Charger Plates


Charger plates are a decorative piece of dinnerware that functions as a resting place or a plate under plate on which food-bearing dishes are served; the main purpose of this dinnerware piece is to bring an aesthetically alluring feel to the tabletop design and transform the overall mood of the dining setup. The practicality of a charger plate is that it stops spillages and staining of the tablecloth and retains heat in the dining ware to keep the food warm.

Dinner plate chargers are an exceptional way to add a multidimensional feel to the tabletop décor and to bring color and pattern to the tabletop design. Our astounding collection of charger plates comes in an amazing range of colors, styles, shapes, and materials to satisfy your aesthetics and themed place settings.

Our buffalo plaid metal charger plates can add an additional touch of elegance, funky flair, and chic charm to your daily dining experience. For a truly chic look, pair these beauties with our baroque crockery and stemware, matching linens, candle holders, napkins, and tableware. Our bold round reef plastic charger plates change any plain tablescape into a regal affair and lend a contemporary touch to every setting, style, and décor style with ease with its round classic shape.

Our classy square rim acrylic charger plates provide a sophisticated base setting for placing under other dinnerware during formal occasions, like; banquets, catered events, upscale parties, or fine dining restaurants. Our sparkly and shimmering round mirror glass charger plates with rhinestone rim impart grand luster to your place setting, taking your tablescape to the next level of royal elegance.

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1. What are charger plates used for ?

Ans: Placemats and tablecloths can be used with chargers for tables. They all serve the same purpose: to protect the table from food spills while also adding to the beauty of your tablescape. A decorative plate under a dinner plate, sometimes known as a chop plate, is purely an embellishment and is not meant to come in contact with food. They can also be an elegant means to serve multi-course meals, with each dish served on its own plate or bowl on top of the charger dish.

Furthermore, elegant chargers are no longer simply an accessory for the dinner table. They are available in a wide range of colors, materials, and shapes, making them ideal accent pieces for home improvement. To create a one-of-a-kind tablescape, use glass chargers or metal charger plates as a serving tray or platter to distribute mini snacks and sweets for a dinner party, or set flower centerpieces with LED pillar candles on top of wood charger plates to bring texture and interest to tabletops.

2. How to set a table using charger plates ?

Ans: Dinner chargers can be placed in a way that maximizes both their beauty and functionality. However, you may need to follow a proper charger plate setup during formal table settings in addition to just laying them on top of table linens, especially if you want to make dinner a beautiful and delightful visual experience for your family and friends.

  • Place a serving plate in front of each seat on the table. To achieve precise alignment, it should be placed between the cutlery, under the glass, and one inch from the table's edge.
  • Place each dinner charger two feet apart to give people adequate room to move about.
  • On top of the dinner chargers, place the dinner plate. Place the remaining table items, such as beautiful napkins and napkin rings, on the table.

3. How to store charger plates ?

Ans: If not stored properly, service plates and fragile dinnerware can fracture and break. If you have lots of cabinet space, store your elegant charger plates and delicate everyday wares in glass-lined cabinets. This way, you not only protect them from dust and grease, but you also contribute to the overall charm of your kitchen dining space.

However, not all kitchens have ample cabinet space. You'll probably want to pack your charger dish, in this case, to keep it secure, dust-free, and chip-free. Wrap each piece in tissue paper, bubble wrap, or a layer of padding before storing it in a storage chest or box of your choice.

Another unique option is to make a wall hanging plate that matches the design of your home's interior, as dinnerware chargers can be both works of art and utilitarian serving pieces. If your charger plates have a raised design on the back, you can use plate hangers, or adhesive discs to stick to the back of your plates and hang them flat against the wall.

4. Where to buy charger plates ?

Ans: Our high-quality charger plate set is the ideal solution if you're looking for an affordable yet beautiful addition to your everyday dining experience at home. Our classic glass charger plates and acrylic charger plates are available in a variety of styles, from majestic clear chargers and glass chargers with gold rim to sea-inspired reef charger plates, as well as other mirror charger plates with unique finishes and intricate designs.

If you want to dress up your meals in a classic farmhouse style, layer our silver galvanized metal charger plates with ruffled rim under dinner plates. Set a more conventional table with our round acrylic charger plates with rhinestones in a classic style. Allow the stylish faux diamond accents of our round silver mirror glass charger plates with diamond beaded rim to amplify your charger place setting and elevate the look of your tabletop if you like a grander appeal and dazzling tablescape.

Our fancy charger plates come in a variety of fashionable, brilliant hues and come in classic round shapes, but square charger plates are also available, depending on the theme or aesthetic you're going for. For a more personalized look, mix and match our dining table chargers with complimentary items from our Kitchen & Linen collection.

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