Crystal Beaded Holders


Add a dash of glam and extravagance into your space and flaunt a flickering candle in crystal beaded candle holders for a dazzling candle display that is bound to make heads turn. Featuring glistening metal base candle holders with gleaming acrylic diamond beads and glossy pearls arranged in various elegant settings, these stunning crystal beaded holders are nothing less than a work of art.

Glam up your living space and juxtapose a couple of magnificent metallic pillar candle holders with acrylic balls on your mantelpiece pairing them with ivory-colored pillar candles for elegant and timeless mantel decor. Want to make a striking impression on your guests as soon as they enter your home? Stylishly arrange our glamorous pearl beaded votive candle holder set over your console table for bewitching hallway decor.

However, if you’re searching for sleek and exquisite candle stands centerpieces for your special dinner table setup, opt for our majestic crystal beaded goblet gold candle holders to add a riveting blend of mesmeric sparkle and gorgeous dimension to your tablescape. In case you want to accentuate your ambiance with soft light effects, house your candles in our intricately designed metal and acrylic crystal beaded candle holder that will create eye-catching patterns when you light up those candles.

We at Ehomemart offer an exclusive variety of acrylic crystal beaded candle holders at unbeatable prices so you don’t even have to compromise on your decorating dreams. Browse through our crystal beaded candle holder selection and see for yourself!


1. How to make beaded candle holders ?

Ans: Glass beaded candle holders are beautiful during the day, but cast the most beautiful shadows when lit at night. If you want to dress up your basic candle holders with beads of your choice, the process may take some time. But with eHomemart, besides good quality, you’ll also find crystal beaded candle holders at very low prices.

Our fancy candle holders feature stunning crystal clear gems that add beauty to your decor even when there are no candles lit inside. Spend a warm conversation with loved ones next to our crystal candle holder set displayed on your tabletops and mantels, or enjoy their elegant look every day by updating your bedside table and vanity decoration. 

2. How to clean crystal candle holders ?

Ans: Crystal table decors add an elegant look to a tabletop candle display, but once the candles have been lit and the wax melts, you may be left with dried candle residues sullying your once pristine bling candle holders. Remove the leftover wax using gentle temperature altering methods without damaging your extremely delicate crystal candlestick holders.

  • Using a Hair Dryer
    • Using the hot setting, position the hairdryer 2 inches away from where the stubborn candle wax has hardened.
    • After a minute or two, you will start noticing clear droplets appear, which indicates that the wax is now in a pliable state. You can then start cleaning the affected area with paper towels.
    • Repeat this process until all the wax is removed from the crystal candle holder centerpieces.
  • Soaking in Hot Water
    • Place the crystal glass candle holder in a basin filled with hot water. Do not use boiling water as the glass may shatter in extreme temperatures.
    • After 5 minutes, remove the crystal votive candle holders from the bowl and easily collect the wax.
    • Finish washing the leftover wax residue with warm soapy water.
    • Dry the jeweled candle holder with a soft, absorbent dish towel.

3. What to put in hurricane candle holders ?

Ans: It's easy to create a personalized centerpiece that you can display on any surface of your home with eHomemart's tall crystal candle holders. These hurricane pillar candle holders make it easy to insert a single pillar candle inside and the shiny glass means you can see the candle and enjoy the light emanating from all sides. Great for placing on coffee tables, mantel, table decor, and more. 

You can also pair them with faux greenery or other candle holders of varying heights and shapes to create your own unique arrangement. If you want a sleek yet sleek, add some pebbles and stones along with your favorite LED candles. You can also add some water at the base of the holder for a dramatic effect. If you want to get a rustic and homely look, you can wrap half of the candle holder with wine cork or jute string.

4. Where to buy votive candle holders ?

Ans: Upgrade your home decor and add some ambiance to your living spaces with eHomemart's sparkling line of crystal votive candle holders. Although larger than tea light holders, these glass votive candle holders are still small enough to sit at tabletops or on counters around the home to create a cozy and romantic setting.

Display candles, flowers, and more. Use flameless or unscented votive candles at the dining table, or for a spa-like bath experience add a fresh fragrance with scented candles. Outdoors, these decorative votive candle holders can be used as backyard table decorations for an excellent lighting accent. A great way to unveil the beauty and elegance of your favorite candles is to mix and match these glass votive holders with other crystal centerpieces to create a unique visage.

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