Tall & Floor Vases


The tall and floor vases establish a gigantic display of authority through sheer beauty and magnificence irrespective of where they are placed like at the doorway, the hallway, the alleyway, or on the tabletop as centerpieces. Whether you want to add height and dimension to your party décor, or simply want to give your home décor a facelift, our superior range of premier collections of tall vases and floor vases is the one-stop solution.

The clear tall reversible clarinet glass vase is one such towering beauty of immaculate class and elegance as it gains undivided attention at any event. Placed on the flower or as a tabletop décor item, it is a beautiful piece of artistry and so is the ombre glass reversible latour trumpet vase. This piece of wondrous work is reversible but definitely irresistible with the incredible class of glassy feel on one side and the metallic elegance taking over on the other end. These are multi-purpose vases that can be used to display sweet-smelling flowers or gleaming candles for dinner parties. In any event, they elevate the vibe and the mood. If tall metal vases are breathtaking beauties then floor glass vases show their dominance with alluring sheen and style. Be it the polystone mirror mosaic pedestal floor vase or the tall tapered cylinder glass floor vase decorating the hallways and the doorways will garner much praise for your décor efficacy. The silver polystone mirror mosaic trumpet floor vase and the shimmering gold glittered marble design flower pot floor vase with pearls and mirror mosaic embellishment just symbolizes artistic eloquence in its own tone of audacity. This floor large vases décor not only draws attention but is awe-inspiring as well. If the floor vases make us take notice of their stunning beauty then the pedestal risers do not fall short too. Their equal magnificence of beauty and style just changes perspectives of how the room corners or the wall portions are looked at because of their décor beauty. The floor standing acrylic pedestal riser with interchangeable lid and base provides the same notch of beauty and elegance wherever they are present just like the tall and floor vases do. The acrylic pedestal risers are made with heavy-duty high-quality plastic and are fashioned with care to endure vibrations, movements against walls, or harsh handling and do not break, crack or crumble. The glass columns used in the polystone vases are also made with heavy-duty glass which is highly durable and sturdy.

These tall and floor vases and pedestal risers can also be combined with LED lighting to increase their artistic sheen and alluring beauty during the nights. These big sturdy décor items portray creativity belonging to a different league of home décor. Visit now to choose and shop these magnificent artistic ceramic vases, planters, and pedestals at ehomemart.com.

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