Metal Candle Holders


Need sturdy yet exquisite candle holders to safely hold your candles and elevate your decor? Look no further than our amazing range of metal candle holders to stylishly display your candles oozing a mesmeric glow. With a wide variety of styles, designs, sizes, and shapes, these metal house candle holders will complement any interior style adding a sleek visual interest to your home decor.

If you want to upgrade your home office decor, opt for our metal candle stands, our metallic pillar candle holder set with acrylic ball will bring a sophisticated charm to your workspace. Are you planning to give a modish makeover to your living space? Our metal geometric candle holders are just what you need to imbue a chic and modern flair into your contemporary style of living interior design.

However, if you’re all about incorporating glitz and glam into your decor, our exquisite collection of crystal beaded metal candle holders will surely tickle your fancy. If you’re on the lookout for stylish ways to highlight the flickering points of candlelight, house your votive or pillar candles in our lantern metal wall candle holders and hang them using decorative hooks for truly fascinating and whimsical wall decor.

Do you love both floral and candle decorations? Why not combine both and use our hanging gold metal candle holders to showcase a lovely bunch of flowers with some flameless tealight candles for a majestic-looking showpiece that is bound to make a stunning decor statement?

At Ehomemart, our prime focus is to provide top-quality metal candle holders at affordable prices to help you add an elegant appeal to your interior with ease. Check out our online store and browse through our awesome selection of candle holders to stylishly upgrade your home decor. Visit us now!


1. What can I put on candle holders besides candles ?

Ans: Although a metal candle stand is a practical home accessory intended to hold burning candles, they have multiple uses and work wonderfully as decorative objects or as a container for other home items. Whether you have tall metal candle holders, large pillar candle holders, or a combination of metal and glass candle holders, many things can fit in them. 

  • Present florals and greenery in a fanciful way by using our beaded metal tea light holders as flower vases.
  • Organize your makeup brushes with our 4” metal votive candle holders. Also a great holder for other items like eyeliners, lip pencils, and mascaras.
  • Create a stunning centerpiece with our vast range of rose gold, silver, and gold geometric metal centerpieces used as plant pots. Place it anywhere be it on a shelf, on the kitchen dining table, or in the living room.
  • The shape of our 12” metal pillar candle holders is perfect as food pedestals for small serving bowls. Great as a chic table accent for extra special home gatherings or even just for normal lunch with the family.
  • How about utilizing our 4” gold metal candle tray as a soap dish?

    2. How to clean metal candle holders ?

    Ans:  Bothered by the hardened wax at the base of your metal candlestick holders? Maybe it's time to clean and restore these precious metal candlesticks set to their former glory. Read on and follow the simple tips on how you can get your metal candle holders centerpieces back in shape in no time.

    • For metal holders with very little wax residue, you can soak them in warm soapy water. Once the wax has softened, remove it by wiping it with tissue paper. Rinse immediately and dry the metal candle cups with a soft, clean cloth.
    • If the wax has gotten into some grooves or uneven surfaces, place the candle holder in a heat-resistant pan or bowl deep enough to submerge it completely. Fill with very hot water and soak the candle holder for a few minutes. The wax should slowly soften up, reform on the surface of the water, and harden as the water cools down. Repeat if there is still remaining stubborn wax in hard-to-clean indentations.

      3. How tall should a candle be in a lantern ?

      Ans: After choosing the metal lantern centerpieces of your choice, you may be wondering how tall a candle should be to fit them. The candle compatibility usually depends on the actual size of your candle lanterns. Don't put very small candles in a tall metal lantern or they will get obscured.

      Check the measurements of your metal candle lantern in terms of height and width. Also, consider the width or circumference of the candle. For indoor or outdoor home use, a variety of pillar candles ranging from 3” to 12” should work inside a metal lantern candle holder. In general, select a candle that is about two-thirds of the height of your metal and glass lantern centerpiece. 

      In addition to using large candles, you can also try mixing up a nifty grouping of tea light candles, tapers, and votives. Nothing compares to the soft glow of real candles, but for a safe, low-maintenance option, use electric candles instead.

      4. How to decorate hurricane candle holders ?

      Ans: From setting the mood of a space to completing a seasonal display, metal hurricane candle holders offer a quick and elegant way to enhance your home decor. They also make the perfect accent for any table, shelf, or counter. 

      Whether purely for decoration or as a functional way to divvy up a room, a glass and metal hurricane candle holder from eHomemart is sure to impress. Pair these large metal candle holders with flameless LED candles to create soft illumination or use them with flowers and greenery to create a pretty floral arrangement. If you are decorating according to season or a theme, think of ornaments that incorporate it.

      5. Where to buy decorative lanterns ?

      Ans: The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere, especially when using metal lantern decor. This type of decorative lighting gives a softer glow than electric lamps and is available in various styles for home use. Whether you are shopping for indoor/outdoor lanterns, eHomemart has a sleek selection of lantern home decor to suit your style at the perfect price. 

      Use our candle lantern decor as holders or fill them with seasonal embellishments to create a focal point and add a touch of dimension to your home space. These metal and glass lanterns for sale at an affordable price are the perfect addition to your home at any time of the year, from summer to winter. 

      Whether you use these versatile decorative accessories as a table centerpiece or use them to light up your outdoor space, our floor lanterns decor coordinates well with almost any decor and is guaranteed to add elegance to your space.

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