Napkin Rings


If you want to transform your party into a regal feast, we suggest you beautify your napkin folding with rings using our alluring napkin rings. Available in beautiful designs, colors, and durable material, our napkin holders will make your choice of picking the right one for your event an easy task.

With their superior finish, attractive design, and durability, our napkin holders are perfect to enhance the class of both formal and casual table settings. Enhance the elegance of your dinner parties and other festive events by opting for our aluminum rings & spiral rings that will not only add style and sophistication to your tables but also help in conserving space in a crowded table setting.

Glam your table settings up with these exquisite glass crystal gem embedded napkin rings and add flair and a seamless sheen to your table presentation. Hold your napkins in a more swish manner and give your party tables a sense of preparation and decorative style with our mesmeric metallic curved geometric design napkin rings and impart order and neatness to your tablescape.

In case your plain napkins call for a little bit of sparkle, we offer you our diamond rhinestone napkin ring with Velcro that will give you an affordable and elegant way of enhancing the attraction of your napkins and sashes in any special event. Give your dining and party tables a sense of organization with our acrylic rings and take your table settings to the next level of elite elevation.

Bring the simple, organic element to your reception or outdoor banquets by opting for our wooden napkin rings and add a dash of rustic elegance to your tablescape. Dazzle the world with our pearl laden diamante pin brooches that will beautify your napkins and will impart an impeccable regal flair.

Ehomemart is a perfect opportunity to give the final touch to any napkins and save a significant amount without compromising on quality or visual appeal. Choose from our affordable collection of napkin rings and impart a touch of class to your dinner table without breaking the banks. Explore our collection and see for yourself!


1. How to use napkin rings ?

Ans: Spice up boring tables and keep napkins tidy and rolled by incorporating decorative napkin rings in your table setup. Elegant napkin rings can be all you need to create beautiful home accessories and DIY napkin rings decor as these napkin embellishments offer dozens of unimaginable possibilities.

Adding metal napkin rings to your table presentation is just like decorating your dining table with jewelry. Although initially used to designate dirty napkins from the clean ones, they are now widely used as a binding element for tableware and table linens on the dining table.

There are a few ways you can use napkin wraps, depending on the type and design you choose to use. Most of the time bling napkin rings are simply placed on the dinner plate along with a rolled-up napkin tucked inside. Others go beyond impressive lengths with their cloth napkin holder decorations and experiment with different napkin folding with ring techniques for variety.

2. How to fold napkins with rings ?

Ans: Table napkins wrapped in a beautiful aluminum spiral napkin holder are sure to take your table to the next level. And the best part is? You can make a visual statement with just a few simple steps to keep your tables fresh and crisp. Impress your family with your awesome napkin folding skills by following these easy techniques on how to fold napkins with rings.

  • Make a puff fold by laying the napkins flat. Lift it from the center and smooth out any creases you may encounter. Then slide a metallic napkin ring over the end and finish by puffing both ends. Perfect for people who don't want complicated steps.
  • Try a fan fold and start by folding your napkin in half. Alternately fold it from side to side and then fold it in half. Then insert a napkin holder ring on the folded end. This step is super easy and repeatable that anyone can do it in seconds.
  • Create a double roll style by folding the napkin in half and rolling it in the center. Finish by pulling pearl napkin rings over the rolls. Great for people who prefer uncomplicated yet chic napkins in napkin rings

3. How to decorate with napkin rings ?

Ans: Napkin holders aren’t just for adorning and keeping dinner napkins in place. If you have more than enough for your table, you can use these rings in other creative ways and even decorate them exactly to your taste and suit your table settings. Read on to find out what these interesting little table accents can do. 

  • Create a small DIY place card holder by wrapping the table napkin rings with a piece of fabric or ribbon and placing them on tabletops.
  • Be imaginative and incorporate gold napkin rings or beaded napkin rings on your centerpieces to hold flowers and bring elegance and sophistication to your decorations.
  • Create a functional yet glamorous decor improvisation with modern napkin rings. Use them to hold paper cones at your impromptu dinners and meetings.
  • Let the light in as you enjoy a panoramic outdoor view by using our diamond rhinestone napkin rings with velcro to tie back your trendy and elegant drapery.
  • Turn napkin rings into holiday ornaments.
  • For romantic dinner nights, use our plated aluminum napkin holders or metallic napkin rings with woven string design as stylish tealight holders. 

4. Where can I buy napkin rings ?

Ans: You must want to do a lot of decorating to make your everyday dining more appealing, but it seems you never have enough time. If you are experiencing such a moment and want to manifest the ideal tabletop décor, eHomemart recommends that you consider this little decorative detail that amazingly works wonders as an accent for the dining table, and we are talking about none other than fancy napkin holder rings.

Our assortment of unique napkin rings works well for dressing up both paper and cloth napkins. Choose acrylic napkin rings to coordinate with your existing cutlery and transform your plain napkins into vibrant, seamless masterpieces. However, if you prefer to add a natural touch to your décor, opt for wooden napkin rings and impart a rustic charm and vibe to your dining room setup.

Well-designed tables are able to balance decorative and functional elements, from tableware to table accents. But this does not mean that you have to match your silver napkin rings to the specific color of the table or dining room linen. What is important is a common bond between each decorative element, be it style, color, or material. 

Purchase a few napkin ring sets so that when you decorate your table for each meal you have rings that coordinate with the rest of your place settings. Take a look at the eye-catching thanksgiving napkin rings available at now so you can start having fun with your table presentation.

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