When it comes to making a statement with your interior decor accents without going over the top, decorative mirrors are just what you need to create a captivating focal point that truly reflects your personality and style. Strategically placing a mirror on your home walls will also give the illusion of a bigger and much more spacious place while also making the room seem brighter!

Whether you want to add sparkle and depth to a dull windowless wall or you’re looking for something that’ll effortlessly blend into the background and stylishly highlight all the other decor elements, we bet choosing decorative wall mirrors to elevate your interior design won’t ever disappoint you.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can use a wall art deco in a range of styles from antique and vintage to modern and contemporary for an easy yet posh allure. While hanging a large round mirror will add a stunning visual interest, incorporating different shapes or artistically grouping varying-sized square frameless mirrors or hexagonal-shaped mirrors will inject a modish appeal into your space.

However, decorating with mirrors is not just limited to walls; decorative mirrors can also be used to boost the impact of your tabletop decor and dinner table centerpieces doubling the beauty of your decorations!

We at Ehomemart take pride in our high-quality products that are available at unmatched prices to help you decorate your home with ease. It isn’t just smoke and mirrors! Check out our online store now and see for yourself!


1. How to hang a frameless mirror ?

Ans: The seamless design of unframed mirrors makes them a trendy and fabulous inclusion to any interior space, whether it’s the living area, bedroom, or bathroom. And just like the framed version, they can be mounted directly onto any smooth and even surface. However, the frame of a mirror is usually where the mounting hardware is installed, making frameless wall mirrors a bit challenging to hang. But with a slightly different technique and a little patience, you won't have a problem hanging one yourself.

Clips and mounting bolts are recommended in mounting a large mirror without frame, but a strong adhesive tape can be just as effective if it is lightweight. However, you should be aware that adhesives, when removed, can possibly peel off paint or drywall.

The good thing is that a sticky pad for easy montage is already included when you order these timeless pieces from us. We also have a selection of acrylic mirror wall stickers that are just as eye-catching as the glass variety, but they are easier to mount on the wall because they come with an adhesive backing. You just have to see to it that the surface where you apply them is clean, dry, and level so that they do not fall off after installation.

2. How to arrange mirrors on a wall ?

Ans: Are you looking for trendy decorating ideas to make your home look not only bigger and brighter but more elegant too? There are really no rules to follow if you are interested in integrating accent wall mirrors into your home space to make an impact. Regardless of the furniture you currently have or if you have a neutral, boho chic, or contemporary home design, these unframed decorative panels can radically enhance and give your interior more emphasis, distinctive appeal, and beaming home wall art.

Choose from the various stunning mirror shapes and sizes available in our selection and experiment with different designs and patterns. If you are not sure where to start, you can create an interesting charm in the master bedroom by decking out full-length closet doors with square-shaped peel and stick mirrors

Hang a quartet of 16-inch round mirror wall decals in pairs above the fireplace to add sophistication to an antiquated living area. You can also mix and match two or more of these accent wall decors in different sizes and arrange them in a playful sequence for a simple yet stunning aesthetic.

3. How to remove mirror wall decals ?

Ans: Decorative wall stickers have become in demand due to the convenience and ease with which they can add a personal touch to interiors without having to redo the entire wall. But when the time comes that you want to update your decor, can wall decor mirror stickers be removed easily from the wall without damaging the paint underneath? 

Unless you have purchased a removable variety similar to the ones we have in our collection, you should have no problem peeling them off. Removing them from the wall is as quick and simple as installing them.

However, in the case that the wall sticker decal for the home does not come off easily, you can use a hairdryer in a warm setting. Slowly heat the corner and pull the decal gently once you feel the adhesive loosen up. If any adhesive residue remains on the surface, clean the area with soapy water. You can also use an adhesive or nail polish remover if necessary.

4. Where to buy decorative mirrors ?

Ans: Integrating modern mirrors into your living space will make it more expansive and add dimension by reflecting light sources across the room. So why not enhance the charm of your home interior with the minimalist design and trendy appeal of eHomemart’s wall mounted mirrors? Alone or in groups, these unique home decor accents will add the right amount of finishing touch to any room.

Spice up a gloomy entryway by displaying fancy mirror wall art in the hallway, create a focal point with a modern wall mirror design for the living room or lay out a large dining room mirror decor for maximum impact and modern elegance. Opt for a unique mirror design or stack different shapes and sizes as your creativity requires. 

These wall mirrors for sale can also be placed horizontally or vertically and are perfect even for small spaces. If you want to create a dynamic décor theme for the whole house, explore our stylish range of acrylic and glass wall mirrors now for inspiration.

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