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Wall décor plays a very significant role in beautifying your house with a stunning look and so choosing the right wall décor items is important. Wall décor items come in many types and one of those types that looks very chic and sublime on the walls is wall stickers

The benefit of using wall decor stickers inside your house is the fact that they are very easy to stick and give a gorgeous appeal to your walls. Visit eHomemart to browse through some whimsical vinyl wall stickers that can elevate the ambiance of your house.

Enlivening the interior space of your house with the presence of greenery can be a brilliant idea but using live plants cannot be an option inside all houses. And so, using our green tropical assorted leaves wall stickers can help you beautify your abode with positive vibes. 

These lush green removable wall decals will spread a great sense of calmness and if you wish to enhance the looks even more, then use our hanging terrarium plants bulbs wall stickers. To elevate the aesthetics of your interior space with a modish appeal, sticking the green tropical plant leaves art frame wall stickers can be your perfect choice.

Deck up your children’s bedroom and study room with a whimsical appeal using our removable vinyl wall decals that will uplift the ambiance of their personal space to a whole new level. Using succulent potted plants wall stickers either alone or in combination with green tropical palm leaves & flamingo wall stickers can help you achieve perfection. 

The highlighting feature of our wall art stickers apart from being very simple to use by peeling and sticking is that they are super easy to remove as well. They come in various eye-catching colors which makes them a fantastic addition to the walls of your house, especially during parties and events. Visit eHomemart now to browse and shop from a variety of alluring wall stickers.


1. How to apply PVC vinyl sticker on wall ? 

Ans: If you want to make a beautiful yet unique statement in your living areas and spaces, try using vinyl decal stickers. These wall appliques are wonderful trendy decor pieces for changing wall designs, and they're a great way of making boring, empty walls stand out.

However, the way you put these wall decals on a surface can have a significant effect on their overall appearance and impact on your interior decor. That is why when it comes to wall decals for home, it’s not just enough to just stick them to any surface, it’s also important to know how to apply them to your walls properly. 

With that being said, we've got you covered with some simple instructions on how you can quickly apply your decorative wall decals.

  • Before you begin applying your room decals, make sure your walls are clean, dry, and free of grime.
  • You can clean your wall with a damp towel and then let it dry fully.
  • Try putting your wall sticker design across your walls to see how they'll look, then temporarily stick them with masking tape and leave a little mark as a reference.
  • Slowly peel the sticker away from the backing paper, then carefully apply it to the walls until all of the decals are applied.
  • That’s it! Take a step back and admire the beauty of your cute decals.

2. How to remove wall stickers ? 

Ans: Decorative stickers for walls are used more frequently than we realize, whether to embellish a bedroom, enhance the nursery room decor, or update a home office. We know how easy it is to put these wall stickers up, but the question is if they are also easy to take down. But again, these vinyl decals are as simple to install as they are to remove from the wall, especially if you know how to do it correctly.

Take a look at the steps below for removing vinyl on wall which will save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Slowly pull the corner of the sticker to see how well attached it is. In most cases, your stickers should come off easily without damaging the paint on your beautiful walls. 
  • However, if your wall clings have been firmly affixed to the surface, you can use a hairdryer and apply heat to help soften up the adhesive. 
  • Check if the corner comes off after applying heat; if it becomes easier to peel, you can move on to the next section.
  • When heat is applied, there is usually no residue. If any glue remains on the wall, try removing it with soapy water.

3. How to store reusable wall stickers ? 

Ans: Vinyl wall decals can be reused to some extent, as most wall stickers will eventually lose their adhesive properties. Furthermore, when you remove these home decals from your walls, it may bring in a lot of sediments, such as paint, or, even worse, you can stretch or rip them. Here's how to keep and preserve your removable wall vinyl.

  • The first step is to prepare a sheet of wax paper in advance before removing the decals; it's best if it's large enough to fit the entire decal.
  • Then, you can start taking them down from your walls. They are designed to be readily removed but take additional caution while removing them, especially those with exquisite features, to avoid tearing.
  • Slowly place the decal you just removed on the wax paper, making sure there are no air bubbles. 
  • To preserve these room stickers, roll them up and store them away in your storage cabinets or unused large drawers until you are ready to reapply them. 

4. Where to buy wall stickers online ?

Ans: Are you planning to decorate your empty living room or change your child’s nursery room wall decor? If that’s the case, eHomemart’s functional yet appealing wall stickers and decals can surely spice up the look and vibe of almost any room in your home, be it the kitchen, dining, or even the bathroom. 

Browse from our huge assortment of high-quality decals design that will easily blend in with your overall home interior. To add a vibrant and cheerful vibe to your decor, choose our tropical palm leaves & flamingo animal wall stickers. On the other hand, our tropical plant leaves wall frame stickers are ideal for creating a vibrant and elegant greenery feel. 

If you’re still undecided about what kind of vinyl wall art you should get, don’t worry because most of the stickers are interchangeable giving you a chance to mix and match designs so you can find the right style that will go well with your room decorations. 

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