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Elevate the beauty of your candles tenfold with exquisite candle holders to impart a luxurious allure. Whether you just want to give support to those sleek taper candles or you’re searching for glamorous centerpieces for your dinner tablescape, our stellar candle holder collection features all kinds of candle holders and candelabras to help you achieve your desired look every time!

Exhibit a stunning blend of elegance and extravagance by pairing your decorative candles with our stylish glass candle holders adding a modish twist to your decor. If you’re leaning towards a luxurious style decor for holidays, display a majestic candelabra over your fireplace mantel for a gorgeous mantel display creating a captivating focal point in your living space.

However, if you’re partial towards a rustic style interior design, our charming natural rustic holders will surely satiate all your rustic decor cravings. Handcrafted with the finest wood materials featuring gorgeous designs, these wooden candle holders will not only be the center of attraction no matter where they are positioned but will also add a sense of warmth and coziness to your space accentuating the ambiance up by several notches.

In case you’re all about clean lines or a sophisticated appeal, our sleek metal candle holders are just what you’ve been looking for to house your candles without compromising your style.

With the impressive variety, styles, and designs of candle holders available at Ehomemart, creating striking candle decorations has never been easier! Check out our online store and explore our complete candle holders range to grab ones that best suit your needs!


1. How to decorate candle holders ?

Ans: A candle holder centerpiece helps beautify your home all year round. However, if you want to put some creative thinking and individuality into your home decor, you can add a personalized touch to your candle holders to match holidays and occasions.

Below are some amazing tips for maximizing the look of your candle containers.

  • Hot glue a jute rope, wooden sticks, or wine corks around a candle glass. This can be a good idea if you want rustic candle holders.
  • Most of our glass candle holders already have a nice design, but if you prefer to add more elements, you can decorate our glass votives with masking tape and spray.
  • Fill tall candle holders with water and drop some flowers. Float a tealight candle above the water over the flowers.
  • Easily customize glass candle vessels and pillar candle holders by adding seasonal items like miniature pine cones, acorns, seashells, or colored glass beads.
  • Decorate candle jars with lace, washi tape, paper, or oak.
  • Add some sand and seashells inside our metal lanterns.

2. What are the best candles on the market ?

Ans: If you are looking for a candle decoration to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in different areas of your home, you are sure to find something for every mood from eHomemart's wonderful candle collection. Knowing the purpose of your candle will help you make the right choice when choosing from the candle styles that we have available. 

If you want longer-burning candles with little or no mess to create a candle showpiece on your fireplace mantle or to create a spa-like bathroom experience, then our dripless candles are a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you prefer candles that rarely need to be replaced to be used as centerpieces on your dining room tables or a candle that can be safe around children and pets, then our LED candles are a fantastic alternative.

Whichever of our candle picks catch your fancy, rest assured they are all suitable to complement any decor style and are crafted with quality materials to provide hours of cozy enjoyment. 

3. How to decorate a candelabra with flowers ?

Ans:  Take your table decor up a notch and enhance the visual interest of your metal and crystal candelabra with additional color and texture by embellishing them with flowers. Some candelabras are designed with a bowl or vase for floral arrangements. Others can be used just as effectively whether they are table or floor candelabras. The flower arrangement just needs to be attached to the central arm of the standing candelabra.

For additional style, scatter flower petals around the base of the tall candelabra. Place small glass containers filled with tea light candles among the scattered flower petals to create an additional sparkling glow and some drama. 

4. Where can I buy candle holders ?

Ans: Aside from keeping candle drops in place, candle holders like our candle stands, taper candle holders, hurricane candle holders, votive candle holders, tea light candle holders, and others create a brilliant display that makes them the perfect decorative accent for homes. Dazzling, vibrant pieces add a touch of style, while classic crystal and stainless steel designs are an elegant addition to your tabletops.

If you want to revamp your personal space, eHomemart’s wide variety of candle holder centerpieces such as floor candle holders, metal candle holders, hanging candle holders and other unique candle holders are sure to work great wherever you may think of placing them. Add a new element of decor and impart a lavish feel to your dining tables and living room area with our quality mantle candle holders and candle holder sets fashioned to complement any décor.

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