Curtain Rods & Backdrop Stands


Stylishly drape your curtains using curtain rods and backdrop stands giving a refined and sophisticated look to your interior design. Made from heavy-duty materials that can withstand the weight of lavish drapes and curtains, our drapery hardware comes in a variety of colors, styles, and designs to help you add a riveting touch to your window and door decorations.

Got large windows and tired of searching for the right sized curtain rods that’ll fit perfectly? We are at your service with our amazing adjustable long curtain rods that can extend up to 126 inches in length allowing you to effortlessly dress your windows in style.

Looking to incorporate a few metallic touches to your pastel-themed interior design to add warmth and oomph to your decor? Opt for our adjustable gold curtain rod with round finials to add a glamorous allure to your space. However, if you’re going for a monochromatic style decor, contrast your chic white curtains with our black curtain rods, or use our white designer curtain rods to drape your classy black curtains for a riveting counterbalance.

Whereas, if you’re planning to set up backdrops for a holiday party or celebration, we recommend using our sturdy heavy-duty backdrop stands to create captivating backdrop decorations. But in case you’re looking to add a modish touch to your photo booth backdrop, look no further than our range of geometrically shaped backdrop stands to make a modern design statement!

Our prime focus at eHomemart is to provide you with exclusive home decor accessories to help you spruce things up with ease. To this end, we offer a gorgeous selection of drapery hardware because we believe that even the smallest details can make a huge impact! Visit us and check out our collection today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What type of curtain rod do I need ?

Ans: One of the most overlooked parts when selecting window treatments for home décor is the curtain rods. However, the curtain rods are just as important as it is when buying new curtains. In fact, it supports the weight of your curtain, so it is best to choose the one that suits your needs.

Choosing the best curtain rod hardware depends on the length of the curtain, your preferred style, and the color of the rod. Our versatile and adjustable curtain rods can extend up to 42 inches, effortlessly covering all windows from 42 "to 126" wide, making it the best ceiling curtain rod if you are unsure of the length of your curtains.

Whether you want to trim your windows with a gold curtain rod to compliment your lavish living room decor, a white curtain rod to match your immaculate bathroom tiles, or you simply want to show off your curtains to their best effect with trendy black curtain rods, eHomemart offers you a complete line of stylish and durable modern curtain rods, perfect to complete any window treatment project.

2. How to use curtain tie backs ?

Ans: Add finishing touches to your windows and give your living room, bedroom, study, bathroom, home office, and children's room a unique and elegant sense of style by using our magnetic curtain tiebacks to hold your curtains back and let more light in. These modern curtain tie backs are really easy to use, no installation or wall drilling required! Instantly create a unique atmosphere for your curtains and windows by following these practical tips on how to use these curtain holdbacks:

  • Gather the part of the curtain where you want it pulled back.
  • Tightly wrap the magnetic loop around the curtain while holding the curtain in place. You can make one or two loops.
  • Connect both magnetic ends of the curtain ties.
  • You can decide how to fasten the clips of the decorative curtain tie backs however you like, guaranteed that these curtain holders tie backs will always give your curtains and drapes a clean and crisp look.

  • 3. How to set up a photo backdrop at home ?

    Ans: Backdrop stands are as equally important as photography backdrops. While the backdrop sets the mood and feel of indoor photoshoots, the stands, on the other hand, serve as the support and foundation.

    For all aspiring photographers who want to build their own home studio to hone their craft, eHomemart’s wide selection of portable backdrop stands is sure to meet your needs. From heavy-duty adjustable backdrop stands to indoor arch decorations, get the modern setting that's perfect for practice or even professional use without breaking the bank.

    Shapes such as round, triangle, and hexagon metal arches are also available. Our metal garden arch is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and allows you to hang paper flowers, wall curtains, tapestries, LED lights, and other accent decors.

    4. Where to buy drapery hardware ?

    Ans: Curtains are the easiest and simplest option to make home interiors feel cozier, and you likely are going to need reliable window curtain rods to hang them as well. If you are looking for elegant and stylish drapery hardware to add interesting detail to your space, your journey stops here. 

    At eHomemart we offer several options and the best budget-friendly drapery accessories, from extendable curtain rods to curtain rod finials and anchors. Our refined metal curtain rod set is easy to install and can be extendable for future adjustments. Most of these heavy duty curtain rods work for all types of curtains, whether they have grommets, rod pockets, or require rings.

    In addition, you can also choose our functional sun shade sail installation kit for your outdoor sun shade sails. Don't settle for a simple single curtain rod when we have so many functional decorative curtain rods available. We'd be delighted to help you select the perfect curtain rod hardware for your windows. 


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