial aspect of keeping your neon LED signs in good condition. Neon signs eventually lose their bright, inviting appearance when not kept clean. Be sure to unplug your neon sign before cleaning it. Because they don't get hot when illuminated, it's easy to assume they're safe to handle. Neon bar signs still rely on a transformer, which if you're not careful, could give you a dangerous electrical shock.

Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove as much dust as you can, then use a nylon brush or soft cloth to clean the tubes. To get the dust out of hard-to-reach cracks and corners, a brush can be a useful tool. Depending on where your sign is placed, routine dusting may suffice. However, some signs require a deeper cleaning as they collect more dirt. 

Neon light signs placed near the grill in a restaurant, for example, tend to collect grease, and neon signs placed near the smoking area in a bar can develop nicotine stains. Spray an ammonia-based cleaner on a soft cloth and use it to gently rub the dirt off the sign to remove any grime. Once the dirt has been removed, spray a fresh, clean towel with water and use it to wipe off any remaining cleaner before plugging your room signs.

3. Where to buy neon signs online ?

Ans: Choose from eHomemart’s exciting LED neon wall signs that mimic genuine glass neon signs, but are more durable and less expensive. Our LED neon lighting and signs are ideal for use as neon art, accent lighting, living room or bedroom wall décor, and just about anything else you can think of.

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