Long Stem Branches


If you’re struggling to find the best quality, long stem branches that look and feel exactly like the real ones, you need to stop worrying as we’ve got you covered with our collection of single stem flowers that you can use in all seasons and for all reasons.

Our fascinating collection of long stem branches of roses come in a variety of colors like red, pink, blue, etc., and can be used to brighten up any space in your home or office. Displaying superior craftsmanship, our faux roses mimic the vibrancy of fresh rose stems.

If you are keen on having something fanciful and surreal, don’t forget to check out our tall eucalyptus stems, the artificial Eucalyptus Spray. You would also love our Tall Silk Hydrangea Stems that are widely popular and highly sought-after by designers and craftsmen. These beautiful hydrangeas stems are an ideal choice for imparting an enchanting finish to any lackluster space.

With the stunning natural appearance and captivating coloration, our long stem branches will bring the blossoming beauty of a spring orchard into your home, office, or party space. As there is a high demand for these tall beautiful long stem flowers, you must check the collection now to pick your favorite items before anyone else.


1. How to arrange long stem flowers in a vase ?

Ans: Have you ever wondered how to get that perfect long stem floral display in your home without the help of a florist? Here is a short guide on how to arrange artificial branches for vases to get the most out of your gorgeous vase stems.

  • Prepare the vase of your choice, ideal vases for tall stem flowers are round, cylindrical or any vase that has a small opening.
  • Cut off some parts of the flower stems so that they can fit into the vase.
  • To prevent the stem from laying flat, cut the stem at an angle.
  • Start by adding the largest flowers first and continue adding flowers in a circular motion to get a symmetrical arrangement.
  • Layer the next flower and repeat until you are happy with the result.
  • Complete the arrangement by adding some lovely greenery or grass.

2. What flowers go with a baby's breath ?

Ans: Closely associated with feelings of love and affection, baby's breath has entered the list of florists' favorite filler flowers over time due to the way its delicate flowers enhance a floral arrangement. This small shrub is an ideal ornamental flower thanks to its delicate and alluring blossoms.

These beauties combined with long stem silk roses and just a touch of dark green foliage will look incredibly stunning. At the same time, a dahlia flower stem and silk hydrangea stem can also be a good partner for baby's breath. These decorative branches for floor vases have intricately shaped blooms and light green stems that create an airy floral look perfect for any type of home display. 

3. How to use branches to decorate ?

Ans: Flowering branches are very decorative in nature. One great thing about using long stem blooms and decorative branches for vases is that you just need a large cluster and you’re all set. So while you might combine different types of artificial flowers for a typical ensemble, a large bunch of tall branches for vases will really do the trick on its own.

Artificial hydrangeas, orchids, roses, baby’s breath, and amaranthus are some abundant options to choose from our collection. These flowering branches require larger vessels, so don't be afraid to go beyond the mid-size vases you typically use for flower arrangements. If you don't have a large vase, experiment with pitchers, planters, or even tall baskets. For a particularly tall arrangement, you can put the vase with branches on the floor in the hallway, along banisters, and near the fireplace. 

4. Where to buy branches for centerpieces ?

Ans: Tall and arresting floral branches in a dramatically oversized vase and displayed on top of a table or set on the floor seem to be all the rage these days, so the versatility of eHomemart’s decorative branches for tall vases is one thing you should not miss out on. Our long flowers and decorative branches are no-hassle decors and are perfect for any kind of home aesthetics.

Our artificial baby's breath has a delicate beauty and makes a wonderful floral accent, while our faux hydrangea stemsrose with stem, dahlia stems, and other vase stems are perfect eye-catching choices for injecting nature-inspired splendor to any tablescape. If you don't like lush floral accents, choose our metallic silver palm leaf and metallic champagne eucalyptus spray for a touch of tropical-style home interior.

With eHomemart's wide selection of branch arrangements available in warm, vibrant shades,  it only takes one click to add natural enjoyment to home spaces that are long-lasting and easy to clean.

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