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Are you looking to give your plain and lackluster square tables a fresh festive look? Choose from our premium square tablecloth collection to stylishly yet effortlessly dress your square tables for sophisticated and classy decor. Made from top-quality materials, these square table toppers can be used over and over again without losing their perfect appearance.

Made from high-quality fabric, these durable square tablecloths will be ideal to add a dash of sophistication to your posh events and daily dining as well. Get the tablecloth in the size and color of your choice, as we have square tablecloth sizes such as a 54x54 tablecloth, 70x70 square tablecloth, and 90x90 square tablecloth to make your preparation process effortless. 

For high-end events and celebrations, opt for our stylish square polyester tablecloths that are not only sturdy enough to be used in outdoor settings but are also washable and can be used time and again to add a chic visual element to your tablescapes without fading away! To heighten the urbanity of your event's ambiance, choose our plush velvet square tablecloths or rosette satin square overlays and steal away the elegance of your decor.

Looking to create a peaceful and serene party ambiance, opt for our luxury polyester buffalo plaid square tablecloths to exude positive energy and a classy look to your tabletops. If you want to make an impressive and eye-catching statement, opt for our square polyester overlay and elegantly decorate your formal party tables.

Fuse animated fervor and festive vitality into your home space by swathing your tables with our vivacious taffeta tiger print or leopard print square overlays and breathe the vim and vitality of wilderness into your boring tablescapes with these swish sheets. If you want to protect your swish tablecloths and table covers from all kinds of spills, stains, and scratches, choose our square vinyl tablecloth protector and use them with impeccable luster time and time again.

We at eHomemart strive to provide high-quality and durable tablecloth for square table at affordable prices to help you achieve your desired look. To this end, our exclusive range of dining tablecloths, living room tablecloths, kitchen tablecloths, and coffee tablecloths is the solution to all your square table linen needs. Explore our collection and see for yourself!


1. How to style a square dining table ?

Ans: A dining table is where most house visitors spend most of their time, and it is an important part of any festive event you organize at your home. Square tables, like round tables, are one of the most popular table types because they provide a more intimate dining experience with everyone sitting closer together than a rectangle table.

Adopt these practical square dining table decorating ideas to create a rhythm by maximizing your home's space while adding charm.

  • To begin, choose a lovely square table cover to dress up your tables. 
  • Using a galvanized tray, a glass compote vase, or candles in a wooden candle holder, create a centerpiece of your choice. These embellishments will make your dining room tables more attractive and intriguing.
  • A vibrant rug that complements your table's color scheme and décor style will anchor your dining set.
  • Finish with tabletop decorations like dining table placemats, napkin rings, and charger plates to complete the aesthetic of the table setting and create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Basically, it's not just about the table when it comes to decorating a square dining table. You must work your way from the table to the other items on it. When it comes to decoration, the table is more of a mixture than the table alone.

2. How to use a square tablecloth on a round table ?  

Ans: Tablecloths are not only essential for hosting events at home but they may also be used as a decorative element on regular days. But what if the only tablecloths you have are square cloth tablecloths, despite the fact that you recently purchased a round table? There's no need to be sad since those square table toppers you have will fit perfectly on your new round table.

You might think that a small square tablecloth would never fit on a round table at first appearance. But take a breather. Don't jump to conclusions without trying first. You can always do something about it as long as the tablecloth is bigger than the round table. Here are some suggestions for utilizing a square tablecloth on round table.

  • If you have a large square tablecloth, you can fold or arrange the excess part of the tablecloth to make it more pleasant to the eyes.
  • If the tablecloth is made of vinyl or plastic, the corners can be easily cut to fit the round table.
  • Instead of your tablecloth, add a striking centerpiece to make it the main point.
  • You can use clips to keep your tablecloth from hanging down if it is large enough to cover the full round table. In this manner, the fact that your table topper is square rather than round will be less visible.
  • When utilizing a square tablecloth, if one portion of the tablecloth hangs longer and the other part hangs shorter, you can solve the rough edges by using two tablecloths instead.
  • Tie the corners of the square tablecloth together to act as a lock and prevent the tablecloth from moving.

3. How to decorate a square coffee table ?

Ans: Coffee tables are a great addition to any living area, especially when paired with a striking display as the main point. Use colorful table linens, as well as a few objects of varying heights, to bring out the beauty and elegance of your room with the proper balance and composition. This can be a creative arrangement of flowers, books, trays, and unusual artifacts.

  • A square tablecloth for 4, such as a solid polyester 90-inch square tablecloth or a checkered gingham 54 square tablecloth, topped with a large vase with thick branches or a tall flowering plant, can be used to update the look of natural wood coffee tables.
  • If your tabletop is scratched, stained, or simply old, transform it with a polyester square tablecloth with gold foil geometric pattern topped with fresh flowers, elegant books, and personal belongings for a spectacular appearance.
  • Trays are an excellent way to stylishly organize a table. Cover your table with a gorgeous tray and one of our 70x70 square tablecloths. Candlesticks and beautiful sculptures are the only table accessories that keep the design balanced.
  • Tuck a polyester white square tablecloth over your coffee table to add charm to a minimalist living space. As an alternative to a vase of flowers, use a terracotta pot packed with lush greeneries.

4. Where can I buy a square tablecloth ?

Ans: A tablecloth is the easiest way to liven up the living or dining room. Tablecloths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, for all kinds of special occasions, and different fabric options from Ehomemart's collection. Our extensive selection of square table cloths includes everything from polyester and velvet table toppers to easy to clean and disposable PVC tablecloths.

Whether it's for regular usage or something special for a get-together or backyard barbeque, you're sure to discover the ideal square linen tablecloth for your table. The correct square tablecloth may go a long way in setting the decor style for your room, in addition to protecting your furniture.

A white tablecloth, for example, radiates elegance, but a gingham tablecloth exudes warmth and familiarity. Keep it sleek and delicate with a premium velvet square tablecloth or go country chic with our buffalo plaid tablecloths. Whether you need a tablecloth for a square or round table, you can find the right tablecloth for you only at eHomemart.com.

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