Placemats create a stylish space for each place setting either you try them in woven, vinyl, faux leather, or treated cotton; all types will clean up easily. Add classic charm to your place setting with rectangular placemats; square placemats can give your table a contemporary look, while round placemats break up an angular tablescape. A place mat brings the table together and infuses each table setting with holiday cheer and thoughtful detail. It is a necessary supply that adds style and sophistication to a table setting, whether it’s a usual breakfast with your family or a party dinner with colleagues or friends.

Uplift your tabletop décor with placemat ideas that add a new flavor to your table setting with their lucrative color, designs, and properties. Place mats are available in varying forms and help you keep your table clean and functional. Woven placemats are not just a decorative accessory around the table but a conversation starter, a status symbol, and a scene setter on your dining table.

They are built with elegance and enhance the look of your dining table. Not only on the dining table, but PU placemats can enhance the beauty of several other places in your home. Highly decorative in look and effect, these stylish table mats elegantly elevate the aesthetics of your tabletops. Our exclusive range of gold fan leaf placemats, silver vinyl placemats, monstera leaf placemats, and fall leaf vinyl placemats can add flavor to your holidays and enhance the beauty and prestige of the dinner table.

Design your meal according to the season by going for plastic and vinyl placemats like our dodecagon woven vinyl placemats and add class and elegance to the simplest of the tablescape. In a nutshell, there are a plethora of ways to use waterproof placemats and enhance the quality of your dining. Therefore, make sure you keep experimenting with these styles. These contemporary, cost-effective, and unique placemats are a great way to style your tabletops for dinner parties, weddings, or other festive events on a budget.

Make sure your dining table meets its companion by browsing the fantastic collection of placemats at Add class and charisma to your home dining or party tablescape without costing a fortune. Check out our exclusive range of dinnerware and tableware to give the perfect finishing touches to make your tabletop game strong.


1. What are placemats for ?

Ans: While some people may not consider a table setting placemat to be necessary when setting the table, they serve a dual role as both a useful and attractive piece. Set a beautiful table without spending a fortune by using decorative placemats, you'll be able to use these lovely items for future holidays.

You can safeguard your tablecloths from food spills by using dining room table mats for regular meals. Most vinyl place mats and plastic table mats are easy to clean and maintain. Place mats also help to draw attention to your table settings, especially if you're using colorful plates, exquisite flatware, and high-quality glasses.

You now have a better grasp of why it's so vital to have dining room place mats around the house. You never know when they'll come in handy to protect your table or tablecloth, or when they'll look lovely on your tabletops as a decorative feature. So get some placemat sets and have some fun with them, especially because they're easier to change to match your personal choice and home decor.

2. Do you need placemats if you have a tablecloth ?

Ans: Maybe you're wondering if you can use tablecloth and place mats on your dining table instead of just a table cover. These two things are normally used separately, but they can also be used together to yield excellent results.

The tablecloths will cover the entire table, preventing scratches and stains on the table and anything above it. Table mats can also be used for this, however, they are normally used for more aesthetic reasons. Unlike a large tablecloth, kitchen placemats are easier to switch and clean, making them the finest alternative for everyday use if you want a fantastic dining experience.

3. How to clean vinyl placemats ?

Ans: Thick vinyl place mats, which are usually heat resistant and easy to clean have a lot to contribute to your dining table, from catching spilled food to protecting your valuable table cover from stains to adding a touch of glamour to your table arrangement. This is why it's so important to keep your washable placemats clean. Here are some pointers to keep in mind the next time you wash them.

  • To remove stains and grime, use a moist cloth or wash them under running water; this method usually works.
  • Scrub hard-to-reach spots with a sponge, especially on vinyl table mats with cutouts. Concentrate on the stained areas and gently rub them.
  • Woven vinyl placemats should never be washed in the washing machine. If stubborn stains persist, soak them in a solution of warm water and dish soap.

4. How to store placemats ?

Ans: A fancy place mat, like any other table linen, requires proper care and storage to keep its beauty and texture. Keeping dining table place mats organized will come in handy the next time you want to use them in your kitchen or dining table.

If you have a spare closet or cabinet, this is an excellent spot to keep your underplate mat and other linens. If you don't have an extra closet, you can turn an old dresser into a storage unit for your dining room accessories.

Clean the dining table mats first by wiping off dirt and food residue with a damp cloth and then make sure they are dry. Place them inside a drawer or cabinet, and sort them by color, style, and pattern so you can easily locate a design when you want to swap them out. 

A little trick to avoid messing up the whole stack is to put some cardboard in the middle of each table mat set like a suspended file folder system. This makes them more accessible and keeps them tidy.

5. Where to buy placemats ?

Ans: Are you looking for inexpensive dining placemats that will also provide you with more value for your money? Look no further, since eHomemart has the best dining table mats you're looking for. Start by checking through our assortment of exquisite dining room table mats to give a unique element to any table setting.

If you tend to favor regular-shaped kitchen table mats, try our non slip oval placemats with glitter sparkles on a rectangular, square, or round table. Rectangular place mats, such as our non-slip table mats with wheat design, will also look great under trays and other centerpieces on your kitchen counter or coffee table.

On the other hand, if you want to explore different shapes and patterns, choose from our unique placemats such as monstera leaf nonslip table mats, dodecagon round woven placemats, fan-shaped gold table mats, snowflake silver placemats, metallic leaf fall placemats

You may easily include these flexible items in your home improvement decor regardless of the type you choose. While it may appear that modern placemats have only a few applications, the possibilities are actually endless when you invest in these beautiful dining table accessories.

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