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Draw more attention to your statement interior design features with LED accent lights converting them into stunning focal points. With the variety of accent lighting decor solutions offered on eHomemart, from spotlights, strobe lights, and wall washer lights, creating a point of interest in your indoor or outdoor home space has never been easier!

Do you want to highlight your paintings, houseplants, sculptures, furnishings, wall art, and other prized possessions? Use directional color-changing LED accent lighting bulbs to effortlessly make them stand out while also accentuating your entire living room aesthetics up a notch.

Want to add a scintillating glow to your DIY seasonal wreath? Accent the wreath base with LED strip lights to gracefully light it up further boosting its majestic appeal. However, if you’re planning to set up a dinner tablescape in your patio for a special family gathering, opt for our UV LED wall washer light as your outdoor accent lighting to illuminate the patio wall space or backdrop for a dramatic ambiance.

We at eHomemart understand the importance of layering different types of home lighting to create a well-lit and sophisticated atmosphere. To this end, we offer an impressive range of LED accent lights to help you add style and drama to any desired space enhancing the special features of your decor. Visit us and check out our collection now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where to put led lights in your room ?

Ans: Choosing the best position for your ambient lights can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be that way because eHomemart is here to help you with our inexpensive wall mounted lights. Among all the luminous indoor accent lighting, our single color and RGB led strip lights are the most popular because they are extremely versatile, lightweight, flexible, and easy to install in rooms or any unique location throughout your home. Start your own led DIY wall and ceiling light projects now by reading on.

  • Cast a unique glow and make a small space appear bigger by adding our indoor led strip lights under furniture.
  • Display your favorite books, collectibles, and artwork by adding led tape strip lights on the shelves.
  • For a futuristic and updated effect, add our flexible led strip lights as a mirror backlight.
  • Enhance photos, illustrations, and prints and make them stand out even more by adding our bright led strip lights on the back.
  • Add interest to ceilings by installing our color changing led strip lights in the crown molding.

2. Where to buy led spotlights ?

Ans: Adding wall accent lighting to your home is ultimately a personal choice, but a perfectly accurate LED landscape spotlight will go a long way in enhancing the appearance of wall arts, houseplants, sculpture, and furniture. If you are looking for a great way to add some sparkle to sections of your home, then you are in the right place, because eHomemart offers you a wide range of premium spotlights that will open up many creative options for lighting your home.

Whether you want indoor accent lighting to illuminate areas in your room, or use it as outdoor landscape lighting for your garden or garage, our collection of led ceiling spotlights is made to meet your home accent lighting demands. Additionally, our energy-efficient house accent lights come in a wide range of colors and light levels, making these led spotlights indoor and outdoor accent lighting perfect for adding a unique atmosphere to any space.

3. How to use wall wash lighting ?

Ans: Give a nice, evenly distributed light to large accent walls and smooth vertical surfaces with our LED wall washer light. Here are some tips we have gathered on how to properly use them.

  • It is advisable to paint the walls white or light in color for greater efficiency. Also, interior wall wash lighting is best used for smooth, flat walls.
  • Attach our wall wash light fixture to the ceiling or floor at regular intervals to create a distinctive style in your hanging decorations.
  • You can adjust the angle of light to make the shadows more or less pronounced by moving the lights closer to or farther from the wall.
  • If wall wash recessed lighting is used for ambient light in a room, provide additional lighting where needed, or locate dark surfaces that need a lot of lighting.
  • If you have large paintings or a large wall covered with hanging or mounted objects, washing the walls will provide even coverage of everything with minimal hotspots.
  • Mount the accessories close enough to the wall so that those seated nearby do not get direct light.
  • For added charm, you may want to partner out indoor and outdoor wall wash lighting with our led strobe lights to achieve the perfect look that you are looking for. Now is a great time to light up your walls.

4. How to hang led strip lights without damaging the wall ?

Ans: Most rgb led strip lights are unlikely to damage walls, but this depends on several factors. The strength of your adhesive, the durability of the paint or wallpaper, how long the led strip lights with remote have been applied, and the weather can also affect how these led light strips for room adhere to a surface.

Wall surface comes in many types, such as wallpaper, bare, or paint-coated walls. So, to avoid the worst damage to your paint or wallpaper-covered walls, find out how delicate they are by performing a patch test. Just stick a part of the RGB light strips for room and leave it for a day or two, and then remove the led tape light off to see if it causes any damage to your paint or wallpaper.

You can also minimize the damage to your walls and still bring them to life by using hooks to mount our cuttable long led light strips into walls and ceilings. Alternatively, you can also use cable ties to attach our best led strip lights to an object.

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