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Whether it is Spring or Fall, Christmas or Easter, Halloween or Thanksgiving; wreaths and hoops impart luxury and charm to your interiors as well as exteriors. Incorporated with blossoming florals, greenery, and colors; wreaths exude a charming festive vibe. With a modern, sleek and stylish touch, hoop rings are multi-purpose to create beautiful bouquets, mini wreaths, and DIY crafts. Our stunning collection of Wreaths & Hoops is apt to embellish your home, holidays, festivals, and party spaces.

These decorative rings are versatile; be creative and add a personalized touch by incorporating them with garlands, flowers, succulents, or confetti which gives an ethereal effect to the ambiance. They create stunning backdrops and arch displays, candle décor, sleek centerpieces, or can be attached to walls with pearls and beads.

Our woodsy whimsical Grapevine Wreath brings a natural touch to your home, party, or office space to create hanging décor and floral arrangements in a minimalistic manner. Our Floral Hoop Wreath is ready to hang, easy and flexible, and requires no maintenance; apt for mini wreaths & hoops, hanging floral wall accents, bouquets, DIY crafts, macrame projects, photo booths, wall décor, or to create a warm, romantic abode.

For an exotic effect, our Flower Stand is a stylish centerpiece whose glimmery gold finish gives a regal appeal. If you want to add countryside flair to simple and dull spaces, our Rose Gold Heavy Duty Metal Hoop Wreath and Gold Heavy Duty Metal Hoop Wreath are perfect metal wreaths to add a simple look to your floral arrangements, fall décor, hanging décor, or table décor.

Visit our stellar collection of Wall Florals and the Artificial Flowers range to further adorn moss wreaths and wooden hoops to embellish your interior or exterior spaces. Check out our collection now and shop your favorite DIY supplies to make artistic Wreaths & Hoops.


1. How to hang an asymmetrical wreath ?

Ans: An asymmetrical wreath is a contemporary and unique way to decorate doors, windows and walls as having unbalanced flower parts on the top or side of the door wreath makes it more attractive and interesting. You already have a well-decorated modern front door wreath with all the embellishments beautifully arranged at a certain angle, but you are not quite sure how to hang wreaths on windows or doors without it sliding back to its gravitational pull. Here is a quick fix for that.

A few tips and the right tools can make any home look professionally decorated, and the most convenient way to hang asymmetrical wreaths is to use a door wreath hook. Since the modern outdoor wreath will have one heavier side, you will need an extra length of paddle wire to secure your wreath to the door hook. That way, it will hang at a well defined lopsided angle rather than having all the embellishments sitting on the base of the wreath.

2. How to attach faux flowers to a wreath ?

Ans: You can add silk flowers to a wreath base of your choice to create charming wreaths perfect for any holiday or season of the year. Select and arrange your favorite artificial silk flowers and color coordinate them with decorations for a home decor wreath that is uniquely yours.

For beginner wreath makers who want to know the correct way to insert flower stems into a base wreath, you can start yours this way. If you want your faux flowers to face forward on your wreath, you don't need to actually place the stems directly across the base wreath. This is just creating extra work!

Most artificial flowers have wire stems which makes them bendable to your will, so you can insert the stem into the base of the wreath from the side. That way you'll have a lot more room to add the stems and you would hardly have to, if any, poking out the back of your wreath decorations when you're finished. If you’re using a twig wreath, you can also wrap the end of the wire stems around the sticks of the wreath to secure the flowers in place.

3. How to decorate a twig wreath ?

Ans: A twig wreath is a universal piece that provides a simple and chic base for  wreath making arrangements that require only a few elements to turn into a gorgeous masterpiece. To get that cottage-inspired ensemble that will be a pure breath of nature for your front door and a rustic chic wood flower wreath home embellishment, follow the simple tips below.

  • For a colorful and textured farmhouse wreath that can be used for both fall and summer, you can accessorize your DIY wreath with artificial flowers and foliage. Find the most favorable composition before attaching them to your wreath. To add a more decadent feel, you can opt for greenery vines and flower garlands.
  • If you are into rustic style, wrap a jute burlap ribbon asymmetrically over a wooden wreath and incorporate pumpkins, faux veggies and fruits, leaves and berries and finish off with a big burlap bow. To get a statement spring twig ornament wreath, adorn it with berries, pinecones, and dried leaves and blooms instead.

4. Where can I buy moss for wreaths ?

Ans: Add an earthy aura to your home decor with the natural charm of eHomemart’s 14" Green Preserved Moss Wreaths with Natural Twig Wraps. Boasting a lush green color, use this beautiful moss wreath base to create your own gorgeous natural wreath to hang on the fireplace, front door, and living room wall, or use it as a centerpiece alongside your favorite candles or candelabra for a cozy atmosphere.

Featuring a sturdy construction that requires no care or maintenance to always stay beautiful, use this green wreath as it is for a minimalist home wreath decor or jazz it up according to your taste by adding your choice of succulents, flowers, greenery, and more. 

Save time as it is already covered with preserved moss, so all you need to do is add your ornaments. Its lightweight design also makes it easy to hang in various spaces. On the other hand, If you need moss to wrap around your metal floral hoops and wire wreath forms, check out our vibrant preserved green ribbon moss rolls

5. Where to buy wreath bases ?

Ans: With the right wreath base and appropriate materials, home decor wreaths can be year round front door wreaths and centerpieces and not just for the holidays. Provide a cozy touch to any door and window with indoor wreaths home decorating using eHomemart’s multifaceted wreath frames which can be used for various homemade wreaths projects and are strong enough to hold your DIY crafts and wall hangings.

Our wire wreath frame is the most versatile support available if you want to create fresh wreaths, as you can use the hollow part of the wire wreath form to insert and tie a floral foam where you will attach your live flowers and greenery. If you are looking for a classic wreath base that blends well with almost any type of floral accent and one that you can completely cover up or better yet leave some parts exposed, then our rustic twig wreath is the best option.

For a full, lush-looking statement decor for your mantle and tabletops, our moss wreath base that also works beautifully as a candle wreath base suits your creative endeavors best. And for a lasting and versatile wreath base that you can decorate with flowers, fabric, felt, boas, etc., our lightweight metal hoop wreaths are always ready for your imagination. 

Express your personal style all throughout the year and decorate our wreath forms for different holidays, special events, BBQ family gatherings, Thanksgiving and more. Adorn with ornaments, various florals and greenery, ribbon or lights, or leave them plain if you want a simpler look. 

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