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There is no denying the fact that a napkin plays a vital role in taking your table decor to the next level of elegance and is essential for the success of your dinner table or event. Our elegant dinner napkins come in an immense range of mesmerizing colors, designs, materials, and styles along with elegant napkin rings to give the perfect final touch to your cloth napkins and help you explore your artistic side in the most exciting way.

Ehomemart offers a wide range of fabric materials in our napkin collection that will help you choose just the right type of table napkins that will go perfectly with your event's design. From sequins, velvet, satin, and polyester, to taffeta crinkle, pintuck, and paper material, we have a stunning collection of decorative napkins that are available in a plethora of napkin sizes, colors, and styles to match your desired theme.

The soft, smooth, and silky texture of these colored napkins are perfect to make a cute heart fold or a rosebud fold for romantic and heart theme events, a bunny fold for your Easter Dinner table setting, and other sophisticated folding styles like envelope fold, crown fold, or French pleat style for corporate or business events an easy and smooth task and will enchantingly take your tablescape elegance up by several notches.

If you want to add a peppy flair to your outdoor events or a fun-filled birthday party, perk up your tablescape with playful checkered, striped, or linen like napkins and enticingly create that glamorous ambiance for your elite parties. For a wedding reception or an exotic evening event our satin, taffeta crinkle, pintuck, damask flocking, or velvet table napkins will be an ideal choice.

If you feel that bare tables are more your style then using our polyester napkins with burlap cutlery holder will give a sensational idyllic flair to your bucolic settings. Similarly, our sequined napkin will take your disco-themed soiree decor to a whole new level.

To make you hold your napkins in a more stylish manner and give your party tables a sense of preparation and decorative style, we offer our trendy napkin holder range that will impart order and neatness to your tablescape.

Our collection of napkin holder rings is made from premium quality metallic, beaded, aluminum, wooden, burlap, and rhinestone material that can be used time and time again to enhance the elegance of your dinner parties and other festive events. Our stylish beaded napkin rings, butterfly napkin rings, gold napkin rings, and others will give you an affordable and elegant way of enhancing the attraction of your cloth napkin folding and sashes in any special event.

We at eHomemart, offer Napkins & Rings at unbeatable prices, meaning that no matter how many pieces you purchase, they will never eat up your decoration budget. Please visit our collection now to stock up on the best table napkins and rings at the lowest prices!


1. How to set a table with napkins ?

Ans: Napkins can be used in a variety of ways on a daily basis. While proper table etiquette is vital, it's also important to relax and be natural when setting a table. People have a tendency to focus on minor details when they should be concentrating on the table setting as well as the dining experience.

Dinner napkins should be placed to the left of the forks if there is enough space between the cutlery. If you don't have enough room, place the napkin on the plate or charger. No matter how lovely the table is, your cloth dinner napkins should never be placed in the glass or the teacup.

2. How to put napkins in napkin rings ?

Ans: There's no better way to dress up dinner tables than with gorgeous napkins with rings on them. Because folding dinner napkins is not as difficult as many people actually believe, it simply takes a few seconds to add attractive napkin rings to your table. At your next meal, give your table a unique look with a fancy napkin folding, and your family will appreciate the extra effort you put in.

  • Classic double-rolled kitchen napkins go with practically any dinnerware and fit into a variety of napkin ring shapes. Roll the napkin lengthwise and tuck it inside the ring.
  • The classic pocket is another easy napkin folding option. Begin by flattening a square dinner napkin and folding the top quarter down. Fold the bottom of the napkin up to cover the top edge. Fold the napkin in thirds on the reverse side. Place a flower or other adornment in the pocket and flip the napkin over.
  • If you have fashionable napkin rings that need to be used, the pinch and fasten method is also great. Pinch the napkin around the middle first. Then, from the pinched part, insert the ring and slide it into the middle. Despite being the easiest technique, this napkin folding will be incredibly lovely.

A quick and final tip to make your napkin decoration stand out is to iron cloth table napkins beforehand. In addition, you can iron them in between folding to make the folds stand out more.

3. Where to buy table napkins ?

Ans: Take a look at eHomemart's bright holiday cloth napkins because, let's face it, mealtimes aren't complete without them. Fabric napkins are crucial for their primary function of absorbing dirt and spills, in addition to providing dining tables with a more polished look. Furthermore, adding color and style to your table setting with these everyday cloth napkins is one of the simplest and quickest methods to do it.

Satin napkins, velvet napkins, premium sequin napkins, and damask flocking napkins are all great options for finishing off your elegant dinnerware. Choose crisp white commercial grade cotton napkins or premium grade polyester napkins to give your dining table the look of a sophisticated restaurant or luxury hotel. They go with any dishware and have a classic, clean style.

On the other hand, if you want beautifully designed napkins but don't want to bother with washing them after each use, our stunning disposable linen-like printed paper napkins are the way to go. Because our airlaid paper cocktail napkins will glam up your tables just as much as our reusable napkins, opting for these disposable varieties shouldn't mean sacrificing aesthetics.

4. Where to buy napkin rings ?

Ans: Choose from eHomemart's large collection of cloth napkin holders if you want to add visual appeal to your table napkin folding. From napkin ring sets such as beaded napkin rings, pearl napkin rings, acrylic napkin rings, rhinestone napkin rings, metal napkin rings, and other unique napkin rings will ensure that all the details on the dining table are taken care of so that everyone can enjoy dinner together even more.

For everyday usage, casual napkins with rings, such as wooden napkin rings, are ideal, especially if you like a simple, organic feature to complement your table setting. To get the most out of your tabletop, pair these rustic napkin rings with polyester or linen napkins in common colors.

For formal dinners and special house events, you can splurge on sleek and lustrous elegant napkin rings like crystal napkin rings, bling napkin rings, diamond napkin rings, and other modern napkin rings. To give your silverware a stylish finish, look for eye-catching gold napkin rings, silver napkin rings, and rose gold napkin rings in distinct geometric or rambling designs.

Buy several sets of napkin bands at once so that when you set the table for each meal, you'll have napkins in napkin holders that match the rest of the place setting. To create a fashionable and well-coordinated tablescape, have a look at the napkin holder rings available on now in a range of styles and finishes.

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