Bud Vases


Small things create big differences and bud vases are the best examples for proof. At ehomemart we have a diverse range of collections not just to create big differences with these small bud vases but also to help you create distinct style statements through our home décor, wall décor, and table décor ideas.

Small, simple yet chic, and elegant are these little bud vases charmers which beautify any place they sit on just like this gold foiled crackle flower bubble vase which can elegantly hold natural aromatic flowers or lifelike fake blooms. Our elegant-looking ribbed pedestal heavy duty glass vase and candle holder with ridges can be used to enticingly hold candles during the evenings and little plants or flowers during the day to lift your spirits and moods. The gold dipped rectangle glass vase and votive candle holder is a multipurpose décor item that also houses little water plants, flowers, ferns, and even some air plants. For modern home and wall décor ideas, double up your home’s beauty while using the trapezoid glass wall mounted planters and vase that look magical when mounted on your walls and backdrops. Fill them with water to house some mini water plants and let the walls turn lively. The clear glass hanging vase and votive candle holder with jute tope twine can be a dazzling dangler in the nights with the candles burning or simply fill them with colored sand or small décor stones or pebbles and place them on the dining table or the study table. They will still look stunning and gorgeous. The wall mounted vases, glass holders, not just for house plants but also can accommodate the tiny floating scented candles just like the egg shaped glass wall candle holder or flower shaped glass wall mounted vase.

Our Bud Vases and other wall décor items are made with high-quality heavy-duty glass which doesn’t crack or crumble due to the occasional scratches, jerks, or movements caused against the walls or on the tables. Their durability rate is very high because of their robust nature. The clear vase glasses don’t get stained with dirt or dust even while storing colored sand or normal mud or soil to grow mini plants. Visit ehomemart.com now to choose and shop from various range of options available among these mini beauties of glass vases and air plant vases which are perfect partners for home décor and wall décor ideas.

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