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Decorative plant pot holders holding plants, succulents, flowers, and vines will instantly add a pop of green and stylish flair to your décor. If you are looking for a modish way to display your flowers and plants, let our exclusive collection of plant pots & plant baskets exhibit your foliage flowers and elegant plants in a contemporary style and elevate their beauty manifold.

Give your plants a home that's just as chic as you are with our gold textured ceramic plant pots that can be used for a variety of purposes such as plant holders, vases, pen holders, or even general decoration pieces. Our contemporary-style plant pot stand will give your plants and botanicals a modish lift.

Lend raw beauty to your surroundings by displaying succulents, plants, and other floral arrangements in our chic geometric design cemented plant pot and imbue a sleek and stylish appeal. Inspire rustic chic style in your home and garden decoration with our wood planter boxes or add a natural green touch and element of freshness to your space with our amazing range of preserved moss planters.

In love with boho-chic style decorations, opt for a basket planter like our hand-woven plant baskets that will usher in a bucolic flair giving an idyllic look to your space. Perfectly hold your natural and artificial plants, succulents, flowers, and vines in our macramé hanging planter baskets, and let these indoor hanging planters deck up your house walls with charm and allure.

Glamorize your home with a modernist look by using our stylish collection of unique planters and make them a great investment for your home, office, or event design. Assuring that your plants or decorations will be safe and sound, ehomemart offers modern indoor planters that are built to last. So what are you waiting for, drop by our plant pots & plant baskets collection to see the entire range for yourself!


1. Do plants grow better in plastic or ceramic pots ?

Ans: For plants, different potting materials have different purposes. Each pot has its own specific set of care requirements, and some plants respond differently in plastic containers than they do in ceramic pots. However, both plastic and clay pots for plants have advantages and disadvantages.

Planters made from plastic are flexible, lightweight, and durable. Also, these kinds of indoor plant pots are a better choice than clay pots for plants that require moist soil or water-loving plants like ferns and orchids. Plastic plant vases are also good for greenery that will need to be moved frequently due to the light weight of the containers.

Terra cotta pots are famous for drying out quickly. In comparison to plastic patio pots for plants without porosity, clay absorbs moisture from within, which allows the soil inside to get dry immediately. The container's texture promotes healthy airflow for plant roots and quick drying prevents root rot. Succulents, cacti, and other desert plants thrive in terracotta containers. These porous indoor flower pots may offer ideal conditions for drainage and growth, but they are extremely fragile.

2. Do baskets make good planters ?

Ans: If you haven't tried the trend of putting your prized houseplants in a planter basket, you should definitely start now. Since they are constructed from natural materials and are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, baskets make great planters. That aside, using intricately woven plant baskets as indoor planters will not only enhance the appearance of indoor spaces when done correctly, but these bohemian planters are also easy to maintain and move and are perfect for every season.

However, it is important to take into account the type of plant contained in the pot as well as its size when choosing baskets for plants. Plus, plants of all sizes require good drainage and recurring watering, so be sure to line your woven planter basket with a plastic pot liner or burlap sack. The liner material you use depends on how leaky your houseplant is and how reliably you want to protect your eco basket planter pot from moisture and mold.

3. Where to buy plant pots ?

Ans: Give your houseplants a home in one of the numerous styles of plant pots from eHomemart's collection to bring them to life. The good news is that there is a perfect pot for every plant. Choose your favorite indoor planters, whether you want low-light houseplants, large indoor plants, or faux plants your pets can get close to.

Are you looking for flower and plant pots that exude a retro, bohemian vibe? Incorporate our Macrame Indoor Hanging Planter Basket Cotton Ropes with our White 5.5" Plastic Planter Pots and turn any plant into a show-stopping focal point. Let one of our Mini Ceramic Terracotta Planters show off succulents or cacti on your desk at home or use our stylish Modern Gold Metal Planter Stand to liven up a neglected spot. Try our generously sized Large Modern Metallic Planter with a tall ficus or money tree inside if you want to turn heads. 

Whether you're looking for something minimalist, bohemian, or modern, our indoor garden pots are the easiest way to add a touch of customization to your home space. Not to mention the endless possibilities that our unique pots offer in terms of color, texture, and design.

4. Where to buy baskets for plants ?

Ans: Display your favorite houseplants in style with eHomemart's elegant seagrass planter baskets. The clean lines of this woven basket planter make it a great environmentally friendly addition to your home. It is a beautiful planter for potted real or fake plants. 

In addition, our straw plant basket with handles is lightweight, collapsible, and takes up little space when not in use. They can also be used both as decorative and storage elements thanks to their durability and adaptability. Perfect for the hallway, living room, children's room, bathroom, and balcony, among other rooms in the house.

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