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Exude a magnificent allure by creating a spectacular backdrop wall for your special occasions to impress your guests in a mesmeric way. There is no doubt that photo booth backdrops are a focal point of any event design and help in tying the overall decor together. Check out eHomemart’s alluring range of fabric backdrop covers to transform the ambiance majestically and take some fun Instagram-worthy photos at your house parties.

Planning a black and gold-themed birthday party? Make a stunning backdrop by covering the hexagonal metal backdrop stand with a big Payette sequin hexagon backdrop cover to ooze oodles of shimmer and sparkles. If you’re hosting a hot air balloon-themed baby shower in your backyard, opt for a circle backdrop cover such as our dusty blue soft velvet round backdrop stand cover and stylishly arrange blue, gold, and clear confetti balloons around it to impart a majestic touch to the backdrop decor.

However, to design dreamy Chiara arch walls for an outdoor garden bridal shower party, adorn your arch backdrop panels with an arch cover like our dusty rose spandex fit semi-circle backdrop frame stand cover and embellish with flower garlands to exude a scintillating charm.

With premium-quality hexagon, Chiara arch backdrop, and round backdrop covers available at eHomemart, you can design eye-catching backdrops to elevate the party decor by several notches. Browse through our amazing range of fabric backdrop covers and create stunning backdrops


1. How to make Chiara backdrop ?

Ans: No party is complete without the highlight of the event, which is the guests’ photo-taking. When you use a DIY party backdrop for a dinner party at your home, everyone may snap creative photos that they'll remember even after the celebration is over. 

A sleek arch backdrop stand is already a gorgeous decor piece, but embellishing it with a whimsical fabric backdrop cover makes it even more beautiful. If you think setting up a chiara wall backdrop is difficult, you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually quite simple. It’s as easy as 123, especially if you purchase a chic and elegant backdrop fabric from our collection.

A custom-fit fabric cover, such as our back drop fabric, will easily fit its matching metal backdrop stand. You don't have to worry if you want to use all sides of your backdrop because our Chiara arch wall covers are double-sided and will completely cover both sides of your backdrop frame. All you have to do is simply slide the cover from the top and carefully pull the fabric until it reaches the bottom of the backdrop stand.

2. How to decorate arch backdrops ?

Ans: Wedding arch stands are not just for weddings, in fact, they can be used for other special occasions too, including birthday parties, gender reveals, and even just a simple get-together with friends and family. When adorned with a beautiful background cover, one of the best things about these arched backdrops is how easy and enjoyable they are to dress up to become a focal masterpiece.

You can use almost anything to embellish these geometric backdrop arches; it can be an alluring arrangement of floral accents or even a trendy shabby-chic design made of burlap, pampas grass, and feathers for boho-themed parties. Think of using other decorative components to make things more unique, such as balloon garlands, acrylic or vinyl letters, banners, or lights. 

3. Where to buy backdrop fabric ? 

Beautiful and well-designed backdrop decorations are definitely a must-have, whether you enjoy setting up photo backdrops for your visitors to snap wonderful mementos or you simply want to protect your investment and change the look of your backdrop as needed. If you’re searching for a unique way to dress up your backdrop frames, have a look at our gorgeous Chiara backdrop covers which are sure to take your celebrations to the next level. 

With a wide selection of fabric materials, backdrop frame shapes, and colors to choose from, it is easy to find the right arch cover for your requirements. Our wide assortment of available materials includes spandex, velvet, and sparkling sequins, covering the whole arch frame from top to bottom. 

Our arch wall backdrops are specially designed for those who want to dress up their wedding arches and give them a professional look for photo shoots, house parties, and a wide range of special occasions and themed celebrations. These gorgeous and durable backdrop cloths will fit in with any setting and are incredibly versatile, so check them out now.

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