Table Skirts


We all know that a table skirt is also an important accessory that elegantly elevates the visual appeal of your tablescape. If you’re not convinced with the length of your tablecloth or just want to take your old linens from drab to fab, our collection of cloth table skirts, tulle table skirts, and plastic table skirts will tick all the checkboxes.

Available in a wide array of colors, sizes, fabric material, styles, and designs, our table skirts will not only help you harmonize your event design, but the plethora of options will make selecting the right one a breezy task.

Layering is the new hot trend and using a table skirt gives a classy appeal to your decor. Our beautiful table skirts pair extremely well with other linen products such as table toppers, tablecloths, throw covers, and table runners. If you’re throwing a last-minute birthday bash at your home and are looking for a simple storage solution, simply attach our rosette satin table skirt on your cake table and transform your plain tables and tablescapes into luxurious banquets.

If you are planning a unicorn-themed or princess themed birthday bash, using our tulle table skirt or curly willow table skirt to decorate your cake table will emanate a magical whimsical allure to your display. Glam up your reception banquet table with a sequin table skirt and emanate a sparkling allure or use our chic lace table skirt for a charming skirted entry table and elevate your decor to the next level!

Highlight the romantic aura of your wedding decor and use a satin & tulle satin table skirt or pleated lace table skirts for your buffet tables augmenting the dreamy allure. For greeting Dignitaries, VIPs and Superstars transforms your plain tables with our luxury sequin table skirt or pleated satin double drape table skirt and impart an understated elegance into your event decor.

For outdoor carnivals, culinary events, weddings, as well as indoor tea parties, birthdays, and holiday dinners choose our top-quality polyester gingham table skirts, polyester pleated table skirts, polka dots pleated plastic table skirts, or striped plastic table skirts that will not only give a stunning appeal to your table but also make clean up after the event a breeze.

Create a perfect rustic style party space by opting for our ruffled burlap table skirt and elevate your bucolic settings. Skirting can be attached to the table with our table skirt clips or Velcro which makes installing and changing table skirts super easy and hassle-free.

At eHomemart, we understand that you strive to streamline the table decoration procedure without breaking the bank. Fortunately, our online store provides you with the best table skirt options at affordable prices. Please don’t hesitate to stop by our selection and see it for yourself!


1. How to put on a table skirt ?

Ans: A lifeless table can take on a whole new and wonderful personality with the addition of a table skirt that pools to the floor. A skirted side table can be incorporated into different areas of the house such as in the bedroom as a bedside table or dresser, or in the living room next to a chair or sofa. 

Once you've decided where to place the table with the skirt, what size it should be and whether you’re going to use a topper to prolong use, it's time to think about adding the dressing. Choose soft colors to help the table blend into the corner or a bold and beautiful fabric to create a focal point for the room.

To make your table skirts hang the right way and avoid problems with them falling out or not staying in place, use table skirting clips to hold them properly in place. Rather than continue struggling trying to find the perfect fit, check out our selection of table skirting clips that come with a velcro attachment and choose the one that fits your table.

2. How many table skirt clips do I need ?

Ans: Table skirt clips are as important as the table skirts as they are what keeps the skirting fabric in place on the table. Aside from that, table cover clips are great for setting up several tables with skirting in no time because they attach easily to almost any table.

To determine which type of velcro clip you'll need, you need to know the edge thickness of your tables. Once you know the thickness of your table, you can now choose the appropriate clip size. In general, it is recommended to apply one clip per foot of the table’s surface area so your table skirts won’t sag and look too loose-fitting. An example would be if a 13-foot table skirt would require 13-14 clips. 

3. How to make a vanity table skirt ?

Ans: Refresh the look of an old desk or dresser with a skirted vanity table and you’ll have a new looking dressing table in no time. You can then place it on one of the empty spaces or corners of your room and turn it into a wonderful and personalized dressing table decor. Check out these great tips on how to beautify a dressing table in a few simple steps using table skirts.

  • Prepare your old table or desk. You may need to dust off the table or wipe it with a damp cloth to make sure you are working on a clean surface to avoid dirtying the table skirt.
  • Use your choice of table skirts from eHomemart’s fantastic range and attach them to the table. Choose from either a curly willow table skirt and checkered table skirt as their lovely and enchanting style is a good match for any home decor.
  • Top off the skirted dressing table with a piece of glass or mirror and place your favorite decorative accents along with your collection of skincare items and beauty products.

4. Where can I buy table skirts ?

Ans: Are you looking for an easy way to elevate the aesthetics of your dining room and home interior? You could try to include a charming pair of rectangle table skirts in your table decorations.

If you're aiming for a vintage farmhouse style, go for a gingham table skirt or a rustic burlap table skirt which reflects those gold old times. Ideal for exhibiting simplicity and a warm atmosphere to the overall space of your home.

If you have a little extra space in the bathroom, a skirted table like our pleated polyester table skirts can provide storage space and hide towels, shampoo, and other bathroom necessities.

On the other hand,  if you want to add a wonderful air of luxury to your dining room, opt for a glitzy sequin table skirt or a rosette satin table skirt. For the fabric to look good, move the chairs away from the table linen so it can hang straight.


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