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The beauty of table decoration is that it does not end by just covering the table with smooth gorgeous linens and runners. It gets elevated by what you do on top of that. And that’s why ehomemart brings you the widest range of classy Table Vases which tone up the beauty quotient to your décor.

Table vases come with diverse purposes inbuilt. They’re not there just to hold the artificially colorful flowers or the ones with the spirit-lifting natural fragrances but many more than what it normally seems. Basically, vases centerpieces on top of tables are what cherries are for cakes. They complete the look and lavishness of your table’s décor. Think beyond the horizon and let your creativity run wild with our home décor ideas and an astounding collection of Table Vases.

Create a style statement for your home or party tablescape with our gold honeycomb bubble glass vase table centerpiece which glows brightly when holding candles or our gold mercury glass compote vase pedestal bowl which adds just the right amount of glitz and glam to your party scape. For imparting a look of vintage charm and charisma, choose our flared neck heavy-duty clear glass vases which portray medieval era look while the candle burns inside.

Not just the luminous candles, but those succulents or ferns become ultra-beautiful when they are placed inside our vases. Try placing them inside our slant cut round hobnail clear glass sphere vase and place atop your dining or banquet tables or decorate your coffee tables with artificial or real flowers nestled inside our striped cylinder glass flower vases for a truly upscale and opulent look.

Even our minimalist-looking cylindrical-shaped gold dipped bud vase and flower centerpiece or the ombre glass reversible latour trumpet vase is a classy choice to give the table a subtle sense of glam. Spark up the luminous beauty with some LED lighting beneath the flowers placed on the acrylic 300 crystal beaded bowl pedestal vase which looks like glowing flowers from the fantasy worlds.

If you want a royal treatment at the table while having food then use the tall beaded crystal trumpet vase or the chrome heavy duty glass flower vases which can hold real or faux flowers to give you that exact feeling of richness. If some metallic elegance is to be added then place the rose gold mercury glass vessel shaped vases on the tables.

For the nature lovers who try bringing a touch of natural beauty to every nook and corner of their house, our flower vase with a fillable stem or the heavy duty square glass cylinder vase or geometric clear glass flower vase is the perfect choices as they can be filled with water plants or even air plants. To make them even more dramatic try mounting our hexagon indoor wall mounted glass vase on your walls to create those hanging terrariums décor.

All these decorative ideas gel well with any type of event from family gatherings and birthday parties to marriage ceremonies and romantic candlelight dinners. Our glass vases are made from heavy-duty glass which makes them sturdy towards the regular vibrations or the jerks caused due to movements. To choose from a wide range of wood vases,  acrylic vases, metallic vases, and candle holders visit now to make your events cheerful and vibrant.


1. How to decorate the center table in the living room ?

Ans: Whether placed near the foyer, crammed into a corner of a hallway, or utilized as a reading spot and dining table, you can count on a center table to anchor the furniture in your living area and make a design statement. Whether your living room follows a classic, rustic, or modern home aesthetic, get creative with this timeless piece by following these simple styling ideas.

2. How to arrange flowers in a small vase ?

Ans: Small flower vases are tiny compared to a centerpiece vase and can only accommodate a few stems, but these small table flower vases are actually great for a number of reasons. One of which is the fact that they can be used to create home decor arrangements that can easily rest on the dining room table as they will not hinder the communication of the people at the table.

Arranging flowers in small decorative vases look best when there are some vibrant and statement blooms. Contrasting colors and a variety of textures also help create a more dynamic look. Also, the flowers for small glass flower vases should be at least 1 1/2 times the height of the vase. 

You don't need to fill the base with greenery when working with small vase decors because there won't be much extra space that needs to be filled. But when you're only using one type of flower, be sure to include greenery to complete the look. Show off your delicate cut flowers and individual buds by distributing your small vase arrangements around the house or grouping them into larger arrangements.

Learning how to arrange flowers is very easy and will open up your home decorating options. Try various types of home decor vases and flower types and before you know it, you’ll be an expert. 

3. What to put in a bud vase ?

Ans: Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and bud vase arrangements are proof of that. Although smaller in size, these compact yet lovely containers can still make a big impact on your decor and are a great way to add a little pop of color to any surface without taking up the entire area. Due to their narrow opening, glass bud vases are primarily used to hold single stemmed flowers, smaller cuttings, or a small group of blooms and greens. 

Showcase some of eHomemart’s artificial silk flowers like roses, tulips, carnations, or a mix of flowers in small glass bud vases. However, most of our faux flowers can be displayed in a flower bud vase as long as the stems are trimmed to fit the container. Adding a few different greens like our eucalyptus leaves and honey locust sprays can also add some variation in texture and make your arrangement more visually appealing. 

For single bud vases that have glass test tubes, display artificial or real succulents and air plants. These modern bud vases are perfect accent vases on a nightstand, as a bathroom vase decor, or as an addition on a window sill. For large, dreary walls, our wall bud vases can be a great way to add depth and character to them.

4. Where to buy large vases ?

Ans: If you are looking for large vase decors to bring charm and joy to your home interiors, eHomemart has an impressive selection of large vases for sale online, with enough style and color possibilities to satisfy even the most discerning homeowner. Whether you’re searching for classic large table vases or the latest trending decorative table vases, our range of large flower vases makes it easy to find the perfect piece that works well with different home styles.

Quickly update your home spaces with our irresistible deals on large glass decorative vases and other large tall vases. These large modern vases are perfectly sized to show off large floral picks, ostrich feathers, and decorative tree branches, as well as long, hanging sprays, and are great stylish interior accents as a coffee table vase, kitchen table vase, dining table vase, or as fireplace vases and for day to day desk and countertop use.

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