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Are you not satisfied with your linens and are wondering how to give your plain and lackluster tables a fresh and festive look? Our premium range of table runners will not only spruce up your dreary tables but will also protect them from crumbs and spills. Made from top-quality materials our table runners can be used over and over again without losing their perfect appearance.

Crafted from high-grade satin, organza, burlap, lace, sequin, and other materials, our beautiful table runners are available in pretty colors and beautiful designs and will blend with your event decor effortlessly. For a standard-sized table, our 108 inches long satin table runners will work perfectly and if you are on the lookout for some fancy fabric, then try out our chiffon table runner, organza table runner, floral lace runner, or a velvet table runner and ooze splendid beauty all around.

Accentuate the elegance of your wedding tables and tablecloths with our peppy striped table runners and add a dash of fun and excitement into your tablescape! Our fluffy faux sheepskin runners have a tactile charming design and will serve as a perfect and eccentric accent to your bedroom, living room, kids’ room, or office decor.

Add class and elegance to the simplest of tablescapes with our vinyl table runners and effectively serve your piping hot savories, soups, and dishes. Our sequin table runner & mirror foil runners will bring a pop of sparkle to your plain tables and our rosette flower table runner will transform your tabletop into a cake with whipped cream flowers.

For those who value nature and strive to find contentment and serenity in the tranquil company of nature, we offer our burlap table runners that will instantly add flair and appeal to your party decorations. Get that spring picnic feeling any time anywhere by opting for our polyester checkered table runners and bring back the memories of happy picnic times in gardens and by the riverside.

Embrace the exuberance of festivity and the classiness of royalty by styling your tables with our lace rosette table runners, couture tulle satin runners, or lace netting table runners, and let these luxurious pieces cast their ethereal magic all over your tabletop.

At eHomemart, we strive to help you provide high-quality table runners at minimal prices. For all the fashion seekers out there, our experts have crafted these stylish table runners uniting the finest of fashion factors to make your tabletops stand out. Visit our collection and see for yourself!


1. What fabric is best for table runners ?

Ans: While runners serve a very practical function like protecting your table from spills and wear and tear, they are also valuable for entirely different reasons. For elegant tablescapes, smooth and crisp table runners are a must to bring your table setting to the peak of luxury. The kind of table runner material that can be used for everyday wear is varied, but there's much to adore about the relaxed style and soft texture of linen table runners.

Our collection of table runners also includes embroidered, natural grained, and patterned runners that you can easily mix and match so you never have to set the same table twice. Also, table runners shouldn't always stand out but can be made to match your decor.

2. How long are table runners supposed to be ?

Ans: Unlike tablecloths, there is no rule to follow when it comes to the measurement of table runners. It all depends on your decorating style. Of course, the longer the runner, the better, as it will give you more freedom to style surfaces, but short table runners serve their purpose, too. 

Whether you place these runners on a side table in the bedroom or a coffee table and fireplace in the living room, they are sure to dress up any surface in a great and eye-catching way. A soft, plush faux fur table runner is shorter than usual table runners, but when placed on a long center table, it will add as much luxurious look to your table setting as sequin table runners and rosette table runners

On the other hand, you can complete the look of your dining room, kitchen, or patio table with long table runners. To give your patio table a summer flair, consider a 120 inch table runner like our cheesecloth runner in bold colors. If you have a minimalist approach in the dining room, choose extra long table runners in a white or gray tone and use them alongside cream-colored dinnerware for a formal display. 

3. How to decorate a table with a runner ?

Ans: At first, you might think table runners are only limited to fancy dinner parties, elegant dining tablescapes, and lavish outdoor picnics, but don’t get misled. This versatile table accessory is absolutely lit when it comes to year-round home decorating.

Whether you want to enhance your living room or add a colorful touch to your home office, here are some creative ideas for table runners in home decorating.

  • The material, color, and pattern options for table runners are almost limitless. Augment the beauty of your room décor by repeating the same table runner patterns or colorful table runners.
  • Table runners are also a great way to incorporate the theme of an event or the season. Choose our Sequin Circle Designs Table Runners for festive or seasonal themes or create color combinations that are specific to the particular table you plan to set with any of our modern table runners.
  • Table runners are traditionally laid out on tables lengthwise, but you can be playful and place them vertically on the table.
  • Make a unique formation by placing a matching long table runner in a crisscross fashion.
  • When you place a table runner on a tablecloth, you can choose to work in subtle complimentary shades or more striking contrasts that echo the aesthetics of your interior.

4. How to store table runners ?

Ans: Like any other linens, table runners also need proper care and storage to maintain their charm and appearance. Be it table covers, table napkins, and overlays, whatever linen it is, they are sure to last longer if stored properly.

Before storing your elegant table runners, be sure to clean up messy stains and remove wrinkles so they look presentable the next time you use them. Table toppers can be stored by hanging them over a hanger and placed inside a closet or a cabinet. However, if you don't have an extra cabinet, you can transform your old dresser and use it to store your dining room and kitchen accessories

5. Where can I buy table runners ?

Ans: If you want to give your table, mantel, or dresser a little flair and pattern and want to try something new other than traditional table covers, eHomemart’s table runners are a great way to go. Using dining table runners will add personality and help create beautiful table settings be it for everyday meals or casual gatherings.

Fancy table runners like our chiffon table runners and organza table runners which are available in a variety of colors, are perfect if you want to add vibrant color to your table setting but still keep the elegance. Whether you’re looking for a red table runner, teal table runner, pink table runner, orange table runner, or any other color, our sheer table runners are sure to have it.

However, if the area of the house you want to decorate has a farmhouse or rustic-chic vibe, rustic table runners like our burlap table runners and boho table runners like our cheesecloth table runners will create some texture and outline the simplicity of your interior. 

For outdoor patio dining, try a unique table runner like our artificial grass table runner to add a lush green aura to your tablescapes. Perfect for creating a fun table setting and works wonders when paired with our buffalo plaid table runners. Runners with sequin, floral, geometric, striped, and other patterns are also available.

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