Accent Lights


Draw more attention to your statement interior design features with LED accent lights converting them into stunning focal points. With the variety of accent lighting solutions offered on Ehomemart, from spotlights, strobe lights, and wall washer lights, creating a point of interest in your indoor or outdoor home space has never been easier!

Do you want to highlight your paintings, houseplants, sculptures, furnishings, wall art, and other prized possessions? Use directional color-changing LED accent lighting bulbs to effortlessly make them stand out while also accentuating your entire living room aesthetics up a notch. Want to add a scintillating glow to your DIY seasonal wreath? Accent the wreath base with LED strip lights to gracefully light it up further boosting its majestic appeal. However, if you’re planning to set up a dinner tablescape in your patio for a special family gathering, opt for our UV LED wall washer light as your outdoor accent lighting to illuminate the patio wall space or backdrop for a dramatic ambiance.

We at Ehomemart understand the importance of layering different types of lighting to create a well-lit and sophisticated atmosphere. To this end, we offer an impressive range of accent LED lights to help you add style and drama to any desired space enhancing the special features of your decor. Visit us and check out our collection now!

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