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If you want to streamline the table decoration process without breaking the bank, there is nothing better than sumptuous runners, overlays, & skirts from our Kitchen & Linen collection to add enticing splendor to your event design. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, our inexpensive table runners, table overlays, and table skirts will beautify your tables over and over again.

Sewn from high-grade satin, organza, burlap, lace, sequin, faux fur, and other materials, all our beautiful table runners, overlays, & skirts will gracefully dress your tables and will elevate the idyllic charm of your decor. Dine like a royal by spreading our dining table runner such as our boho chic rustic table runner or white premium lace table runner charmingly atop your colorful or plain table covers and adding a dreamy aspect to your tablescape. 

Whether you’re looking to protect your expensive linens or want to spruce up your setting with an additional layer of decor, our collection of top-quality yet cheap tablecloth overlays such as our white square 100% cotton linen overlay or accordion crinkle taffeta table overlay would be a wise idea as they will flawlessly blend in with your linens and other accessories.

If you are looking for a neat and professional display for your tablescapes, we suggest you consider our cloth table skirts such as our glitzy sequin table skirts or 2 layer tulle tutu table skirt as they will take your old linens from drab to fab and will accentuate your decorations to the next level.

We understand that decorating a sophisticated table can be quite daunting and overwhelming if you can’t find high-quality table linens for sale at affordable prices. Fortunately, eHomemart offers a stunning range of runners, overlays, & skirts at unbeatable prices to help you augment your aesthetics with ease. Stop by our collection and see for yourself.


1. How to decorate with table runners ?

Ans: Dining room table runners are one of the most adaptable table decorations and accessories that anyone can own. This long piece of fabric can be used on top of kitchen islands, dining tables, shelves, dressers, and even walls to bring color to a room. All you need are gorgeous-looking kitchen table runners to give your drab and uninteresting tables and counters a simple update.

It's simple to add beautiful table runners as part of any table arrangement, whether you're setting the table for a Sunday family get-together or laying one out for everyday use. Use fabrics that match the room's and table's general aesthetic, whether it's informal or formal.

It's simple to add fancy table runners as part of any table arrangement, whether you're setting the table for a Sunday family get-together or laying one out for everyday use. Use fabrics that complement the style of the room and overall table setting, be it casual or formal.

Silk, satin, organza, and polyester table runners are ideal for formal settings and look best when used as ornamental components on glass or lacquered surfaces or overlaid on high-quality tablecloths. Embroidered long table runners and lace floral table runners, which may be used with or without a tablecloth underneath, will also create a refined aesthetic.

A linen table runner with lively colors complements wooden tables best in a casual atmosphere. Choose textiles with coarse textures, such as burlap, for a more rustic and earthy look. Dining table runners can also be used to decorate other surfaces such as dressers, coffee tables, consoles, trunks and chests, and even walls.

2. How to attach a skirt to a table ?

Ans: With the help of banquet table skirts, you can quickly transform uninteresting tables into magnificent tabletops. With so many styles and colors to choose from, deciding which table skirt to utilize will be the most difficult part of the decorating process.

To begin the process of attaching plastic table skirts or cloth table skirts to the table, you'll need skirting clips and a table topper, which are two important items for table skirting. After you've gathered all of the necessary components, begin by placing the table topper on top of the table.

Then, over the table's edge and topping, place one clip per foot. Pick a starting location and connect your fabric table skirt to the first clip when all of the clips are in place. Work your way around the table, securing the skirting to the remaining clips as you go.

You can still use the table skirt clips if your round table skirt doesn't have a velcro attachment, but you'll need a heavy silk string. Slide the string underneath the fabric and attach it with pins once all of the clips are in place. It's also possible to pin the table curtain to the table topper directly.

3. How to drape a table with fabric ? 

Ans: Add a personal touch to your table setting by draping a piece of fabric across it to create a layered look. Tablecloth drapery is an excellent approach to consider when putting up your ideal dining table since it adds another layer of texture and color to your design. This method may be used to dress up anything from a little shelf to a railing, mantel, or candlestick in an elegant manner.

Place a long piece of fabric over the edge of the table linen to begin draping your tables. Pinch the cloth with your index and thumb from the middle of the table, continue creasing all the way to the edge, and pin it in place. You may have leftover cloth depending on the length of your fabric. Tuck the extra fabric under the tablecloth to conceal it.

If you're not a fan of draping fabrics and are having trouble finding tabletop linens, consider choosing from our wide selection of beautiful table overlays. Simply put these beautiful table toppers on top of the tablecloth that compliment your interior and table decor. You're done adding a beautiful element to your table arrangement when you finish with a gorgeous display.

4. How to use tulle for table decorations ?

Ans: Tulle is a great material for home decorations because of its smooth, soft fluid texture and wide range of colors and trims. Use the dyed version to add a pop of color to your tabletops, or use the ethereal version to create an ethereal vibe to your table setting.

Layering a solid-colored tablecloth with a tulle table skirt is one method to incorporate your home's interior color scheme into your tabletops. A tulle table skirt looks great in a nursery or a little girl's room. Incorporate a tulle skirt into the furnishings to add some fluff to your child's room. It can be used to dress up not just tables but cupboards, bed frames, and even the baby's crib as well.

So, if you're looking for tablecloth clips and high-quality black table skirt, white table skirt, or any other color that you can use especially when you're in a hurry, check out eHomemart's broad selection of home and party skirts that are available in various sizes, materials, and colors. 

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