Greenery Vines


With pretty texture and amazingly life-like foliage bursting out of the planters or walls, our artificial Greenery Vines are not to be missed. It is time to take yourself perpetually close to nature and bask in the cool vibes emitted by artificial vines that are designed to grace your indoor or outdoor space.

Our willow frosted green leaves artificial garland vines would add color where it is missing and do not need any sort of special care. Hang the artificial eucalyptus & boxwood garland or willow & frond leaves green artificial garland on any wall, door, or mirror above the sink, and feel transformed into a real vineyard.

The UV protected artificial ivy leaf garland is suitable for any vines decoration purpose. Featuring wonderful shapely leaves and green hues, our faux olive branch garland will add elegance to your landscape.

Made from high-grade material, the leaves on the vines won’t fall off easily and the green color would not fade easily. If you are up for an evergreen challenge, go for our greenery vines to create a flowing spectacle of greenery instantly. We have a vast collection that would satisfy your desire to transform your dull spaces into lush green spaces brimming with life. Explore the collection and feel on your own.


1. How to hang decorative vines ? 

Ans: Transform your space into a lush green paradise with our gorgeous vines room decor. Whether you hang these decorative vines on your walls, windows, or ceilings, they can definitely accent any room's decor. Start hanging your decorative vines like a pro in no time by following these simple steps.

  • Clean the surface on which you intend to hang your faux vines.
  • With a pencil, mark where your command hooks should go on the wall. Uglu dashes and duct tape will also work nicely for anchoring the vines for room decor to concrete or wooden walls. Use a level as a guide while creating the markings on the wall to ensure that your vines will hang in a straight line.
  • Place the hooks and start hanging your leaf vines decor. Make sure you fill in any gaps.
  • For added style, you can hang a single type or a combination of several artificial vines for wall in different lengths or in alternating ways, or both.

2. How to make a eucalyptus table runner ?

Ans: Gorgeous eucalyptus green vines will elevate your dinner party and quickly make a pleasant natural runner for your table setting. Using our lovely ready-made decor vines and a few basic steps, you'll be shocked at how simple it is to add sophisticated decor to your tables.

  • Choose 3-4 types of faux eucalyptus vines with leaves for the garland's base and attach them together with floral wire.
  • Place the eucalyptus runner along the center of your dining table.
  • Adorn your greenery decor to match the tone of your event; taper candles and wooden candle holders, for example, will add an aesthetic and rustic aura to your tablescapes for a dinner party. Alternatively, use seasonal florals and décor to set the tone for a holiday feast. 
  • Arrange the place settings on the table and take a step back to assess the foliage runner’s fullness. Fill up any gaps or open spots with flowers, or accessories as needed.

3. How to make a boxwood garland ?

Ans: From the living room to the bedroom and kitchen, the artificial boxwood wreath’s evergreen, majestic, and pleasant charm works well in practically any area and space in the home. With eHomemart's refreshing faux boxwood greenery, you no longer have to bother layering bunches of fresh boxwood garland together to beautify your home.

Our artificial boxwood garland has an irresistible charm that makes them suitable for most home decor themes, from the most monochromatic living rooms to stately dining rooms. Whether you use our green artificial boxwood leaf garland as a frame for your favorite photos in the living room, or our 5ft real touch eucalyptus & boxwood leaves green in your kitchen or front door, guaranteed that this artificial creeper will create a refreshing style and look that’s something out of the ordinary. 

4. Where can I buy eucalyptus garland ?

Ans: Bring the elegance of eHomemart's eucalyptus hanging vine plants into your home and enjoy a low-maintenance accent piece for your staircase, fireplace, foyer, or dining table that is suitable not only for the Christmas season but also for the rest of the year.

To create an amazing display, combine our faux eucalyptus garland with our glass votive holders, clear glass vases, and wood embellishments, or combine it with our artificial shrubs. Make them a part of your feature wall decor by framing them and hanging them on a wall. If you have a large mirror that is missing something, our real touch wall vines decor is a great way to instantly transform it into a designer piece.

Even if you're new to adding greenery to your homescape, creating an eye-catching foliage display with artificial eucalyptus indoor vines has never been easier. Every day should be a special occasion, so dress up your space with gorgeous greenery from eHomemart's attractive artificial vine garland selection.

5. Where to buy artificial ivy ?

Ans: If you like the classic look of unadorned fresh greenery wreaths but are hesitant to use them because they dry out soon and make a mess, then faux is the way to go. With eHomemart's versatile and realistic artificial ivy vines and other foliage for wreaths and decoration, you can add understated elegance to your home space whenever needed.

Use our charming ivy artificial greenery garland to accent doors, windows, and walls to create stunning centerpieces and runners for tabletops. These faux ivy hanging vines decor look really gorgeous on their own, so you can add some seasonal decor and frills or just display them as is.

If you want to go with the classic appearance of evergreen garland, opt for any of our ivy vines decor. This lush artificial greenery is constructed of high-quality silk and flexible plastic that can be shaped into a natural-looking wreath with ease. Our faux boxwood garland, artificial honey locust hanging vines, faux olive branch plastic vines, and so much more are all fantastic options that will look beautiful year after year and season after season.

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