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Small things create big differences and a bud vase is the best example of proof. At eHomemart we have a diverse range of collections not just to create big differences with these small bud vases but also to help you create distinct style statements through our home décor, wall décor, and table décor ideas.

Small, simple yet chic, and elegant are these little bud vase charmers which beautify any place they sit on just like this gold foiled crackle flower bubble vase that can elegantly hold natural aromatic flowers or lifelike fake blooms. Our elegant-looking ribbed pedestal glass vase with ridges can be used to enticingly hold candles during the evenings and little plants or flowers during the day to lift your spirits and moods.

The gold dipped square glass vase and votive candle holder is a multipurpose décor item that also houses little water plants, flowers, ferns, and even some air plants. For modern home and wall décor ideas, double up your home’s beauty while using the trapezoid glass wall mounted planters and vase that look magical when mounted on your walls and backdrops. Fill them with water to house some mini water plants and let the walls turn lively. 

The clear glass hanging vase and votive candle holder with jute rope twine can be a dazzling dangler in the nights with the candles burning or simply filling them with colored sand or small décor stones or pebbles and placing them on the dining table or the study table. They will still look stunning and gorgeous. Wall-mounted glass vases are not just for houseplants but can also accommodate tiny floating scented candles just like the egg shaped glass wall candle holder or flower shaped glass wall mounted vase

Our glass bud vase and other wall vase decor items are made with high-quality heavy-duty glass which doesn’t crack or crumble due to the occasional scratches, jerks, or movements caused against the walls or on the tables. Their durability rate is very high because of their robust nature. The clear glasses don’t get stained with dirt or dust even while storing colored sand or normal mud or soil to grow mini plants. 

Visit eHomemart.com now to choose and shop from various options available among these mini vase beauties which are perfect partners for home décor and wall décor ideas.


1. How to arrange flowers in a bud vase ?

Ans: Bud vases are small and have a narrow opening, but you'll be astonished at the variety of blooms that may be placed in them. Whether you use a few stems or a tiny bunch of flower arrangements, these small glass flower vases may perform wonders and make an interesting statement piece when divvied up among household areas.

Check out the suggestions below for maximizing the attractiveness of your blossoms and greens in small bud vases.

  • Grab your container of choice and fill it halfway with water to begin your bud vase arrangements.
  • Trim the flower stems to nearly twice the height of the budvase at an angle. Before placing the flowers in the vessel, remove any leaves that may come into contact with the water.
  • Add a stem or two of foliage types with linear shapes, such as leather ferns, for added support and attractiveness.
  • To give your arrangement a refined and balanced look, add a few tiny leaves to the edge of the small vase.

2. How to grow plants in water jars ?

Ans: It's no secret that owning a collection of indoor water plants may boost one's mood while also keeping the environment clean. Water-based plants are not only soilless and low-maintenance, but they are also easier to reproduce, making them ideal for persons with black thumbs. Read on if this popular indoor gardening craze has grabbed your attention and you'd like to give it a shot.

  • Begin by selecting a plant that thrives in water, such as devil's ivy, aloe vera, or jade plant. Air plant display alternatives include vegetables and herbs like oregano, mint, and basil, as these species grow swiftly in water.
  • Take a fresh stem or leaf cutting by clipping the stem right below the leaf node, depending on the type of plant you've chosen.
  • Place your leaf or stem cutting in fresh or, better yet, spring water, which has higher nutrient content. You may discover good air plant pots from eHomemart's diverse range of mini bud vases for your air plant terrarium. Because of its shape and structure, a small glass vase with a wide opening, such as our egg-shaped glass wall holders and modish round holders, can give excellent support for herbs. Choose from our selection of test tube vase for a more fashionable houseplant presentation that is also a fantastic propagator of cuttings and single stems.
  • Greenery should not be placed near a heat source. The greatest place for your air plant décor is somewhere that gets plenty of bright, indirect sunshine and where the temperature doesn't fluctuate too much.

3. How to hang vases on a wall ?

Ans: A glass wall vase is the ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics. The wall flower vase from Ehomemart are highly adaptable and come in a variety of lovely styles and forms. We've simplified the installation of our wall flower holder to encourage you to add more greenery and color to your home.

The back of our hanging vase has a hole and hooks for convenient hanging. Simply draw a line on the wall or surface where you wish to hang these glass vases. After that, hang them loaded with live or artificial air plants and flower stems from the hooks on the wall.

You can also get creative and display numerous wall mounted vase in your living room to make a stunning wall accent. Use a jute rope or an invisible hanging wire to create a distinctive floating effect on walls and ceilings if you're seeking a more innovative approach to hanging your wall vase planter.

4. Where to buy geometric terrarium ?

Ans: The geometric vase from eHomemart will always offer an attractive and premium touch to your home areas, whether they're in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. For a perfectly coordinated effect, buy several of our dimensional vases and place them on your tabletop or shelf.

These glass terrarium containers are guaranteed to be a stunning addition to your home decor with their elaborate and detailed design. Use geometric clear bud vases such as our bottle shape geometric vase to add a swanky contemporary appeal to any room in the house. Display fresh single stems in modern vase designs like our geometric metal flower vase racks or hydroponic glass bulb vase.

These pieces are the perfect size to be used as a stunning table accent or as a vessel to safely put flower picks, succulents, or water and air plants for an amazing display. In addition, our geometric style small flower vase is made of high-quality material and has a modern, angular look that makes it the perfect ornament for the home.

5. Where to buy bud vases ?

Ans: Make eHomemart your first stop if you're having problems picking a bud vase set to buy. There's a wide range of vase shapes to choose from, as well as a wide selection of styles, sizes, and colors. Whether you fill them with flower stems or leave them empty, they are meant to inspire your own creative abilities.

To match your home design preference, choose from an array of classic or geometric shapes. Clear and assorted colored mini single stem vase for coffee tables can be found, as well as an outstanding contemporary geometric white bud vase for side tables, fireplace mantels, and more. 

Allow your imagination to run wild and don't be afraid to incorporate these small, sweet vases to liven up any tablescape; you'll be astonished at how easily these flower vases can bring your individuality to life. Arrange them in a row next to each other or in various portions of the same shelf.

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