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Artificial silk flower arrangement is a great way to add a subtle and delicate touch to any space and event. As they make an excellent decorative accent, they can be used to spread joy in life. If you’re looking for undying flower bushes and paper flowers that look and feel exactly like the real ones, we’ve got you covered with our collection of Artificial Flowers that is brimming with blooms and buds of all seasons, styles, and sizes.

If you have a fondness for subtle and soft colors of flower petals, you can opt for our White Baby Breath Artificial Flowers or blush foam roses with stems and leaves or ivory Buttercup Bulb Flowers. And if you prefer bright, bold colors artificial flowers, go for Fuchsia Single Stem Mini Calla Lily Flowers or Red Rose & Hydrangea Artificial Silk Flowers Bouquet. Looking for stunning wreaths and flower garlands? Select Grapevine Wreath that has a rustic look. Our Silk Rhododendron Bush Flowering Vines easily blend with any surroundings.

Use our artificial flowers to create a refreshing atmosphere at Anniversaries, Baby or Bridal Showers, Holiday Functions, Birthday Parties, Office Space, Churches, and other special events. Select now and don’t miss your chance to own some of the best artificial silk flowers and foam flowers that are available in the market.


1. How to decorate a home with artificial flowers ?

Ans: There are many possible ways to use a flower decoration at home to turn your living space into an interior garden. Overwhelmed with so many options and can't decide what to proceed with? Well, follow the tips below as we've compiled the best ways to style your home spaces using our undying artificial flowers online.

  • Living Room - Bring blank walls to life by filling a basket or wall planter with adorable foam flowers and hang this floral decoration freely on your walls.
  • Dining Room - Spice up your dining room by displaying peony bouquets in a vase. Match the color to the theme of your decor.
  • Kitchen - Transform your kitchen and make the space more open and inviting by placing tulips bouquets and hydrangea bouquets in a gorgeous vase. Display on the kitchen counter or on top of your cabinets.
  • Bathroom - Use your bathroom shelves to display some vibrant blooms. From artificial flowers that tend to drape like our Artificial Wisteria Vine to the ones that look big and bushy like our Real Touch Silk Rhododendron Bush Flowering Vines, an empty shelf or two is an ideal spot for these realistic artificial flowers to thrive.

2. How to hang floral hoops on the wall ?

Ans: Floral hoop wreaths are a good way to add a natural element to your walls, windows, and doors. You already have the wreath hoop and maybe you're thinking about how you can arrange it and hang it on the wall. Well, here's a quick, easy-to-follow tip!

First, measure your space and layout your hoop/hoops as you would like them to hang on the wall. Use a fishing line, jute rope, or ribbon to hang the hoops at different heights for a balanced grouping. If you don’t want to hang the flower hoops, you can also attach them directly to the wall in different layouts with push in nails or wall tacks.

3. How to make artificial succulent arrangements ?

Ans: Making your own succulent arrangements at home can be very satisfying. In less than an hour or two, you can easily realize your dream faux artificial succulent display is sure to bring life to your home areas and decorations.

  • To get started, choose a planter pot of your choice. 
  • Then, put your floral foam bricks in the container. Trim the foam to fit your planter if it is too wide.
  • After that, you can start putting our faux succulent in the foam. Keep adding until you are satisfied with the outcome of your arrangement.
  • For a little extra security, you can add a little hot glue to each faux succulent stems.
  • Cover gaps with preserved moss as you don’t want your floral foam blocks to show. If necessary, attach the moss to the foam with hot glue. Decorative rocks can also be an alternative to cover the foam. 
  • And... that's it for a picture-perfect succulent decor that should be done in under an hour!

4. How to hang vines on the wall ?

Ans: Having an artificial greenery garland hanging on home interior walls have become increasingly popular. Thanks to its versatility, you can also use it as your selfie background and wall decoration. Here are some tips on how to effortlessly hang our artificial vine garlands and artificial flower garlands for decoration on the wall.

  • Clean the surface where the hooks will be placed on the wall.
  • With a pencil, mark where your hooks should go on the wall. To make sure your hooks will be in a straight line, use a level as a guide when creating the marks on the wall.
  • Attach the hooks and start hanging our frosted green artificial leaf garland. Make sure to fill in the gaps carefully.
  • For added style, you can hang these greenery vines and flower garlands in different lengths or in alternating ways, or both.

5. Where can I buy artificial flowers ?

Ans: You absolutely love having vibrant, lush flower arrangements for home, but let’s face it, fresh home decor flower arrangements aren’t easy to maintain nor affordable to use all year round. Fortunately, faux flowers exist and over time their appearance has become more and more realistic. Start shopping truly believable seasonal flowers for your interior styling at and get your home floral decor started in no time.

Select from our striking selection of flower bouquets and create the perfect vibrant and impactful accessory for your floral room decor and artificial floral arrangements for home. We have many options to offer, from flower bushes to single stem flowers and long stem branches. Aside from that, the bendable stems and petals of our artificial silk flowers allow you to experiment with different styling techniques making them the perfect companion for our stylish vases and baskets to dress up any room of the house. 

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