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Take your table decor to a whole new level of glamour and style using trendy serving platters and trays as tabletop decorations. Impart magnificence and splendor to your tablescape using platters and decorative serving trays that can be used in multiple ways to make an impressive and striking decor statement. Opt for these gorgeous serving trays to elevate your food presentation up by several notches.

Elevate the appeal of your scrumptious treats by presenting them on a chic and trendy decorative platter. Make your table presentation look highly tempting and appealing using our acrylic clear mini cone tray and clear acrylic food cone display stand to display your ice cream cones or shot tubes in an eye-catching manner. Moreover, if you want to organize your snacks in a classy and sophisticated way, opt for our disposable 7-Compartment food trays with silver rim to perfectly serve the refreshments. However, you can also design a fabulous centerpiece using these coffee table trays by arranging pretty flower vases along with an LED pillar candle in a Fleur De Lis metal decorative serving tray with handles to add a stunning charm to your dining tabletop decor. 

Chic and trendy tabletop decorations are available in a plethora of designs and styles at ehomemart that’ll surely tickle your fancy. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our online store today and check out our collection of serving platters and trays now!


1. What is the importance of serving platters ?

Ans: Are you organizing a big party at home or perhaps an event? Do you want to offer your guests food in a delectable and fashionable way? To make serving meals convenient and simple, you will undoubtedly need appealing and functional serving platters and trays. Food serving trays and serving dishes are a multifunctional piece of serveware that is used to display a variety of foodstuff from small servings of appetizers, cheeses, fruits, and slices of bread to larger dishes like a holiday turkey. 

Food trays come in many different types and are made of a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, brass, and metal. These serving pieces serve a variety of purposes in addition to serving dishes and providing practical benefits, they also serve as an attractive, distinctive, and cheerful addition to food presentations, kitchens, and dining rooms.

3. What makes a good serving tray ?

Ans: When it comes to kitchen trays, you will want something that not only looks elegant but is also very sturdy, and more importantly, suits your needs and personal style. There's a tray for every event, from elegant wooden trays to decorative acrylic serving tray options. These trays can be useful whether you're hosting a party or just need something to artistically style items on a coffee table or organize bathroom supplies.

3. How to choose a serving tray ?

Ans: Finding a tray for serving involves more than just putting something in your shopping cart. You want to make sure the serving tray you select will fulfill your needs, whether you are serving your family or hosting guests. Today, there are so many different serving tray options that it's normal to feel a little confused.

Before selecting the ideal tray, consider the tray's main purpose, the things that will be placed on it, and the presentation's overall theme. You should also consider choosing platter trays that look eye-catching and most importantly, sustainable depending on how frequently you are planning to use them.

You should also consider a few extra features that could be included with your party serving tray. For instance, you may need a large serving tray with a lid for outdoor gatherings. You may also want a serving tray with handles for portability, or a divided serving tray for various appetizers, chips and dip, candy, fruits, and nuts. As you can see, there are numerous types of serving trays available with a wide range of applications. At eHomemart, you can be sure to discover the ideal serving platters and trays that meet your requirements.

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