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If you are planning on making your guests sit on old, unwelcoming chairs throughout the event for hours, think again! Our selection of seat pads will effortlessly transform your plain, lackluster chairs into gorgeous royal seats. Fit our ready-made slipcovers over your chairs and transform the look and feel of your ambiance without much hassle or expense.

Since chairs play an integral part in setting up the mood for any festive occasion, we offer our premium quality, heavy-duty foldable chairs with soft cushioned seats and backs, that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are looking to bring contemporary taste, elite elegance, and functionality into your home, backyard party, barbeque, formal banquet, or beach wedding, opt for these extremely robust white resin folding chairs. Showcase your unique style statement and opulent aesthetic taste by choosing our clear plastic banquet ghost chair and clear resin transparent Chiavari chairs that are fit for any regal revelry and festive affair. 

To help you cover those dreary chairs up and give your old seats a fresh, glamorous look, we offer our chair covers and seat pads that play a significant role in giving a worn-looking chair a fresh new look. For a wedding, baby shower, or any other grand celebration, swathe our spandex chair covers or satin chair covers and effortlessly transform your plain, lackluster chairs into the ritziest of seating arrangements in town.

Bring luxury into your everyday routine, entertainment, and leisure by infusing comfort with our soft and fluffy faux fur rug seat cushion that will provide you with an ultra-soft luxury touch and feel. Give a fresh new look to upholstered chairs in the kitchen, dining room, bar, and parties with our stylish velvet chair cushion protector with tie and fulfill your dreams and designs for an ideal modern home interior.

Some stylish and elegant chairs along with a huge range and variety of chair cushions and accent chair covers are available at eHomemart, to help you dress your chairs to the nines for your special events. Our collection of chairs, seat pads & throw pillows will help you create sophisticated and cohesive seating without burning a hole in your pocket.


1. How to decorate a chair ? 

Ans: Are you tired of seeing the same look on your dining or kitchen chair every year? There are numerous ways to liven up plain-looking chairs or update the look of an outdated one. When deciding how to dress up your dining room table chairs, search for ideas that are simple, durable, and timeless, but not overly showy, so as not to overwhelm or deflect focus from the dining area.

Change the whole look of your chair with our exquisite dining chair slip covers and stretch fitted chair covers that are custom-fit for banquet chairs. You can choose a chair top cover that only adds details to the chair like our fur indoor chair cushions or something that completely adds to its appearance like our chic fabric slip covers for chairs.

You'll fall in love with our memory foam chair pad if you're looking for beautiful and functional accents for your dull chairs. These padded seat cushions not only feature a plush modern appearance but also include a removable cover for easy cleaning and a velcro fastener to keep them in place.

Other accessories that can be attached to the back of the chair include elegant ribbons, jute strings, fabric fringes, and artificial flowers. Play around with your imagination and use beautiful materials to inspire future DIY home projects.

2. How to clean plastic resin chairs ? 

Ans: Dirt is visible and easily observed in plastic resin chairs due to its crystalline form and composition. While keeping resin chairs clean is rather simple, learning how to clean these decorative chairs properly will help them maintain their sleek appearance and elegance.

The resin fades over time, especially when subjected to extreme heat, which can make it fragile. Abrasive cleaning agents can hasten this brittleness because small, grainy fragments in the cleaner rub against these transparent modern accent chairs, causing the surface to change from smooth to somewhat rough.

To avoid brittleness, clean your stackable chairs with a mild all-purpose cleaner similar to the one used for indoor vinyl floors or for washing walls. Use a gentle brush or cleaning cloth to avoid scratches, and a soft cloth to dry the surfaces of the chairs if you wish to keep them for a long period of time.

3. How to keep chair pads from slipping ? 

Ans: Chair seat pads are typically used to provide a beautiful touch to your furniture, but they are also frequently utilized to improve the comfort of chairs that are either too stiff or too soft. Dining chair pads that keep slipping every few minutes are even more inconvenient than the compact surface they are supposed to fix.

If you want a seat pillow that stays in place, check out eHomemart’s thick chair cushions with velcro straps that bind them to the chairs and allow you to use them to their maximum potential. Because our indoor dining chair cushions with ties are built with your long-term comfort in mind, you don't have to pay more to have goods that look great, work great, and last longer.

4. How to wash throw pillow covers ? 

Ans: Throw pillows and cushions to complement a room's decor. Decorative pillow covers come in a variety of pillow case designs, colors, patterns, and textures that can be used to accent the wall color, drapes, and other furnishings. Cushions become stained over time and need to be cleaned. While cleaning throw pillow cases refresh them, it can also weaken the fabric or cause the colors to fade. 

Here's a guide to successfully washing your square pillow covers.

  • Machine-washable textiles include polyester, nylon, microfiber, cotton, linen, and silk. When the item is submerged in water, however, colors may bleed. If you're unsure about your cushions' colorfastness, try washing a corner or an inside seam with cold water to see how it holds up. 
  • If color gets into the wash water, be careful when laundering the pillow cushion covers. Wash single-color things with other single-color items. As a result, any color loss won't affect other products.
  • Wash in cold water. Use a gentle cycle and a light detergent to wash. Bleach should be avoided. Some detergents have whitening chemicals in them, which weaken the accent pillow covers fabric and cause the dye to bleed out. 
  • When you wash anything inside out, the friction on the exterior surface is reduced, and the color is retained.

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