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Are you in search of stylish decor accents to spruce up the fifth wall of the room? Look no further than our amazing collection of ceiling decoration accessories to transform your space from ho-hum to awe-inspiring. From peppy ceiling hanging decor to exquisite ceiling drape curtains and more, we have everything you need to bring your ceiling decoration ideas to life!

Planning a girl’s night in? Suspend a whole lot of tissue paper pom poms and floral kissing balls in varying sizes and feminine colors to turn your room into a whimsical land. However, if you’re going for a disco-style house party to celebrate a special occasion, droop sparkling disco balls from the ceiling to imbue the perfect groovy vibe.

In case you’re looking to bedazzle your ceiling to match your posh interior decor, there is nothing better than our dazzling long crystal beaded ceiling drape curtains to invoke mesmerizing glitz and glam into your home decor. Want to imbue a serene yet dramatic flair in your bedroom? Drape our sheer ceiling curtains over your bed using a hoop ceiling draping hardware kit for impressive ceiling decorations for the bedroom.

Need a sun shade to block out the sun rays while you watch the kids play in the backyard in the summer season? Use our rectangular sun shade sail for all your outdoor seating spaces to keep yourself cool and comfy even during the hottest of days.

We at Ehomemart understand that elegantly decorating the fifth wall is the key to a flawless design scheme. To this end, we offer a wide range of ceiling decoration accents and accessories to help you elevate your decor to a new high! Browse through our ceiling hanging decorations collection to spruce up your space in style now!


1. How to hang decorations from the ceiling ?

Ans: Decorations can transform and complete the look of any room. Most of the time, the best place to hang decorations is from the ceiling or walls of the room. Below are some helpful tips on how to choose the appropriate material to secure your hanging room decors from the ceiling.

  • Use adhesives. It can easily stick your decorations to the ceiling. Ideal for lightweight items as it can only support a limited weight.
  • Adding nails, hooks and thumbtacks. Primarily used for heavier items, it will act as a sturdier backing than tapes. Just like our heavy duty magnetic hooks, they can bear enough weight and can last a long time.
  • Connecting strings or wires. You can fold it onto a hook on the ceiling and you can proceed to hang your decorations. Plus, the ropes can also hold our outdoor patio sun shade sail, so you can decorate your outdoor spaces with ease.

2. How to decorate your bedroom ceiling ?

Ans: A bedroom ceiling is a wide expanse of blank canvas just waiting to be jazzed up, and a coat of paint isn't always the best solution. Since bedrooms are private spaces, they will give you more freedom to express your creativity than shared spaces such as living rooms. Here are fun ways on how you can revamp your bedroom ceiling using our hanging ornaments from ceiling to match your bedroom designs.

  • Our kissing ball flowers and lovely flower balls are sure to add a fresh touch to your bedroom ceilings. You can hang them using a straw or organza ribbon for added security.
  • Ceiling drapes can easily create a soft and sweeping illusion. Aside from that, our ceiling mounted-drapes will bring an ethereal and elegant touch to the décor of your room.
  • Pair our ceiling drapes bedroom with our luminous string lights and fairy lights. Perfect for adding a unique and bright corner to the room.
  • Hang our mirror disco ball next to your bedroom window for a gleaming effect.
  • Create a custom chandelier by filling our hanging terrariums with anything and hang them from the ceiling with a string.
  • For your child's nursery or bedroom, hang our paper lanterns using a nylon hook and fishing line. Use a variety of colors and sizes for a playful effect.

3. How to drape a ceiling ?

Ans: Nothing beats hanging drapes from ceiling when you want a bedroom that is dreamy and charming. Whether you want to create a noticeable space in your child's room or enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom by using a soft, flowing fabric, this can easily be achieved by following these ceiling fabric draping tips.

  • Attach the sheer curtain panels to the ceiling on one part of the headboard, making it appear as if the fabric is draping along the wall.
  • To create an enclosed space, hang a curtain rod from the ceiling creating a rectangular shape around your bed. Then, hang the fabric with our heavy-duty magnetic clips and hooks for added security.
  • To get a softer look without enclosing the bed, you can choose to hang a cornice-style drape over your bed. To do this, suspend a small hoop-shaped rod from the ceiling and support the ceiling curtains with it.

4. Where can I buy shade sails ?

Ans: If you are searching for a way to add shelter to your outdoor space, eHomemart’s sun shade sail is the best fit for your family and your home. Shade sail installation is quite straightforward and you can use any sturdy anchor to attach the corners of the sail shade canopy to position it however you like.

Our outdoor sail shades are available in two crisp colors and come in rectangular, square and triangular shapes and vary in size. A rectangular shade sail may be adequate to shield your porch or patio, but multiple triangle shade sails can work just as well by overlapping them to cover a larger area. With the right hardware kit, our sun shade sail canopy should last for a very long time.

5. Where to buy tissue paper pom poms ?

Ans: If you're thinking of sprucing up your kids' space with tons of lightweight and adorable tissue paper balls, eHomemart's vibrant tissue paper flower balls are a must-see. Our fun selection of tissue paper pom poms come in different colors and sizes ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches. Perfect if you plan to hang different sizes alternately from the ceiling.

Whether you drape these paper pom poms across the crib or dresser or hang on the windows, our inexpensive tissue pom poms will lend a fun and festive aura to any home space. In addition to hanging these fluffy gems from the ceiling, you can also attach them to the wall for added textural appeal.

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