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Elevate the beauty of your candles tenfold with exquisite candle holders to impart a luxurious allure. Whether you just want to give support to those sleek taper candles or you’re searching for glamorous centerpieces for your dinner tablescape, our stellar candle holder collection features all kinds of candle holder centerpiece and candelabras to help you achieve your desired look every time!

Exhibit a stunning blend of elegance and extravagance by pairing your decorative candles with our stylish glass candle holders adding a modish twist to your decor. If you’re leaning towards a luxurious style of decor for holidays, display a majestic candelabra over your fireplace mantel for a gorgeous mantel display creating a captivating focal point in your living space.

However, if you’re partial to a rustic style interior design, our charming natural rustic holders will surely satiate all your rustic decor cravings. Handcrafted with the finest wood materials featuring gorgeous designs, these wooden candle holders will not only be the center of attraction no matter where they are positioned but will also add a sense of warmth and coziness to your space accentuating the ambiance up by several notches.

In case you’re all about clean lines or a sophisticated appeal, our sleek metal candle holders are just what you’ve been looking for to house your candles without compromising your style.

With the impressive variety, styles, and designs of candle holders available at Ehomemart, creating striking candle decorations has never been easier! Check out our online store and explore our fancy candle holders range to grab ones that best suit your needs!


1. What size candles for candle holders ?

Ans: Candles have gone from being a product of daily use to being a decoration for the home or an event, which makes them timeless. But with the various candle types available to choose from, finding the perfect candle and holder for a special event or home setting can become grueling.

Some kitchen dining table candles, such as the sturdy and thick pillars do not require a candle stand. These large cylindrical candles are at least 6” wide and 10” tall and although they can stand on their own, it is still highly advisable to use hurricane or pillar candle holders to avoid wax drips and fire hazards. 

Taper candles, on the other hand, when housed in the right candle holders, are guaranteed to add a touch of refinement to interiors. These candlesticks are typically slim at the top compared to their base and sizes are approximately from ½” to 1” in diameter and from 6” to 18” tall. However, these long candlesticks can’t hold up on their own and require a candlestick holder or taper candle holders.  

Floating, votive, and tealight candles should be burned in some type of glass or metal container. Votive candles are slightly larger than tea candles and typically about 2.5” high and about 2” wide while tea candles are small round candles enclosed within a metal container. Although both types of candles can be placed directly on flat surfaces, they are sure to look beautiful in your home space when placed in votives or small candle holders

Floating water candles, on the other hand, are available in different sizes and shapes like flowers and discs, and will look stunning in bubble vases, glass bowls, hurricane holders, or any other wide-mouthed container.

    2. How to decorate candle holders ?

    Ans: A candle holder centerpiece can help beautify homes all year round. However, if you want to put some individuality into your home decor, you can personalize your candle vessels to match holidays and occasions. Below are some amazing tips to enhance the look of your candle containers.

    • Hot glue a jute rope or wooden sticks around a glass votive or hurricane container. Spray a bit of paint to glam it up for a rustic-themed tabletop.
    • Most of our glass holders already have beautiful and unique designs, but if you prefer to add more embellishments, you can decorate them with rhinestones or glass beads.
    • You don't need any crafting skills to customize lovely candle tray centerpieces. Just add seasonal items like miniature pinecones, acorns, seashells, or colored glass beads.
    • Decorate simple candle jars with lace, washi tape, copper tape, tissue paper, chunky glitters, or confetti. Great for parties or just a pleasant home accent.

    3. How to clean candle holders ?

    Ans: Leftover candle wax is easier to clean while it is still warm. So removing the wax deposit after blowing out your candles or as soon as it is cool enough to touch is highly recommendable because once the wax has hardened, cleaning the container can get a bit more challenging.

    If your candle vessels are waterproof, like most glass, metal, and ceramic candle holders, you can soften the wax using warm water. An alternative method involves putting the holders in the freezer for a few hours and then carefully scraping off any brittle deposits with a butter knife or spoon. 

    Because wax dries up in cold temperatures, this method is ideal for glass holders. After subjecting them to heat or freezing the wax, any residue should be scraped gently. If you are cleaning fragile glass or metal candelabra display stands, cover the bottom of the sink with rags.

    4. What can I put on candle holders besides candles ?

    Ans: So you have a growing collection of candlestick holders, and while they are charming with a burning candle in them, you may be wondering what other purposes they can serve. When it comes to using these candle containers, there is a world of possibilities, both ornamental and functional. Regardless of the type of decorative candle holder set you have, several things can be placed in them aside from candles and some of them are:

    • flowers
    • greenery
    • succulents
    • air or water plants
    • potpourri
    • kissing flower balls

    5. What can I put on candle holders besides candles ?

    Ans: Aside from keeping wax drips in place, a candle holder set like our taper, hurricane, votive tea light candle holders, candle lanterns, and other candle holder stand create a brilliant candle display that makes them perfect for home improvement. Sleek Nordic metal holder material adds a touch of style to modernist interiors, while classic crystal and wood candle holder designs make a cozy addition to tabletops.

    If you want to revamp your personal space, eHomemart’s wide variety of modern candlesticks and holders such as our cluster candle holders, mercury glass votive candle holders, gold geometric candle holder, candle tray, and other contemporary candle holders are sure to work great wherever you may think of placing them. Add a new element of decor and impart a lavish feel to your dining tables and living room area with our quality table, mantel, and floor candle holders fashioned to compliment any home or event décor.

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