Bar Carts


Add a whimsical charm to your space with stylish and classy bar carts that’ll instantly elevate the appeal of the decor. They are versatile decor accents that can be used in many unique and creative ways to add an oomph factor to the decor. You can use a modern bar cart to display refreshments, party essentials, extra dinnerware, or decor accents to spruce up your home and party decor in a most stylish manner.

Do you want to design a beverage station for your kitchen to display your refreshing drinks in style? Set up a bar cart decor like our gold 3-tier metal kitchen trolley and arrange glass beverage dispensers, glass mason jars, and pretty flowers in a gorgeous vase for a glamorous presentation. Imbue a refreshing flair into your space by arranging lovely mini potted plants on a gold 2-Tier metal bar cart with mirror serving tray to exude an ethereal charm. If you want to make a lively and sparkling bar cart with wine rack station, position our kitchen trolley with 5 wine bottles & 2 wine glass holder racks and display your drinks, flutes, straws, and picks along with other essential items, and suspend fairy string lights to add glitz and glam to your celebration.

The serving carts available at ehomemart are sturdy in construction and gorgeous in design to help you ooze luxurious flair into the decor. Go and check out our bar carts collection now!


1. Where to put a bar cart ?

Ans: Since a built-in bar isn't always possible, especially if you live in a small apartment, not to mention it's mostly expensive, a bar cart is a great option for entertaining without taking up a lot of space. While keeping a mini bar cart in the living room is a common and great option, there's no need to set boundaries.

Eventually, a rolling bar cart can be placed wherever you fancy. However, if you want to get the most out of its use, we suggest putting it in the area of your home with the most activity, such as the living room, kitchen, or dining area. However, if you want to use your bar cart more like a personal bar, it's also a good idea to place it in your home office or perhaps in the hallway outside your bedroom.

Would you like to buy a home bar cart? Take a look at our charming options right away. Whether your style is modern, midcentury modern, traditional, or bohemian, your family and friends will surely love the versatile decorative bar carts we offer.

2. How to decorate a bar cart ?

Ans: Beverage carts have been a necessity for entertaining for a long time, and they won't be going out of style any time soon. Bar cart styling options are practically limitless, and they can even appear very stylish without displaying liquor bottles and decanters.

You can use key accessories you may not have considered using to enhance the appearance of your rolling bar setup in interesting ways. Suddenly, you can transform your serving carts from a place to store liquor and glassware into a work of art by adding plants, books, candles, small trinkets, or even a record player. 

Another great approach to spice up your liquor cart is to decorate it with seasonal decor. For instance, to create a vibrant, earthy mood in the summer, add natural elements such as citrus fruits and a vase of flowers. Don't be afraid to get creative, mix patterns, or go completely monochromatic.

3. How to choose the best bar cart ?

Ans: If you've made the decision to create your own portable mini bar, it's time to begin shopping. But with so many varieties of styles and sizes available, finding the best bar carts is much easier said than done. It's your barware collection on wheels, so you can go as minimal as a wooden bar cart or as sleek as a gold bar cart, but there are also a few considerations to keep in mind before choosing.

A bar/tea cart provides boundless opportunities for entertaining and decorating. But the right one primarily depends on your personal preference and aesthetics. Of course, depending on where you plan to place your portable bar cart and how much space you have free, you'll also want to consider its size and keep an eye out for durability and extras like stemware and wine bottle holders.

A lip is usually essential to keep your items secure, especially if you have children in the household. You can also consider shelves of different heights just in case you are planning to house larger wine bottles as well as glasses, shakers, and bar spoons on your serving cart on wheels. Lastly, you’ll have to balance out the aesthetics with the functional requirements because bar carts are spill-prone pieces that can easily get destroyed.

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