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Want to glam up your delicate treats and dessert tables in the most elegant and scrumptious way? We present our Jars & Dispensers that will give you a plethora of choices and inspirations to bring your aesthetic dreams into reality. Spectacular contemporary styles of modern art and high-grade glass construction of these jars & dispensers will take your decor to the next level of sophistication.

Available in different sizes and styles, our trendy collection of jars & dispensers will add fashion with functionality and will make your tabletop presentation a truly remarkable one. Our apothecary jars are not only visually attractive but highly versatile as you can have these to glam your dessert and candy tables up by filling with multi-colored sweets and treats or use as decorative kitchen canisters for your kitchen counter, storing rice, sugar, spices, and even pasta.

Opt for our gold rim candy jars and add a little bit of luxury to your bathroom space by displaying mini soaps, swabs, bath salt, cotton balls, cotton buds, and other accessories, they can even make stunning centerpieces and unique floral, candle, or succulent displays.

Our stylish candy jars with silver lids will make a perfect party, wedding, or shower favor container, adding heaps of glitz and glam to your simple party favors. Add a classy rustic touch to your drink tables and tabletops with our clear mason style jar mugs and ooze oodles of fun flair to your signature cocktails.

Fill with your favorite beverages and display them in style in our efficient glass dispenser set or use them to make great centerpieces for lemonade parties, birthday parties, events, barbecues, picnics, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc and delight yourself in the most elegant manner.

Make life easy and fun by labeling your spice jars, candy containers, tabletop accents, toilet accessories, makeup corner, and vanity supplies with our easy-to-peel and stick Chalkboard labels and add a sweet personalized touch to your display.

At eHomemart, we understand that you strive to bring a modern twist to your home and party space with some stunning pieces. Fortunately, our online store provides you with an amazing line of Jars & Dispensers that will meet all your artistic needs in the most polished and efficient manner. Explore our collection and see for yourself!


1. Can you freeze glass jars ?

Ans: If you like preparing meals and always have tons of food leftovers, or just want your freezer to look more organized, you may have found yourself contemplating using glass jars to freeze your food. But while it may seem like a convenient way to store your food, it turns out that you really shouldn't freeze anything in normal glass jars.

For best results, use wide mouth mason jars to freeze one to two parts of soup, stews, or food leftovers. Avoid adding steaming hot liquid to the mason jar. Instead, allow liquids to cool slightly before adding to the glass container. Be sure to leave at least a two-inch clearance between the top of the jar and whatever you’re filling it with. And always remember that frozen liquids expand, so don’t overfill, or you will end up with a cracked jar.

2. What to put in apothecary jars ?

Ans: Glass apothecary jars are known for their versatility. With their wide application, you can use them in many ways as a home decoration or simply to store your sweets and candies. Read on for some creative ways to turn your decorative glass jars into stunning accents. 

  • Organize and display your dazzling jewelry collection in a modern apothecary jar, as it will look more beautiful when placed on top of a vanity or a dressing table. 
  • Fill your apothecary candy jars with candies, mallows, and mints for your candy station.
  • Create an exquisite centerpiece of vibrant greens and flowers in a large apothecary jar.
  • Easily add a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to your room by placing your collection of beach accents like decorative stones, colorful sands, and cute tiny seashells in tall apothecary jars.
  • Try putting scented soaps, bath sponges, and cotton balls in apothecary jars bathroom and keep your everyday items easily accessible.
  • Small apothecary jars also make great storage for your DIY craft supplies, from washi tapes, fancy stickers, to jute strings and pearl beads. 

3. How to use mason jars for storage ?

Ans: If your kitchen is feeling a bit topsy-turvy lately, it might be time to do some little organizing using a household staple. There are endless possibilities when it comes to using mason canning jars in the kitchen and we'll share some brilliant ideas with you so you can have your kitchen or any part of your home space in need of a systematic intervention resolved in no time.

  • Use a mason jar storage as a utensil organizer. Fill it up with silverware and place it in an open space or cabinet.
  • Sort out your arts & craft items with wide mouth mason jars so you can quickly grab what you need while doing DIY projects. Place them on an open shelf for easy access.
  • Create your DIY bathroom organizer using old wooden slabs and big mason jars and put your toiletries like toothpaste, cotton balls, and scented soaps inside.
  • Small mason jars can be great storage for spices and pantry items. Fill these mini mason jars with dry ingredients like flour, sugar, and hot chili powder and easily identify them by adding chalkboard labels for jars.
  • Freshen up your kitchen with mason jar flower arrangements. But if you are allergic to lovely florals, you can create a mason jar planter instead and you will have a beautiful mason jar kitchen decor in no time. Look for colored mason jars to add a pop of color to the room.
  • These versatile jars are the perfect size for growing fresh herbs in your kitchen. Place them on your windowsill, or if you're feeling more adventurous, you can grow your mason jar herb garden on your wall.

4. How to write on black labels ?

Ans: Add a personalized touch to your everyday containers and organizers with chalkboard labels. Label your favorite candy containers, spice jars, pantry containers, and tabletop accents with easy-to-peel and stick chalkboard sticker labels available in a variety of playful shapes.

Our chalkboard labels for jars are easy to apply and label as they come with white chalk for writing. Stick these self-adhesive stickers on clear square glass jars or plastic candy jars. Chalks write smoothly on these stickers labels and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth or tissue.

Another fun way to add some pizzazz to black labels for jars is by writing and marking them using liquid chalk pens. These chalkboard markers are great for decorating chalkboards, glass surfaces, and jars as they're dust-free and they don't smudge once they have dried. 

5. Where to buy beverage dispenser ?

Ans: If you're looking for a fun and perfect addition to your backyard BBQ or picnic to serve homemade iced tea, sweet lemonade, or another thirst-quenching drink, eHomemart has got you covered with a reliable glass drink dispenser. 

Our glass beverage dispenser features elegant empty glass jars beautifully sitting on a metal stand that creates ample clearance, so anyone in need of a refill can effortlessly fill their glasses. With its shiny transparent glass surface, your colorful drinks can make people want to drink more.

Whether used to serve drinks or simply to enhance your kitchen countertop area, our glass drink dispenser with spigot makes a very stylish and functional beverageware essential. Its durable nondrip spigot dispenses mixed drinks, juices, sangria, or just plain water with great precision and ease.

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