Natural Rustic Holders


Bring the idyllic charm of nature into your home and use our rustic candle holders to satiate your love for all things natural. Available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, our wooden candle holders are skillfully handcrafted from the finest wood giving them the elegant and charming appeal that will add a perfect bucolic flair to your interior design.

Whether you’re going for a full-on rustic-themed interior decor or you want to add an idyllic touch to your space, using a couple of rustic wood candle holders with fluttering candles inside to deck out your empty tables will instantly elevate your aesthetics tenfold. Accent your nightstand with our lovely square glass tea light holder or natural wood candle holder with butterfly top featuring a woodsy rustic appeal with a modern creative design to impart a chic charm.

If you’re looking to invoke a whimsical feel into your living space, position our enchanting rustic candle holder centerpiece right in the center of your coffee table and hang a couple of rustic lantern candle holders on both ends of your fireplace mantelpiece adding a charming visual interest to your room.

However, if you’re on the lookout for low-height table candle stand centerpieces for your dinner or kitchen table, look no further than our long natural drift wood candle holder or natural birch wood hand crafted candle holder stand to usher in earthy elegance and warmth.

With the quirky artistic designs coupled with the rugged finish of natural wood, Ehomemart’s rustic candle holders set are the ideal decorative accent for a bucolic style interior design. Visit our online store now and explore our full range of natural wood candle vessels to add an idyllic flair to your home.


1. How to make candles look rustic ?

Ans: If you want to give your candles a dramatic vintage look with no effort to express your distinct sense of style, all you have to do is go through eHomemart's Natural Rustic Holders selection and choose one that appeals to you.

For example, you can use our stump wood votive candle holders to hold your favorite tea light or votive candles to create a relaxing ambiance in your house. Our farmhouse candle holders' simplicity will be a welcome addition to your fireplace mantel, while our wooden farmhouse candle lantern will transform your indoors and outdoors into a quiet hideaway. Place our 14” natural birch long wooden candle holders in the center of any dining table for a romantic setting.

2. How to paint wooden candle holders ?

Ans: Unfinished wood candle holders in a range of distinctive and minimalist shapes are available at eHomemart to give your home the perfect accent piece. However, if you want these modern farmhouse candle holders to have more personality to complement your existing décor or the season, staining, painting, or decorating these wooden tea light candle holders is an easy and inexpensive method to do so. 

Here are some great ideas for painting your rustic candle centerpieces. You can use any type of paint, whether it’s milk paint, chalk paint, or just latex paint for this DIY project.

  • Pick a paint color that complements your home's motif. It can range from subtle, neutral colors to bold, vivid hues.
  • Clean the wood pillar candle holders' surface. Using a moist cloth or rag, wipe away any dust or oil.
  • Start by applying the base coat. Because another paint layer will be applied on top of the wood hurricane candle holder, everything does not need to be perfectly covered.
  • After the paint has dried, use sandpaper to smooth down any rough or undesirable edges.
  • To give your wooden candlesticks a bright new look, apply the second coat as usual and finish with a protective coating.

3. How to fireproof wood candle holders ?

Ans: Rustic farmhouse candle holders are surely beautiful in their natural state, but it is critical to think about some safety precautions before using them. A hefty wood candlestick cannot be made totally fireproof. However, treatments can be used to protect the structure of wooden candle stands, ensuring that they are fire hazard safe. 

Paint or spray your shabby chic candle holders with fire-resistant paint or fire retardant spray. In the event of a fire, it adds a layer of protection and slows it down. Some of our wooden candle trays include glass votive holders designed to hold and keep your tealight candles from coming into close contact with the wood. 

Additionally, safer candle alternatives, such as LED candles, can be used in a wood candle centerpiece because they do not melt or lose their shape over time. If you really must use traditional candles, keep in mind that a burning candle in wood candle holder centerpieces should never be left unattended or within reach of air currents, dogs, or small children.

4. Where to buy wooden candle holders ?

Ans: Various materials, such as glass, metal, and wood, can be used to make candle holders and wood is one of the most natural and welcoming types of candle holders among them. With eHomemart's range of shabby-chic wooden candle pillars, you are definitely in the right place to buy rustic candlesticks online that are a fabulous accessory to fill any space in the house.

Choose our 8" tall driftwood candle holder for a dose of vintage, rustic flair in the living room or bedroom if you prefer elaborate and informal designs. If you want basic shapes and natural-looking patterns, go for our wooden natural stump votive candle holders which are ideal for minimalist home decor styles. Display these wood-turned candle holders on their own or buy a few wood candle holder sets so you may put them together on your console, coffee table, or dining table.

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