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Adorn your curtain décor with flair and extravagance using fabulous modern curtain rods that can lend a touch of perfection. And speaking of which, checking out the mind blowing range of premium metal Curtain Rods available at Ehomemart can help you achieve that with elegance. Coming in various stylish colors and designs, these heavy duty curtain rods can help you embellish your wall décor with a whole new level of chicness.

If you are a person who loves adding décor items that ooze grandeur with their presence, then use the Gold Colored Round Adjustable Curtain Rod Set or the Gold Acrylic Curtain Rod Designer Set with your curtains. The gold color tone along with the acrylic glossiness of the finials will exude a grand shimmering look to your walls. While the Silver Adjustable Curtain Rod Trumpet Finial Set and Nickel Finished Adjustable Silver Curtain Rod Set can add a sublime modernist appearance to your home décor setup. Attach the Bronze Adjustable Curtain Rod with Hook Finials, if you prefer to accentuate the look of your curtains and the walls with something chic and trendy. It will be very fair to say that the amazement created by the chic curtains of your house gets a touch of completion only with the best curtain rods they are attached to. Hence, it is highly imperative that you lend equal focus towards attaching the perfect curtain rods that can add flair to your curtain décor.

Suitable to hang curtains of any length, these extendable curtain rods are designed in a way that makes it easy for you to extend or collapse them. The finials too, are ergonomic to use and function with a simple to remove and attach mechanism. So, without any second thoughts, visit Ehomemart now, to browse and shop from the wide range of premium single curtain rods that can adorn your house walls along with the curtains.


1. How high to hang curtain rods ?

Ans: The most grueling part of hanging curtains is determining how high the window treatment hardware should be installed above the window casing. This usually varies depending on the style of the window, the curtain type, and the ceiling height. Follow these tips to make sure your beautiful set of drapes is hung correctly.

  • For regular curtains that drape on each side of a window, the standard elevation is midway between the top of the window and the ceiling. This can be implemented if the measurement from the window trim to the ceiling is more than twelve inches. 
  • For vaulted ceilings, leave a guideline of at least four to six inches above the window's edge. 
  • The minimum length from the peak of the window trim to the curtain stick should be two inches no matter the ceiling height.
  • To create a dramatic illusion of height, install your curtain hardware as close to the ceiling as possible. This is mostly relevant for homes with low ceilings. 

2. What size curtain rod do I need ?

Ans: Drapery rods are available in a variety of lengths. The usual sizes you’ll find readily available will fit windows from 28 inches to 170 inches. This means you can stretch and adjust a 48" pole to 84" to fit any window trim length within that span. 28″ to 48″ rods are short curtain rods and are frequently used as door curtain rods or bathroom window curtain rods. Tension rods over 60″ are considered large curtain rods, and 120″ rods are extra long curtain rods.

These store-bought selections can be used on most standard windows, and it’s advisable to buy extendable poles that can accommodate a window with a wider range. If you’re looking for trendy, flexible, and economical types of curtain rods, eHomemart’s telescoping curtain rods that have a minimum length of 42” and can be expanded up to 126” are a perfect choice.

3. Where to buy curtain rods ?

Ans: If you want to give your curtains and drapes a sleek, contemporary look, stop settling and upgrade your simple curtain rods to the best curtain rods for blackout curtains and sheers. Available in multiple finishes, eHomemart’s striking yet inexpensive living room curtain rods come with the appropriate mounting parts, finials, and instructions to complete your project and take your window treatment furnishings from functional to designer-worthy.

Our decorative curtain rods for long windows are made specifically for hanging luxurious curtain panels and are telescopic so you can adjust them exactly to the width you need, whether it’s 42 inches or 126 inches wide. No matter the color scheme of your room, these cool and elegant curtain rods are suitable whether you are decorating in warm or cool tones. The right size, finish, and designs are what will take your window treatments from boring to a more up-to-date and sleek style statement.

4. Where can I buy curtain tie backs ?

Ans: Looking for curtain accessories that can offer you aesthetics and functionality at the same time? If that's the case, then you might want to check our gorgeous magnetic drapery tie backs that are sure to be the embellishment and finishing touches you've been searching for your curtain panels. These decorative holdbacks feature a beautiful woven texture that will complement most types of curtains.

With our decorative curtain tie backs providing easy installation and elegant operation you can experiment with countless applications on your draperies to see which style works best. These modern curtain tie backs are also perfect when you want to increase the amount of light that comes to your interior while the curtains are being opened. You can also make your draperies look neat and tidy by incorporating these unique curtain tie backs that offer an excellent grip while holding the panels to the side.

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