Flower Garlands


Channel the artist in you to freshen up your space with the addition of artificial flower garlands and decorate it uniquely to infuse serenity. Flowers, greenery, and succulents are anti-depressants and relieve stress and anxiety. You can uplift any event and usher in elegance into your event décor with the addition of our imperishable majestic Flower Garlands.

Fresh flowers wilt and are short-lived, whereas our faux silk flower garlands are a practical, trendy, and convenient substitute for the natural ones and impart a luxurious feel to your home. Whether you want to make your floral arrangements and decorations flamboyant or want to keep it low-key, our Silk Rose Garland mimics the freshness and beauty of real flower garlands and foliage. It will transform the dull spaces into vibrant miniature gardens when used to decorate backdrops, walls, poles, tablescapes, and banisters.

Our delicate Honey Locust Mini Leaf Garland in natural green shade replicates the foliage in a realistic manner and adds a fresh feel to your spaces indoors and outdoors when wrapped around columns, hung from doors, pipes, arches, and draped around gazebos, canopies, and structures. To enjoy the festivities, our seeded Silk Peony Garland is available in a plethora of hues that impart never-ending charm and radiance. If you’re a florist or a plant-lover, our ideas will help you brighten up your space and you’ll be fascinated with our premium collection of roses garland, peonies garlands, hydrangea garlands, and sunflower garlands.

There are plenty of amazing ways to style florals into home décor by hanging them, planting them in vases or pedestals, or placing them on the surface as a centerpiece. Incorporate fairy string lights, wind around LED candles, or sway them from planters, pots, and vases to make beautiful decorations with the flower bouquets and decorations. Go through our online collection of flower garlands and don’t be reluctant to drop by our exquisite collection now!


1. How to make artificial flower garland at home ?

Ans: A floral garland can provide home spaces a lot of charm and texture. Not only does it add a luxurious floral element to decorations, but it also beautifies your interior. Take note of these tips to make your own DIY flower garland easily.

  • Prepare your own set of greenery vines or choose an alluring real touch rose garland that will serve as your base. 
  • Lay the faux flower garland on the surface of your dining table so you can see how it looks on the table. Arrange the foliage to create a nice clean look.
  • Add a personalized touch by placing accents such as various trimmed single stem flowers of your choice around the vines.
  • To create visual interest, attach the flowers in clusters with different colors and sizes.

2. How to hang garland on stairs ?

Ans: Artificial flower garlands for decoration are a timeless decorative element that has evolved with the constant changes in interior design popularity. Create a fun and cheerful aura for your home decorations by making your stairs lively and festive with eHomemart's fantastic collection of flower garlands.

Now here are three ways to get that garland looking spectacular on your staircase.

  • One of the most popular ways to decorate stairs with garland is to wrap it around the railing. While this method looks nice, the downside is that it prohibits people from using the handrail. This method requires as little as two attachment points and provides a decent amount of coverage. However, this method requires more garland so you can completely cover your railing.
  • If you want to display your garland higher, you can attach it along the underside of the railing. With this method, people will still be able to use the handrail without disturbing the garland. To do this, it's easier if you have two people, one person to hold the silk floral vine and the other to secure them.
  • If you want a chic draped look on your staircase, you can swag your garland. This leaves the handrail relatively free and allows you to decorate the outer sides of the staircase as well.

3. How to make a floral garland centerpiece ?

Ans: Amaze your family and friends with a beautiful artificial flower wreath as your dining table centerpiece. A lush colorful garland not only adds the right amount of drama and elegance to tables but they are also a great alternative to large centerpieces because they have a low profile that will allow people dining together to enjoy a hearty conversation.

It’s incredibly simple to make a floral table runner, so you won’t need that many supplies for this DIY. All you will need to do is to take a look at eHomemart’s collection of gorgeous flower garlands and pick one that catches your fancy. Arrange the flowering ornamental vines in the center of your dining table once received and enhance their stunning beauty by adding accents such as votive candle holders. 

You can weave two spring flower garlands together to get a fuller look. You also have the option of letting the flowers fall off the table slightly or just letting them finish on the edge.

4. How to attach garland to tablecloth ?

Ans: A fabulous way to jazz up even the dullest table linens is by using a floral garland decoration. However, you may be wondering how to securely attach the silk flower garland to your tables without damaging it and your beloved tablecloths. Well, look no further because our quick tips below will have you adorning your tables with your favorite faux wreath in no time.

  • Decide where you want to put your garland on the table. You can place the garland on the edge of the table in a straight line or leave it hanging in drooping curves.
  • Cover the table with the tablecloth of your choice.
  • Attach a piece of fishing line to the first section of the garland, making sure to leave one end of the fishing line to secure it to the tablecloth.
  • Each foliage should overlap the last section, with the stem of the previous piece firmly attached to the next. Always make sure the foliage is firmly linked together and that there are no weak points otherwise your flower garland wall decor could lose its shape.
  • Keep doing this until you get the desired length.
  • Finish off by tying the wire tightly around the last stem with some length left for attachment.
  • Stretch the garland in a straight line and wrap the artificial flower garland in front of the table or around it, depending on the shape of the table you have. You can also drape the flower wreath in low swags for a more pronounced look. To create swags, pin the floral wreath to a tack at each high point along the edge of the table.

5. Where to buy flower garlands ?

Ans: If you’re looking for the perfect way to add texture and interest to arrangements, centerpieces, wreaths, and more, get ready to be amazed by eHomemart’s amazing selection of flower garland decorations. Indulge in the luxury of realistic-looking flowering vines that are easy and inexpensive to maintain and create a home makeover treatment that will literally take everyone's breath away.

Bring the warmth of spring into your home with the radiant beauty of our Artificial Cherry Blossom Garlands. Its gorgeous open flowers complemented by delicate green leaves will bring the much-needed greenery into your bedroom when hung from a vanity mirror or headboard. 

The full, colorful and timeless beauty of the rose heads on our UV Protected Silk Rose Garland is perfect for arches, benches, wreaths, and table centerpieces. This hanging flower garland blends well with eucalyptus leaves if you want to create a rustic and elegant aesthetic for the home. 

Pair our gorgeous garland flowers with our flower wall panels, paper fan decorations, and giant blooms for a cheery pop of color to any dark area in your home, or partner with our string lights for a whimsical flower garland with lights display that would look lovely hung in the nursery or draped over a mirror or fireplace.


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