Flameless Candles


If you’re looking for a safe and stylish alternative to regular taper candles and votive candles to avoid any hassle of accidental fires or burns, our flameless candles are undoubtedly the best illumination option. Non-toxic, long-lasting, clean-burning, and highly addictive are some of the qualities that describe these candles. It seems nothing can extinguish the beautiful LED flames emitting from these beautiful flameless flickering candles

If you wish to make a sparkling style statement, pick our tall white flameless battery operated candles that will leave everyone awestruck with their impressive looks. Use these elegant flameless candles to impart an exotic look to any setting. The realistic wax dripping texture and flickering flames of these tall LED pillar candles mimic the radiance of real flame candles.

Our metallic flameless led candles make an interesting souvenir as well as an enchanting décor accent for any space and season. Either ooze a romantic glow in your home or party ambiance with these luminaries, or gift them to friends, relatives, and colleagues to show how much you care for them.

Crafted from superior material, our flameless candles are totally safe to use as they avoid risks of accidental burns and fires. These artificial candles are the safest option when you have children and pets moving around. Visit our collection today and choose the ones that you like and place them wherever you like.


1. How long do LED candles last ?

Ans: LED candle lights are available in various forms, so you may choose the one that best suits your needs. You would think that these realistic flameless candles won't last long, but they do, allowing you to use them both indoors or outdoors, as well as when the power goes out.

In comparison to small battery-operated candles that utilize smaller batteries, bigger electric candle lights use larger batteries that last longer. Battery-operated tea light candles typically run for 48 to 50 hours. Flameless taper candles have a longer burn time of roughly 72 hours using two aa batteries while electric pillar candles appear to last around 100 hours.

Although LED candles with remote will not last as long as steady-lit ones, the difference will be negligible. Using the remote to control your no flame candles will drain the battery faster, so only use it when absolutely necessary. Also, most luminara flameless candles have a manual on/off switch; using this function will not quickly drain the battery.

2. How to decorate battery operated candles ?

Ans: There are numerous advantages to using faux candle decorations rather than traditional candles. But if you're bored of looking at the same old mundane electric candles and want to spice them up, here are some easy methods to do so.

  • There's no need to spend a lot of money on Christmas candles to adorn your home. Natural elements such as cedar cuttings, bay leaves, or cinnamon sticks wrapped in hemp yarn may readily convert ordinary white LED pillars.
  • Wrap your battery operated pillar candles in gorgeous lace and enjoy a fine-looking illumination. Perfect for Victorian themed interiors or homes with many antique furniture.
  • Paper napkins with beautiful patterns and a mod podge can be used to decorate light-up candles.
  • Look around your house for any decorating materials you may already have. Ribbons, buttons, twine, and other scrapbook accessories can all be used to spice up battery operated candle lights.
  • Adorn your candles with rhinestones or gems, which you may adhere to your candle using super glue. Arrange them in a cool pattern or a fun design, or just scatter them over the candle randomly.

3. What are the most realistic flameless candles ?

Ans: Choosing a nice flameless candle from eHomemart's collection is actually not that tough. Our battery-operated candles are cozy, safe, and dependable no matter how or where you choose to incorporate them into your home decoration.

Our flameless pillar candles made of paraffin wax are the finest alternative for you if authenticity is essential to you. Because these candles are water-resistant, you can use them while taking a relaxing bath or spending time with your family outside.

Our white flickering flameless candle set is another item from our candle range that you should consider adding to your candle collection because they provide excellent value for money and, despite their limitations, look rather nice. Although the candles are made of plastic, they are beautiful on their own and do not require candle holders to look sophisticated. The look of these candles flickering is just as convincing despite the fact that they have no light regulation.

4. Where to buy luminara flameless candles ?

Ans: When it comes to flameless candles with timer, everyone has their own tastes. Some people prefer battery-operated candles that are crisp and clean-looking, while others prefer candles with remote timers with a dripping, used look. 

We provide LED candles in all sizes, from little LED tea lights to huge pillar candles that come in a variety of colors and textures, allowing you to make a statement while relaxing in their warm glow.

Our remote control candles have a true candle effect, making it impossible to tell them from regular candles. These faux candles are also extremely versatile and simple to use and control. They are also a fantastic gift idea for a loved one.

5. Where to buy battery operated candles ?

Ans: What more could you ask for from eHomemart's LED candle set than a safer alternative to open flame candles with longer battery life and a realistic flickering effect to replicate actual burning candles? If you want more sophisticated battery candle lights, this is unquestionably the way to go.

We provide a large selection of the best flameless candles, including votives, pillars, and flameless floating candles. From our extensive variety, you can select your favorite styles and colors. The best part is that you won't have to deal with any of the drawbacks of lighting real candles, such as wax drips, black soot, smoke, or the risk of fire.

With the flick of a switch or the push of a button, you may transform your living space into a more comfortable and welcoming one. Our softly glowing decorative flameless candles are also great for using with lanterns or grouping together to produce a mesmeric glow around your home.

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