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Are you looking for some chic and classy kitchen items or decent attire for your tables and chairs? Look no further than our astounding collection of Kitchen & Linen for homes that will stylishly yet effortlessly fulfill your desired needs. With appealing designs and a wide range of colors and fabrics to choose from, our selection of kitchen & table linens will allow you to assemble a one-of-a-kind setup without spending a lot.

From formal to casual our dining table cover and kitchen tablecloth collection will provide you with plenty of options and will infuse your space with festive flair. For those who strive to streamline the table decoration process without breaking the bank, we offer our stunning collection of tablecloths, table runners, overlays, and skirts that come in beautiful shapes, fabrics, and colors to beautify your tables over and over again.

To set up an impressive tablescape, we present our high-quality napkins & napkin rings that will help you successfully carry on with your color palette and will accommodate your guests at the same time. Looking to bring a chic flair to your event or everyday life, opt for our chair and seat pads that can be used to bring not only comfort but also classic elegance and modern style to any space.

Bring your aesthetic dreams to reality by opting for our jars & dispensers, the trendy containers and candy jars will fulfill all your artistic needs in the most stylish and economical manner. Give your kitchen counters or table centerpieces a unique twist by opting for these adorable accents and kitchen supplies and take your decor to the next level of sophistication.

At eHomemart, our prime focus is to provide high-end table linens for less to help you make your home aesthetics and living room decor truly stand out. The boasting intricate artistry and refined finishing of our kitchen and dining table cloth are perfect to steal the show on their own. Visit our online store and see for yourself!


1. What size tablecloth do I need ?

Ans: The dining and kitchen linen set is the cornerstone of table settings and arrangement. These versatile dining table clothes and linen ware establish the tone and atmosphere in the dining room. Choosing table top linens that match your aesthetics is only half the battle; the tablecloth you buy must also fit your table perfectly.

To select the size of the linen table covers that will be used to outfit your round tabletops, start by measuring the dimensions of your table. Calculate the amount of tablecloth you'll need for a circular table by multiplying the diameter of the table by two. (For example, 72" + 16" = 88")

To get the measurements of a fabric rectangle tablecloth, measure the length and width of a rectangle table, then multiply both dimensions by twice the required drop. The length and width are then multiplied to get the size of the kitchen table covers. (For example, 61"+16" x 38"+16" = 77"x54")

2. How to decorate with table runners ?

Ans: A simple approach to spice up your dining room table is to change the table decorations from season to season. If you want to add a seasonal display to your dining table or just want to create an interesting focal point in different sections of your home, elegant table runners are a great alternative.

Although the traditional dining room table runner arrangement is popular, you can try out some new table runner ideas, such as draping some short polyester table runners across the table's entire width. When the placemat is coupled with broad table runners, the table takes on a more modern style. Table runners can also serve as a base for kitchen and table decorations. On the kitchen island, kitchen table runners can be used to hold salt and pepper shakers, dinner napkins, elegant tea kettles, and other objects.

Extra-long table runners can also be utilized to provide color or pattern to the end of a made-up bed. Moods can also be linked to fabrics and textures. Burlap and lace table runners, for example, are a popular choice since they have a lovely farmhouse feel to them.

Other home uses for fancy table runners include using faux sheepskin tabletop linen as designer table runners and using unique table runners as a wall hanging to set the tone of your home interior. Read the fabric care instructions to guarantee your table runners and table linen set last for years, whether you're creating a formal table for a special occasion or something more practical for everyday use.

3. What are the best cloth napkins for everyday use ?

Ans: Everyday cloth napkins are a must-have whether you're dining indoors or outdoors. Decorating cloth table napkins and matching them to your table arrangements might help to lift your dining room's mood.

Choose our linen cloth napkins if you value durability over style. They're made of a durable fabric that's also easy to clean. Cotton cloth napkins absorb a lot of liquid and are great for cleaning up spills. Use polyester plaid cloth napkins if you want stain-resistant napkins that won't fade after multiple washes.

Choose the correct material for your tablescape needs from our selection of stunning linen napkins, and try out different napkin folding styles. Pair these cloth dinner napkins with our wonderful selection of elegant napkin rings set for special occasions and holidays.

4. How to use a seat cushion ?

Ans: While dining with loved ones or if you are trapped sitting for lengthy periods of time virtually working from home, have a comfortable sitting experience with a chair pad added to your living room or dining room chairs.

Seat pads that provide support and alleviation will help you avoid discomfort while sitting in a chair. Velcro straps are included with our premium quality chair seat cushions for a secure fit. Place these dining chair cushions flat on your chair, rather than using pillows, as this may cause your buttocks to sink and tilt your pelvis incorrectly.

You are more likely to stay focused and feel energized if you have better posture, especially while working. You may also utilize memory foam seat cushions anywhere because they are easily transferable, such as in a car, plane, sofa, or patio chair.

5. What to fill glass jars with for decoration ?

Ans: Decorative glass jars are multi-purpose storage pieces that may be utilized for a variety of applications throughout the house. Glass jars with lids are as diverse as your imagination will allow, whether for parties or home decor. Clear storage jars can be used in a variety of ways to transform plain pieces into lovely accents.

  • Sort out and display your dazzling jewelry collection in a gold-trimmed glass apothecary jar as it will look beautiful when placed on a vanity or dressing table.
  • To fit your bathroom motif, fill glass apothecary jars for bathroom with decorative soaps, bath salt, seashells, bath sponges, potpourri, or colored beads.
  • Fill large glass jars with apples and pears for fall and limes for summer to create a lively, seasonal focal point for an otherwise plain kitchen and dining space.
  • Use airtight glass jars to keep marshmallows, mints, or coffee beans at your beverage station.
  • Make a stunning terrarium or a flowerhead display in big glass jars.
  • Put your beach accessories, such as colorful sands, stones, and tiny seashells, in large glass jars with lids to give a soothing, coastal atmosphere to your living space.
  • Small glass jars with lids work well for storing art and craft supplies. Use these clear containers to store and display everything from stickers to buttons.
  • Remove the lids from glass candy jars and use them to store paint or brushes.

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