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Chic portable backdrop and photo booth stand can help you stylize your photographs with sheen and elegance, but you don't always get a scenic locale or a stage with the perfect background for a special celebration. Well, fret not. You can set up your own amazing décor using photographic backdrop stands. And visiting Ehomemart where an exquisite range of heavy duty Photography Backdrop Stands are available, will fulfill your requirements with great ease and satisfaction.

Every event or occasion asks for a different and unique décor look and so, using the Triple Crossbar Adjustable Backdrop Stand Kit or the DIY Adjustable Metal Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand can be a very easy and efficient way to install a décor set up for a house party. While indoor functions can be decked up stylishly with the heavy duty metallic photography backdrop stands, outdoor get-togethers can be adorned by including sleek arches.

Embellish your simple rustic-themed event with the Wooden Heptagonal Rustic Garden Backdrop Stand or if you prefer something grand for a stunning Bohemian forest-themed gathering, then the Brown Rustic Double Sided Hexagonal Wooden Arch will fit the bill perfectly.

While the wooden arched photographic backdrop stands can elevate the ambiance of your outdoor celebrations with their earthy color tone and woodsy demeanor, some people would prefer the contrasting beauty of metallic shimmer. And for them, the spectacular Gold Circular Metal Arch Backdrop Stand or the phenomenal Gold Triangular Metal Arch Backdrop Stand can be brilliant options to choose from.

The DIY Adjustable Portable Photography Backdrop Stand Kit and the Portable Adjustable Photography Backdrop Stand with Free Backdrops Kit can be mind-blowing inclusions to the photography toolset of all freelance and amateur photographers and artists. These heavy duty backdrop stand can help them carry out their photoshoots and projects with impeccable flair and finesse.

Made with heavy duty metallic parts, these photographic metal backdrop stands can withstand heavy usage and function with an easy setup and detaching mechanism. All photography backdrop stands are provided with kit bags and hence are very easily portable. So, visit Ehomemart to check out some stunning high quality photography backdrop stands to make your photo sessions easy and blissful.


1. How to hang backdrop on stand ?

Ans: Have you ever wondered how the backgrounds that you see from time to time manage to deliver such an incredible and fitted appearance? Well, they have functional yet gorgeous background support to thank for. A photo backdrop stand does not just cut back on time and money, but it will also enable your photo backgrounds to drape smoothly to help produce more professional-looking outcomes. 

There are numerous ways to drape a photo backdrop. But first, you need to take into account the size and material of the background. For more extensive backgrounds, regardless of the material, it is best to use a heavy duty backdrop stand. All canvas backdrops have a complimentary wood mount with three holes drilled into the top wood, making them ready to hang using a photo stand

Fabric backdrops will come with a rod pocket so you can just slide the crossbar into it. After inserting the pole into the pocket, clamp one end of the backdrop to the backdrop rod, pull the top of the backdrop tightly, and clamp to secure the other end of the backdrop. For poly paper and photo backdrops that do not have a wooden mount or pole pocket, carefully hang and secure them to the crossbar with clamps.

2. What can I use as a backdrop ? 

Ans: To make your photos stand out, you don’t always need to have expensive and fancy-looking backdrops. As there are numerous ways to create lovely backdrops, sometimes, all you need is a little creativity and effort to bring more life into your photographs. Check the following cool backdrop ideas that you can use for home shoots or in your photo studio together with our portable photography backdrop stand

  • Nothing beats a flowy sheer fabric and sparkling fairy lights if you want a fairytale photo backdrop. If you don't have one available, don't worry because you can select one from our organza curtain backdrops which are perfect for soft portraits.
  • Another easy background to do is to create a fun and vibrant flower backdrop. To do this, check out our Wall Florals collection and choose from our magnificent selection of 3D foam and paper flowers. 
  • Depending on the theme of your home photoshoot, you can always turn a wide blanket into a DIY photo backdrop. This may be the cheapest and easiest idea of all, but it will give you a lot of control over texture and color.
  • To deliver an inexpensive yet stunning bokeh effect, all you need is some bright string lights. Just hang them on a portable curtain stand and light them up. 
  • Sometimes items found in your home can help create unique background ideas. Take a look at the things you have around the house. Sticky notes can be one of the most versatile items you have. You can overlap or arrange them in a checkered pattern on a white backdrop to create one-of-a-kind DIY photographic backdrops.

3. What is the best size for a photography backdrop ?

Ans: If you are planning to start or upgrade your home studio but are not sure what backdrop size will perfectly suit your background stand, or if the size of your studio is even big enough, there is no need to panic. You'll be able to shoot everything in between from big to small in no time as you read on.

To start with, you will need a reliable photography backdrop kit that will serve as the core of your shoot. That is why it is best to invest in a backdrop kit that will withstand the weight of a heavy background. This way, you can avoid accidents or problems while working.

For headshots and 3/4 length images, a 5' to 7' wide background is ideal. Both these standard backdrop sizes are easy to manage and take up very little organization space, suitable for those who work in a home studio like a spare room or basement. A 9’ wide backdrop is perfect in commercial studios as it can easily accommodate full-length portraits.

You'll be able to cover almost any form of portrait and product photography with 20’ collapsible backdrops. If you want to capture portraits of families or have a movie shoot that involves movement, these photo backdrop sizes are perfect. These long photo video backdrops are also useful for separating subjects from the background.

4. Where to buy photo backdrop stand?

Ans: Looking for the perfect metal backdrop stand for your home projects and get-togethers? Then what you need is a high-quality backdrop setup that allows you to take your photographs and decorations to the next level. Check out our selection of the best backdrop stand for photography if you're looking for a heavy duty backdrop holder for a sophisticated studio or lightweight systems that are easy to set up and break down, perfect for photographers on the go.

With eHomemart, we offer you a variety of adjustable backdrop stands such as a small backdrop stand for headshots and macro images, a double backdrop stand to hold multiple backgrounds, and a curved backdrop stand if your shoot or event requires a curved wall and other backdrop frames. These backdrop sets make a firm and secure base for any type of backdrop, banners, and fabrics and can be utilized indoors or outdoors as home or event décor or to create glamorous photo booths for everyone to enjoy. 

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