Grass & Flower Wall Panels


Are you a nature enthusiast looking to freshen up your empty wall space? Our decorative wall panels featuring lush green foliage and luscious floral arrangements will surely capture your interest. Available in a wide range of colors, designs, styles, and floral and foliage types, these 3D wall panels will not only help satisfy your nature-inspired wall decor cravings but will also add a riveting contrast to your interior decor.

Create a feature wall in your living room and install our evergreen artificial foliage 3D wall panels on a long narrow wall from the ceiling to the floor or creatively center the textured wall panels on a large blank wall to add a reinvigorating aura to your space. Boasting a riveting mix of boxwood, black locust, and cypress leaves, these stunning foliage wall panels will bring depth and dimension to your wall space like none other!

However, if you’re in love with all things floral, look no further than our gorgeous silk flower wall panels to add an alluringly feminine touch to your space. Use these lovely floral wall mats as your dining table backdrop or install them just above your headboard infusing a charming flair into your bedroom decor.

In case you’re looking for outdoor wall panels that strike a balance between both floral and foliage decorations, we bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off our white tip green boxwood Hedge flower wall panels.

Made with anti-fading and UV-protected materials, these decorative wall panels will add a riveting visual kick to your outdoor walls without losing their vibrance and charm. Bring your empty and stark walls to life with Ehomemart’s impressive collection of realistic-looking faux foliage and flower wall panels effortlessly infusing a refreshing outdoorsy vibe into your space. Check out our online store and grab these decorative wall panels at affordable prices now!


1. How to make a flower wall at home ?

Ans: Floral walls make a stunning backdrop not only for weddings and photoshoots because now you can enjoy their beauty in the comfort of your own home. Create astonishing wall flowers for nursery, an interesting flower wall in bedroom, or even wall accents for the living room with our realistic flowers for wall. With just a few simple steps, you can assemble a pretty 3d flower wall decor in no time.

  • Start by measuring and marking the wall or surface where you are installing your artificial flower wall with a pencil. 
  • Once done, start connecting your floral wall panels together.
  • You can secure the DIY flower backdrop to the wall with a staple gun, nails, or hooks and cut off any extra part with a pair of scissors. 
  • You can also add decorations like floral wreaths, monograms, or LED lights for a more stunning living room, dining room, or bedroom flower wall.

2. How to fix artificial grass on a wall ?

Ans: Transform a wall or fence into a realistic-looking hedge quickly and easily with artificial grass wall panels. The realistic-looking leaves of this faux grass wall along with their dense foliage will make them a stunning addition to any home decor. And the best part is, that these grass panels don’t require any maintenance or upkeep. 

Our lifelike grass wall panels are also very versatile that you can install them in any part of your home to create a dramatic look and help reduce echo and noise levels. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can put a greenery wall decor together:

  • Before you begin, measure the area you want to cover with a grass wall backdrop to estimate how many panels you will need.
  • Each piece has an attachment that connects to a corresponding piece. Find the match and clip the panels into place. 
  • Connect the greenery wall backdrop on the ground so that you can hang the finished product in one go. 
  • Hammer in the nails where you’d like to display your foliage wall.
  • Decorate your grass wall background as you like.

3. How many boxwood panels do I need ?

Ans: Turn an unattractive, featureless interior or exterior walls into beautiful green spaces with our easy-to-use boxwood hedge wall panels. You may be wondering how many faux wall panels you will need to create a succulent vertical garden with wall panels. Well, it completely depends on the area of the wall that you want to cover with a faux greenery wall.

To get an idea, measure the wall that you want to decorate with our green grass backdrop. Once you have calculated the total area, you can now refer to the guide below.

  • 8x8 FT Wall - 24 (1 Case)
  • 9x9 FT Wall - 31 (1 Case + 7 Panels)
  • 10x10 FT Wall - 38 (1 Case + 14 Panels)

4. Where to buy flower wall panels ?

Ans: DIY floral backdrops usually show up only at events or weddings, but why not add a DIY flower wall right into your living room or bedroom wall? Not only is it affordable, but it's also one of the easiest wall décor ideas of all time.

Transform a white wall into a flowery haven with eHomemart’s flower wall background filled with soft petals that can bring a natural-looking yet simple and elegant style to any home. Carefully crafted, these beautiful, realistic-looking silk flowers bring a contemporary and luxurious touch to any home interior. With super-easy installation, our flower wall panels are a no-brainer when it comes to enhancing your home space.

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