Peel & Stick Tiles


Are you on the lookout for easy yet stylish ways to spruce up your plain and boring walls? We are at your service with our peel and stick wall tiles to help you revamp your space with ease. Featuring self-adhesive backing material for an easy and convenient application, these stick on wall tiles come in exclusive designs and a wide array of colors to add an enticing visual appeal to your space.

Whether you want to create an accent wall to add visual interest and energy to your room through texture, color, and contrast or you’re looking to add personality and drama to your home interior design, our foam brick wall tiles are all you need to make your wall decor truly standout. 

Unleash your creativity and opt for contrasting hues to further highlight your eclectic wall art collection or mix and match different colored faux brick wall tiles to create a captivating curated look. However, if you’re looking for something low-key to add an understated elegance to your bedroom, choose from our elegant range of white patterned self-adhesive wall tiles to bring in a gorgeous textural element and design to your bedroom wall decor without going overboard.

In case you’re in search of stylish backsplashes to fill the space between the cabinets and countertops, opt for our peel and stick mirror wall tiles for a glamorous allure or install our stick-on rhinestone studded metal wall tiles to elevate your kitchen decor up by several sparkling notches!

Our prime focus at Ehomemart is to provide top-notch products and accessories to help you effortlessly upgrade your home decor. To this end, we offer an impressive collection of peel and stick wall panels for all your DIY wall decor projects! Visit us and check out our complete range of easy-to-use decorative wall tiles now!


1. How to install peel and stick tile backsplash ?

Ans: Update lifeless walls with our easy stick backsplash decals. The great part is that they are so easy to install, so you can do everything yourself. Choose from our glass peel and stick backsplash, foam peel and stick brick tile, and mosaic tile stickers to retouch your walls with ease. Follow these easy steps on how to apply the peel and stick panels on your wall.

  • Clean the wall thoroughly and make sure to dry it after with a clean towel.
  • Start in the most obscure spot so that once you get to the most noticeable area, you are already comfortable and have mastered the task.
  • Now you can peel the back of the 3D wall tiles and carefully position them onto your wall. When you're ready, apply your tile to the wall. Press firmly with one hand once you are sure of the placement to ensure proper adhesion.
  • To lay the self-adhesive tiles around outlets and corners, use a ruler to measure the surface and transfer the measurements to the tiles with a pencil. Lay the subway tile on your cutting mat and make the necessary cuts with a utility knife.
  • Align and stick the panels and repeat the process until your wall is fully covered.

2. How to remove peel and stick backsplash ?

Ans: Faux wall tiles are very easy to install and maintain. But after a while, it will start to get grubby and look unsightly, so you will inevitably have to remove it. Regardless of what surface the faux tile is adhered to, whether it's on a ceramic, stone, or wood surface, removing the peel and stick backsplash can’t be done as casually as grabbing a corner of the 3D backsplash and simply ripping it off.

You must first evaluate the condition of the tile backsplash. Wear and tear take their toll on them, and this also includes the adhesive. If the decorative backsplash has been on your wall for a while, or the conditions they have been exposed to are not exactly favorable, then there is a good chance that the adhesive has deteriorated immensely where you can peel the stick on tiles off the wall with your hands. 

Test a corner of the 3d self adhesive wall tiles if it comes out easily. Don’t pull too hard or you could end up chipping the wall. If it doesn’t loosen up easily, use a utility knife to cut underneath the tile. Then with a hairdryer, apply heat to the adhesive part of the peel and stick 3d wall panels before peeling them off.

Another method to remove the decorative tile stickers with ease is to simply pour some water on the tile marks. The goal is to let the water seep into the cut so that it can loosen the adhesive underneath. Again, peel off slowly after giving the water enough time to soak and erode the adhesive. You can't rush this process at any point, or you end up with paint chips hanging from your tiles.

3. Can you put peel and stick backsplash over tile ?

Ans: There’s no need to remove your current wall tiles if you want a new look because our peel and stick brick backsplash can be installed over a tiled surface, either ceramic wall or glass, as long as it is smooth, clean, and dry with no texture or bumps. 

If there is uneven tile grout or breaks on your old tiles, a little sanding might be necessary. You can add supplemental wall tile adhesives to lessen the chance of the tiles falling off. It is better to test with one or two tiles before covering your entire wall.

4. How long does peel and stick tile last ?

Ans: Backsplash stickers are durable and can last for a very long time. You simply have to make sure your wall is clean and bump-free so the panels will hold well. Some factors that influence the longevity of the 3D tile backsplash are the wall type, the material of the backsplash, and how constantly the wall decor is exposed to high temperatures and moisture.  

If you are considering a living room backsplash, stick on tile for bathroom, stick on tiles for fireplace, or kitchen tile stickers, then you are absolutely on the right track. Check out our selection of non-toxic and odor-free peel and stick wall tiles now.

5. Where to buy peel and stick tile ?

Ans: Do you want to revamp your living area or dining room wall for a house gathering or a fancy dinner party? Now you can avoid some of the inconvenience and cost of installing traditional wall tiles with our best peel and stick backsplash. This DIY-friendly alternative is easier to install and will give you the most satisfying results.

What’s even better? These peel and stick over tiles only come at a fraction of the cost of traditional options like ceramic or porcelain. eHomemart's peel and stick tiles collection replicates the look of expensive patterned ceramic tile decals but doesn’t require any special tool for application. Our peel and stick backsplash are also lightweight, easy to handle, cut, and maintain, and they will stay on your walls for as long as you like.

These waterproof tile stickers can be installed in minutes over a clean and sleek surface with no mess or specialized tools required. From styles like 3D foam panels, rhinestone studded glossy backsplash, and mirror mosaic tiles, they are sure to give your home interior walls the best and quickest upgrade possible.

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