Blackout Curtains


Whether you want to keep strangers from peering into your home or you want to protect your room from the scorching summer heat and winter chill, choose our blackout curtains as your window treatments for a smart solution to all your problems. With the incredible triple weave technology, these linen blackout thermal curtains can not only block harmful UV rays but can also cancel out noise giving you increased privacy in your home.

Moreover, our blackout curtains are available in a wide range of colors, designs, styles, fabric materials, and sizes to help you truly elevate your aesthetics tenfold. If you’re looking to give a seasonal update to your living room interior, install our rich lavender colored velvet curtains infusing a warm and cozy flair to your home decor.

However, if your interior design is a riveting mix of texture and prints, then our embossed thermal blackout curtains or lattice print polyester linen blackout curtains will add another textural layer to your gorgeous decorations. Whatever color, design, or fabric you choose for your blackout curtains, don’t forget to use our magnetic tie backs to pull your soundproof curtains, and light blocking curtains on the side when you need a breath of fresh air or sunlight.

At eHomemart, our prime focus is to provide high-end linens at affordable prices to help you transform your home interior just the way you like it! Explore our online store and check out our impressive range of best blackout curtains to make a decor statement!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the best blackout curtains ?

Ans: Are you having difficulty sleeping due to unwanted light and noise? Well, eHomemart's collection of the best bedroom blackout curtains and best thermal curtains is here to save your day.

One thing to consider when looking for a blackout curtain set is how much light and noise you want to filter out. Each of our single panel blackout curtains features up to 60% of noise reduction and blocks out 99% of light, ensuring a quiet and dark bedroom for people with extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Additionally, we highly recommend our printed blackout curtains in various designs like our chevron light filtering curtains, cabana stripe blockout window curtains, and lattice print thermal decorative blackout curtains if you want stylish options while blocking most of the outdoor light. Opt for our best thermal insulated curtains like our embossed, solid color, and soft velvet thermal opaque curtains if you want a pitch-black room insulated from hot or cold air.

2. What are the best curtains for a bedroom ?

Ans: If the light from outside tends to wake you up before your alarm does, you may want to consider hanging blackout curtains as soon as possible. Bedroom blackout sheet for windows not only keeps your room nearly dark but also saves energy by confining cold or warm air indoors. The best part is that you don't need to search the internet for the best window darkening curtains because you can find them right here in our Black Out Curtains collection. 

If limited options have kept you from trying window blackout ideas, consider our chrome grommet thermal blackout curtains which are available in many splendid colors to complement or add contrast to your living space. Give an elegant finish to any room in your home with these blackout curtains with white backing.

For those who want to block out light and noise with a modern contemporary twist, our patterned blackout curtains are what you should add to your baskets. These statement curtains are not only sleek and effective but are also energy efficient and an inexpensive alternative to using triple window curtains.

3. How to block light from top of curtains ?

Ans: If you have purchased light blocking curtain panels and they are the proper dimensions and installed correctly, but there is still unwanted light flowing through the top and sides of the curtains, worry no more because we have a few easy and effective tips and tricks for this problem. Just remember that these techniques will work depending on the placement of the curtains and the type of windows you have. It is up to you to decide which approach might work best for you.

  • One of the easiest solutions to blocking unwanted light around the perimeter of the curtain is to line the inside edges of the blackout panels and the window edges with a strip of magnetic tape. Once the two thin strips meet, they will stick together and prevent sunlight from entering.
  • When your unique blackout curtains aren't enough to control the light coming through the top and sides of the curtains, you can use hanging valances as an additional window treatment. These accent fabrics come in many designs and do not require you to drill additional holes to use them.
  • A wrap-around curtain rod is curved on the sides, so when used, it will also cover the edges and prevent light from entering the room. You just have to make sure the curtain rod is installed correctly and high enough so that it also covers the topmost part of the window.
  • If you are using sheer and blackout curtains, lay them out with the sheer curtains closest to the window frame with the blackout window treatment on top to totally prevent any amount of light from infiltrating the space for a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

4. Where to buy blackout curtains ?

Ans: Prevent unwanted light from seeping into your interiors with eHomemart’s amazing collection of sun blocking curtains. Not sure if you need short blackout curtains or long blackout curtains? Don't worry because we have made sure that you will have various high-quality shades, sizes, and blackout material for windows to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect energy efficient curtains for your home space. 

What’s more? Our perfect set of silver grommet blackout curtains that fit most standard curtain rods is just one tap away. These extra wide blackout curtains are designed to keep the sun at bay, so you can enjoy sleeping in on Sunday mornings or taking a midday nap in the den. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for something completely wallet-friendly and chic 2-panel blackout curtains for your home makeover project, our modern blackout curtains are exactly right for you!

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