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If you are looking for something extravagant to elevate your luxurious decor or want to revamp your tablescape, check out our exclusive collection of table overlays and impart a gorgeous appeal to your home and event design. Spread these decorative table toppers atop your plain or colorful table linens to create wonderful contrastive effects and spruce up your settings with an additional layer of decor.

Protect your expensive linens and bring some volume into your ensemble with our affordable table overlays that will not only protect your pricey tablecloths but will also make your table setup even more elegant. If you are looking to exude a shimmering and gleaming allure but don’t want to go overboard with a sparkling tablecloth, opt for matte table linen and lay a sequin table overlay or pintuck overlays on top to execute a sensational and brilliant appeal.

Want to double the opulence of your wedding table decor? Pair your plush table linens with our embroidered organza table overlays or lace table overlays to augment your luxurious wedding decor tenfold. To create a jungle theme for your little one’s birthday party, spread our leopard print table overlay or tiger print overlay and exude an awe-inspiring charm to your event design.

Add sensational depth to your table decor with interesting patterns like damask flocking table overlay or chevron overlays to spruce up your modish decor. Accentuate your romantic wedding table decorations with floral table overlays or opt for a carnation motif overlay emanating a striking charm. Bring countryside charm and tranquility to your event by accentuating your tables with our burlap table overlay and imparting a rustic flair to your bucolic settings.

If you are looking for a 3D effect, use satin tulle table overlays with elevated designs or opt for a rosette table overlay to exude an exciting and dramatic allure. If you aren’t content with the lavish appeal of your wedding table, try spreading a plush velvet table overlay or big Payette sequin overlays and give a sumptuous finishing touch to your tablescape.

Table overlays are surely the perfect inexpensive and affordable alternative to those costly table linens allowing you to exude that stunning appeal that you are looking for. Luckily, Ehomemart provides high-quality but inexpensive table cloth decoration that will fit right into your budget plan and will help you impart a glorious allure without breaking the bank. Visit our store and see for yourself!


1. What is a table overlay ?

Ans: Overlays are pieces of fabric that sit on top of tablecloths to add color and texture, similar to dining room table runners. They're usually square and smaller than tablecloths, and the only difference between them and tablecloths is how you intend to use them. Switch things up with table toppers for round tables and square tables if you're searching for something a little more unique for your tabletops.

A square table throw can be used to conceal sections of the tablecloth and to add color to the table setting. It's ideal for layering fabric on a conventional round or square table since it gives the tabletop linen dimension and texture without totally concealing the base tablecloth. The easiest way to show off patterned overlays is to pair them with a solid-colored tablecloth.

There are a variety of overlay fabric choices available on eHomemart, ranging from lace table toppers to linen table toppers. Another advantage of shopping from our tablecloth overlays collection is that you can get this item in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to find the right square overlay to match the color and style of your existing tablecloth.

2. How to make a table overlay ?

Ans: An overlay spread on top of a tablecloth is a wonderful way to add aesthetic appeal to your tablescapes and dining area. However, because you'll need a layout, many materials, and sewing tools, doing it yourself will take some time.

We highly recommend eHomemart's variety of fabric table covers to spare you the hassle of sewing one from scratch. Choose from a variety of colors, designs, fabrics, and textures; our square and round table overlay are designed to complement a variety of tabletop decoration demands.

You don't have to worry about where to get the supplies you'll need to make your kitchen and table linens any longer. To add charm and interest to the table, simply set these lovely square and round table toppers on top of the tablecloth and bring an eye-catching centerpiece to the table.

3. How to get wrinkles out of organza table overlay ?

Ans: Organza table overlays, like any other square lace overlay tablecloths and modern table linens, are prone to creases because of their delicate sheer fabric. As a result, proper care and attention to these table linens are also necessary.

Simply lay your organza tablecloth toppers in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes to release any creases that may have occurred during shipping or storage. You can also remove wrinkles by steaming them out. To remove wrinkles, hold the steamer head 6-8 inches away from the organza cloth and let the steam travel up and down.

Another option is to iron the wrinkles. Before setting the dining table cloth cover on the ironing board, add another layer of moist fabric for further protection. Begin gliding the iron over the material in a back-and-forth motion until you are satisfied with the appearance of your sheer table topper.

4. How to cover table top with fabric ?

Ans: To quickly upgrade an existing acceptable table into a great festive tabletop for a holiday or other special event, you may need to layer dining table sheets. A table overlay is the most ideal linen to use for layering out of all the table accessories available since, in addition to adding an amazing finishing touch to the dining room table's décor, it also provides extra protection to the tablecloth.

Incorporate lace table overlays or polyester table overlays on top of the tablecloth to create a delicate yet edgy look on a hardwood tabletop. Whether it's a pile of wooden slabs and bright-colored flowers in a pedestal glass vase, a spectacular centerpiece is essential. This display can also be used to draw attention to your arrangements.

Finally, add your luxury table linens, such as vinyl placemats, farmhouse napkin rings, and plate chargers. These items will enhance your dining experience. Don't be afraid to use your table overlays for several purposes and to think outside the box. They can be used in a variety of ways to bring a touch of elegance and color to your home's interior design.

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