Wall Planters


Bring your empty walls to life and hang a couple of lovely wall planters to invoke freshness and vigor into your otherwise stark space. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, our impressive collection of wall hanging planters will not only elevate your home wall decor to another level but will also enhance the beauty of your water and air plants imparting a truly stunning appeal that is bound to make heads turn!

If you’re looking for unique ways to display your plants rather than just plopping them all on the window sill, try mounting some DIY wall planters on your indoor and outdoor walls to bring in a whimsical flair. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your living room or hallway walls, opt for our trio of highly decorative wall mounted planters and pop in a few floral stems along with some lush green sprigs to stylishly liven up your walls.

In case you’re searching for glass wall planters that’ll blend in nicely with your contemporary and minimalist style interior design, we are at your service with our modish round glass wall planters that will perfectly complement your modern interior design. However, if you’re keen on adding geometric accents to your decor to imbue a sleek and stylish appeal, choose our flower-shaped wall hanging planters to beautifully display your botanicals. 

No matter which shape or design you choose for your floating wall planters, don’t forget to browse through our realistic-looking artificial flower and artificial plant collection to elegantly accentuate your plant wall decor up a notch!

We at Ehomemart understand that wall decor plays an important part in pulling all the different interior design elements together for a lovely cohesive appeal. And what better way to decorate your walls than hanging some elegant wall plant holders with plants and blooms to inject life into your home decor? Check out our exclusive range of wall hanging planters and prepare to turn your dull and dreary walls into captivating focal points!


1. How to hang plants on wall ?

Ans: If you already have a spot at home ready and waiting, you can now start introducing greenery indoors by investing in eHomemart's gorgeous range of wall mounted planters indoor. You can select multiples to hang in groups, tiered, or even create a focal point in any corner of a room. 

Suspend our wall pocket planter using the built-in hardware or hang them from the ceiling using a jute thread, fishing line, or ribbon of your choice. The great thing about using our decorative wall planters is that not only are they versatile, but they are also lightweight and can therefore be hung on even larger plant branches. Regardless of the method you choose, our modern planter is a great way to get creative and think outside the box for an impressive hanging plant wall decor.

2. What to plant in wall planters ?

Ans: Various types of plants can thrive indoors, but not all are suitable for growing in wall plant holders. Several factors must be considered before picking the right plant for vertical planters. Some of these factors include how big the plant will grow, whether will it be easy to maintain, and whether will it spread to the sides.

The general recommendation is to choose plants that don't grow so big. Otherwise, they may take up too much space and be too strenuous to maintain. It is also recommended to place your planter lower for plants that grow upright and tall. 

For those that dangle as they grow, a wall planter well above ground level offers a better flowy effect. Below are some of the best indoor plants to consider placing in our wall mounted planters.

  • air plants
  • hydrophytes
  • flower bulbs
  • succulents
  • herbs
  • ferns

3. Where to buy wall planters ?

Ans: If you are a plant person whose window sills, shelves, and floors are overflowing with greenery, it may be time to showcase some of your plants in a new way. With eHomemart’s floating wall planters set available in fanciful unique shapes, there is definitely something out there for gardening enthusiasts of every range.

Our beautiful indoor wall mounted plant holders feature crystal clear transparency of high-quality glass and a flat bottom so you can place them securely on top of any table or shelf. In addition, these plant wall decors feature a small hole in the back and include built-in brackets for hanging vertically. For larger spaces, combine multiple modern wall planters to create a truly unique display. 

Whether you're a novice contemplating adding a few small air plants or are an experienced green thumb exploring living wall planter ideas for vertical gardening indoors, these completely versatile geometric wall planters and half circle planter pots from eHomemart won't disappoint.

4. How to hang flower pots on the wall ?

Ans: Have you considered creating an interesting wall art display throughout your interior to exhibit your indoor plants as the pieces of art they are but aren't certain how to hang wall plant pots that are made of glass material? Don’t despair because, with eHomemart’s glass wall planters, the installation process has been made easier. 

Decide on a spot and simply hammer in the built-in hardware that comes with our wall mounted plant holder, and that's it! You will love how the hook and nail of our flat back planter look neatly tucked behind the container, giving the illusion that the glass vessels are floating on the wall. A set of these see-through wall flower pots can work well even in corners and smaller spaces, or you can buy more hanging wall planters indoors and create a great wallscape.

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