Flameless Candles


If you’re looking for a safe and stylish alternative to regular taper candles and votive candles to avoid any hassle of accidental fires or burns, our Flameless Candles are undoubtedly the best illumination option. Non-toxic, long-lasting, clean-burning, and highly addictive are some of the qualities that describe our flameless candles. It seems nothing can extinguish the beautiful flames emitting from these beautiful flameless flickering candles.

If you wish to make a sparkling style statement, pick our Tall White Flameless Battery Operated Candles that will leave everyone awestruck with their impressive looks. Use these elegant flameless candles to impart an exotic look to any setting. The realistic wax dripping texture and flickering flames of these tall pillar candles mimic the radiance of real flame candles.

Our Metallic Flameless LED Candles make an interesting souvenir as well as an enchanting décor accent for any space and season. Either ooze a romantic glow in your home or party ambiance with these luminaries, or gift them to friends, relatives, and colleagues to show how much you care for them.

Crafted from superior material, our flameless candles are totally safe to use as they avoid risks of accidental burns and fires. These tea lights candles are the safest option when you have children and pets moving around. Visit our collection today and choose the ones that you like and place them where ever you like.


1. How long do LED candles last ?

Ans: Shopping around for the best flameless candles that will last long to use with your centerpiece or in hard-to-reach areas in your home? There are a few points to consider if you want to extend your LED candles usage and battery life. 

  • Larger electric candle lights use bigger batteries that last longer compared to smaller candles that use smaller batteries. 
  • Flameless flickering candles won't last as long as steady lighted LED candles, but the difference will be very minimal.
  • Using the remote to control your candles will also drain its battery faster, so minimize the use of the remote unless really needed.
  • All flameless candles are equipped with a manual on/off switch, using this function will not drain the battery that quickly.

Our glitter votive flameless candles feature a substantially better lifespan of 50 hours and an on/off switch button so you can use it according to your needs. So, if you are in the market for the best flameless candles that are easy to use and suitable for beginners, chances are these sparkling candles are the perfect fit for you.

If you need flameless candlesticks with a longer light time, check out our flickering battery-operated led taper candles. These flameless candles last approx. 3-5 days with one set of batteries. The sophisticated design coupled with its energy-saving quality makes these candles one of the best steals a candle enthusiast can ever find. 

2. How to decorate battery operated candles ?

Ans: You might be tired of looking at the same plain electric candles and here you are thinking of ways to jazz up these battery-operated led candles. Well, here are some cool tips you can easily do to update their appearance.

  • Place battery-operated tea light candles in a hurricane candle holder to add dimension and elegance to flameless led candles.
  • Consider putting led pillar candles inside our metal lantern and create a mesmeric atmosphere indoors or outdoors.
  • If you don't have time to decorate, then opt for our stylish glitter flameless candles. Place these led glitter candles anywhere in your home space as they will complement your decoration easily.

3. What are the most realistic flameless candles ?

Ans: It's not actually that difficult to choose a good flameless candle from eHomemart’s collection of flameless candles. No matter how you decide to introduce them to your home decor and wherever you display them, our battery operated candles are cozy, safe, and very reliable.

If authenticity is very important for you, then our Battery Operated LED Pillar Candle Lights with Remote Timer made from paraffin wax will be the best option for you. These candles are also water-resistant, so you can use them while enjoying a pleasant bath or spending time with the family outdoors. 

Our White Flameless LED Candles is another item from our candle line that you need to add to your candle collection as they offer great value for your money and look pretty decent despite their limited features. The candle material is plastic, but they can be lovely on their own and don’t require candle holders to appear fancy. And while these candles have no light regulation, their flickering effect is just as convincing.

4. Where can you buy flameless candles ?

Ans: Everyone has different preferences when it comes to flameless candles. Some like to have crisp, clean-looking battery operated candles, while others prefer a dripping, used look. Both ways look great in different settings and are available at eHomemart.com.

Our light up candles provides the true candle effect making it difficult to differentiate them from traditional ones. In addition, these electric candles are also very versatile and easy to use and control. They offer a classic and romantic atmosphere giving you the mood you want to instill in every room of your home.

5. Where to buy battery tea light candles ?

Ans: A safer alternative to open flame candles with great battery life and efficiently produces enough flickering effect to mimic real burning tealight candles, what more could you ask for from eHomemart’s flameless tealight candles? So, if you are searching for more sophisticated and authentic-looking flameless tea lights, this is undoubtedly the way to go.

One advantage LED tea light candles have over other types of flameless candles is their small size, which means they will fit into most jars, cups, candle holders, and anywhere you want to add a soothing warm ambiance to your home. 

Perfect for creating a romantic scene at dining tables, over the fireplace mantel, or under a covered patio. Our softly glowing battery tea light candles are also perfect for use with lanterns or displayed in groups to create an enchanting illumination throughout the home. 


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