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Are you looking to revamp your old drab, lackluster chairs at half the cost? Look no further, as we have got you covered with our attractive collection of Chair cushions & Seat covers that will instantly enhance the look of chairs or boring furniture. Available in a plethora of sizes and shapes, our affordable seat cushions fit all kinds, with a perfect fit they will beautifully serve the purpose of imparting a look of style and sophistication to your otherwise boring metal or plastic chairs.

The most popular event chair types available are Banquet Chairs, Folding Chairs, and Chiavari Chairs, with minor variations of each. Fortunately, eHomemart offers a wide range of covers and seat pads to fit all these chair types. Our chair slipcovers come in a huge variety of fabrics, colors, and materials to perfectly cater to your event and occasion’s theme.

Our seat padded sponge cushion is almost 2” thick, giving you and your guest maximum comfort. In addition, these reliable chair pads with ties are made from polyester fabric that can be easily removed for washing after your event. Our soft velvet chair cushion protector will create a festive look and can be used time and time again to exude style and class at your special events.

Make your celebration truly chic with our natural burlap cushion for beechwood chairs as they lend natural beauty to your event. Feel the softness and smoothness of sheepskin by opting for our faux fur chair pads and bringing luxury to your everyday life. These furry furniture pads are a perfect and eccentric accent to your bedroom, living room, kids’ room, or office decor for the best visual impact.

Opt for our universal satin chair covers that can breathe life even into the dullest seats, with more color options than a rainbow can offer. These stunning chair covers will give the ambiance a majestic realm look and feel. Moreover, our metallic glittering spandex chair covers will help you create a style statement at your special events, and that too without breaking the bank.

Besides being dreamily alluring, our heavy-duty dining and kitchen chair pads and covers are equally affordable, reusable, and durable and are a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor events, holiday parties, weddings, and other festive celebrations.

We at eHomemart understand that spending on expensive chair cover rentals or new banquet chair covers and folding chair covers for your chairs every time can be quite daunting. To this end, our exclusive collection of chair cushions & seat covers will help you transform the look and feel of your ambiance without much hassle or expense. Visit our collection and see for yourself!


1. How to make chair covers for dining chairs ?

Ans: You don't need to employ an upholsterer to change the color or pattern of your dining chairs since there's an easy and inexpensive way to add richness and interest to your dining room décor. We're talking about dining room chair slipcovers, of course. They are available in a variety of materials, allowing you to transform the look of a room from formal to casual or vice versa simply by changing the covers on your seats.

Make sure you have the correct chair measurement before purchasing dining chair slipcovers. It should include the chair's width and length from back to front. Most dining chair coverings are available in this size range, which normally ranges between 32 and 40 inches. Furthermore, you are not required to cover the entire chair in order to create a stunning design. Instead, you may instantly transform the style of your dining room by using removable dining chair seat covers.

2. How to put on chair covers ?

Ans: Slip covers for chairs are the most practical and cost-effective option to conceal unsightly seats in your home. These elastic chair covers can also help you improve the characteristics of chairs in your kitchen or dining area while staying true to your aesthetic and color scheme.

Despite all of the benefits that these armless fabric chair covers may provide for your favorite seat, applying them to chairs can be difficult if you've never done it before. Here's how to use several types of chair coverings to make your chairs appear brand new again.

Stretch Covers

  • Slide the chair cover onto the chair gently.
  • Drag one of the front corner pockets down to the corresponding leg to find the foot pockets. After you've finished with one leg, continue the process with the remaining three legs.
  • That’s it! Your chair should now have a more beautiful, fuller appearance.

Universal Chair Covers

This chair cover includes laces on the back to secure the cloth against the chair and can be used for all types of armless chairs to give them a more exquisite look. Doing this is like tying a knot or if you prefer a bow, the same as tying a shoelace.

  • Before tying the chair cover, make sure it is properly positioned.
  • Slide the cover over the chair and check the front to ensure the cover's edges are straight and parallel to the floor.
  • To tie the cover, stand behind the chair and grab the flaps or tabs on the sides, then combine the left and right sides like shoelaces, as if you were tying a shoe.
  • Tie a tight knot in the material and hang both sides down the back, or tie it in a bow.

Dining Seat Covers

With frayed fabric and rips or an outdated pattern, the upholstered seats of dining room chairs show their age. With eHomemart's affordable dining room seat covers, you can restore the splendor of your grimy seats and give them a complete makeover.

  • If the back of your chair is made of wood or other materials and you want to show them off while protecting the upholstered seats, this type of stretch seat cover for dining chairs is the perfect option. To keep the stretch kitchen seat covers in place, simply place them on the seat of the chair and tie the elastic bands under the seat.

3. How to clean chair pads ?

Ans: Chair seat cushions for your dining room or kitchen chairs are a simple and inexpensive way to bring color and comfort to your space. Food spills and stains might be a concern because they are frequently used. Fortunately, they're usually simple to clean and can even be machine-washed.

Depending on the fabric and type of the cushion cover, cleaning indoor chair cushions may vary. We recommend following fabric care guidelines to get the most out of your dining room chair cushions.

  • Velvet chair cushions - Hand wash in cold water and dry on a line. Bleach and iron are not recommended.
  • Burlap chair cushions - Spot clean with cold water and mild soap or detergent.
  • Microfiber polyester covers - Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry. Bleach and iron should not be used.

4. Where can I buy chair covers ? 

Ans: Are you throwing an impromptu dinner or a get-together with your friends at your place? If that's the case, you might be interested in eHomemart's deluxe variety of chair seat covers, which are affordable and can quickly add elegance to your home decor.

Our cloth chair covers can give your worn, dingy chairs a fresh and new look, transforming them into a stylish focal point for your kitchen or dining room. This kitchen chair cover also serves to conceal ripped or discolored seat upholstery while also protecting it from further damage.

To add a lovely ambiance to your home interior, choose decorative chair covers such as our velvet dining seat covers, universal chair covers, or spandex stretch chair covers, which are available in a variety of colors. With our range of kitchen chair seat covers and dining chair slipcovers, you may get inspired by the latest kitchen linen trends. They're suitable for everyday, casual, and special occasion use.

5. Where to buy chair cushions ?

Ans: Give your favorite dining, kitchen, and patio chairs a new look with eHomemart's wonderful and functional chair cushion pads, which will provide you with the seating comfort you've been searching for. For easier maintenance, our memory foam chair cushion is made of a durable, non-slip material that is machine washable. It also has velcro straps to ensure that it is securely linked to the chair and you won’t have to worry about the dining chair cushions falling off.

For high-quality, richly textured kitchen chair cushions, look no further than our velvet cushion pads. These plush dining chair cushions have soft velvet upholstery and give exceptional comfort and texture for any kind of decor.

A luxurious and pleasant effect can be achieved with a faux fur chair pad. This fluffy faux fur seat cushion is incredibly comfortable. It's opulent in appearance, yet it's also functional and low-maintenance. You may even get matching rugs and pillowcases to complete the effect.

It's simply inconvenient to sit on a hard wooden surface. Try our burlap chair cushions, which look like rustic burlap without the scratchy texture, as an eco-friendly accent to your wooden seats. For a subtle rustic ambiance outdoors, toss these great-looking outdoor chair cushions over patio chairs or pool furniture.

Our soft chair cushions with ties are a terrific addition to both indoor and outdoor seats, and they're constructed to last for many seasons. They're also available in a variety of colors to fit a variety of tastes.

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