Peel & Stick Tiles


Are you on the lookout for easy yet stylish ways to spruce up your plain and boring walls? We are at your service with our peel and stick wall tiles to help you revamp your space with ease. Featuring self-adhesive backing for easy and convenient application, these stick on wall tiles come in exclusive designs and a wide array of colors to add an enticing visual appeal to your space.

Whether you want to create an accent wall to add visual interest and energy to your room through texture, color, and contrast or you’re looking to add personality and drama to your home interior design, our foam brick wall tiles are all you need to make your wall decor truly standout. 

Unleash your creativity and opt for contrasting hues to further highlight your eclectic wall art collection or mix and match different colored brick wall tiles to create a captivating curated look. However, if you’re looking for something low-key to add an understated elegance to your bedroom, choose from our elegant range of white patterned self-adhesive wall tiles to bring in a gorgeous textural element and design to your bedroom wall decor without going overboard.

In case you’re in search of stylish backsplashes to fill the space between the cabinets and countertops, opt for our peel and stick mirror wall tiles for a glamorous allure or install our stick-on rhinestone studded metal wall tiles to elevate your kitchen decor up by several sparkling notches!

Our prime focus at Ehomemart is to provide top-notch products and accessories to help you effortlessly upgrade your home decor. To this end, we offer an impressive collection of peel and stick wall panels for all your DIY wall decor projects! Visit us and check out our complete range of easy-to-use decorative wall tiles now!


1. How to install peel and stick backsplash ?

Ans: Revamp your kitchen area with our easy-to-install peel and stick kitchen backsplash. Choose from our peel and stick brick tile, peel and stick mirror tiles, and decorative backsplash panel to redecorate your space with ease. Below are some easy steps with great results:

  • Measure the distance from the countertop and the bottom of your kitchen cabinet.
  • Remove the outlet covers and clean the space thoroughly by using a degreasing cleaner. Make sure to dry it after with a clean towel.
  • Peel the back of the peel & stick backsplash and make sure to align it carefully. Press it firmly with your one hand. Then, that's it, a new kitchen look is achieved!

2. Which tiles are best for walls ?

Ans: Self adhesive wall tiles can be a practical option when you are renovating a kitchen or redesigning a bathroom, but stick on tiles are a fabulous feature for other areas of the house too, whether you are going for an understated version or one that is a definitive attention grabber. 

Choose from our patterned tile backsplash, which is popular for its textured design, or other artificial tiles, such as our 3d foam brick wall panels, or enjoy the beauty of marble with our mosaic mirror tiles. Whether you're shopping online for an immediate home makeover or just planning ahead, read on to find out which self adhesive backsplash are best for each type of home project.

Foam Wall Panels

Foam wall panels are great for creating three-dimensional accent walls and can also be used on ceilings. These peel and stick wallpaper tiles not only add beauty and dimension to drab walls, but they can also help control noise. Customize their look by adding the acrylic paint top coat of your choice. Foam peel and stick tile backsplash are usually a huge hit for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen walls.

Mosaic Tiles

If you’re looking to add a new charm to any kitchen, bathroom, or backyard, using peel and stick mosaic tile will undoubtedly do an excellent job. Mosaic tiles give you the flexibility to create your own layout design, as they come in different sizes, colors, styles, and even materials. 

These adhesive tile backsplash work best in wall applications when an accent is needed. Apart from creating a spectacular wall decoration, you can also use these peel n stick tile around the mirror or cabinet or in any other way you like.

3. How long does peel and stick backsplash last ?

Ans: Self adhesive tiles do not break easily and can last for a long time. Just make sure your wall is smooth and primed well before application so it adheres properly. Other factors that can affect the lifespan of a peel and stick wall tile come down to the type of tile and where it is used, how much motion they get, and whether they are exposed to water. 

So if you are considering adding a peel and stick bathroom tile or peel and stick tiles for kitchen in your home, then you are making the right choice. 

4. Where to buy peel and stick tile ?

Ans: Do you want to prepare your kitchen or bathroom for a house gathering or a fancy dinner party? Now you can avoid some of the hassle and expense of installing traditional tiles with our best peel and stick backsplash. This DIY-friendly alternative is easy to install and requires no drying time. 

What’s even better? These decorative interior wall paneling only comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional options like ceramic or porcelain. eHomemart's peel and stick tile collection replicate the look of expensive patterned cement tiles with self-adhesive vinyl designs that require no grout or mortar. These stick on wall tiles are also lightweight, easy to handle, cut, and maintain, and they will stay on your walls for as long as you like.

This sticky backsplash can be installed in minutes over a clean and sleek surface with no mess or specialized tools. From styles like 3D foam brick tiles, patterned tile backsplash, and mirror mosaic tiles, they are sure to give your home spaces the best upgrade possible.

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