Bring drama and character to your aesthetics with an impressive candelabra oozing a sumptuous glow all around your space. Opt for an opulent-looking candelabra as your dinner table centerpiece or usher in a regal aura with a gorgeous floor candelabra gracing your hearth. No matter where you choose to place your candelabra, it is bound to make an impressive decor statement!

Are you on the lookout for a sleek and stylish candelabra that’ll complement your elegant interior design? Choose our glorious gold candelabra with glass shades that feature a cluster of candle holders stylishly arranged on a gold metal square base. Boasting a glistening gold sheen, this stunning piece will gracefully accentuate the aesthetic appeal of classy decor.

If your tablescape demands a dramatic centerpiece to add personality to your decorations, using our mystic matte black and gold candelabra centerpieces is a surefire way to exude a surreal allure to your decor. In case you’re into unique designs to add that sensational oomph factor to your decor, we suggest you choose our arch bridge design crystal candelabra for awe-inspiring table decorations. Whichever, candelabra you choose, don’t forget to pair it with our decorative candles for a lovely cohesive appeal.

When it comes to candle stand decorations, nothing is as timeless as an ornate candelabra. Fortunately, Ehomemart offers an imperial range of exquisite yet cheap candelabras and candlestick that’ll help you exude a sumptuous appeal to your decor without burning a hole through your pocket. Check out our candelabra centerpieces now!


1. How to decorate a candelabra ?

Ans: Candelabra chandeliers are functional home decorations that help enhance the table decor and bring stylish vintage accessories to modern interior decor. Candelabra floor lamps are usually taller in size, which helps add height to your home décor. A standing candelabra is also a multipurpose and super versatile object that can be included in different rooms of the house, both aesthetically and functionally. 

The tip here is to take advantage of the occasion to decorate the candelabra candle holder according to the season. For example, at Christmas or Easter, it is worth venturing on pine cones, wicker balls, and ribbons mixed with other contemporary pieces like swag, stones, or seashells to create a one-of-a-kind chic setting. An elegant bouquet of silk blooming flowers enchanted with graceful greenery will work wonders for your home, wedding, or anniversary.  

Mix and match multi-colored candles, scented or flameless candles, or candles in different shapes and sizes to create a warm, welcoming ambiance in any room. You can also revitalize a fireplace candelabra with spray paint in a trendy color that goes well with your decor.

2. How to remove wax from candelabra ?

Ans: Table candelabra centerpieces add a classy look to a tabletop candle display, but once the candles have been lit and the wax melts, you may be left with a wax-filled mess that spoils the once pristine looking candle holder. There are several methods to easily remove wax from these candle holders, so select the method that is safest for your candelabra material. Remember that a glass candelabra and crystal candelabra can easily crack from exposure to heat or cold.

  • Removing Candle Wax with Hot Water
    • Fill your sink with hot water. For particularly dirty fireplace candelabras, consider adding vinegar to the hot water.
    • Soak the candle holder until the wax softens.
    • Scrape the soft wax off the candle holder with your fingernail or a soft plastic scraper.
    • Finish by polishing the surface of the modern candelabra with a dry cloth.
3. How to make your candles stand out ?

Ans: Adding special elements to your candles can make them stand out and look new. Don't have enough ideas? Worry no more because we have a collection of spectacular candelabras for sale to make your candles the focal point of your home décor. Choose from our eye-catching candelabra centerpieces that will not only add a little character but also a lot of charm to any arrangement. 

4. Where can I buy a candelabra ?

Ans: If you're wondering where to buy the ideal candelabra home, stop searching the internet now because eHomemart's sophisticated collection of decorative candelabras will bring the perfect finishing touch to your tabletops. Whether you prefer to use real or flameless candles, or you want to place them in the entryway, living room, or bedroom, our inexpensive candelabra decoration is a perfect choice. No matter your style, we have votive candelabra, tall candelabra, and metal candelabra options to complement any home aesthetic.

All eHomemart candelabra centerpieces are designed for home decorators who want to make a statement. Pick one that displays graceful refinement or one that starts a discussion. The ambiance created by all of our candle holders will cast a delightfully romantic glow in any area of the home. Let that charming personality shine through with the variety of candelabra candle holder options we offer.

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