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When it comes to decorating vases and jars, the first thing that comes to mind is flowers, but that's not the only option to take your vase decor up by several notches. With the right bright vase fillers, you can create most mesmeric Table Centerpieces and Vase Decorations in less time and even less money.

Be it a minimalist glass vessel, a loud and proud geometric beauty, or a quirky pink flamingo; our enticing vase fillers and table scatters are available in every shade and shape to adorn the beautiful vases. Our alluringly exquisite collection of decorative vase fillers will exalt your centerpiece game in no time and is heaven for those who are bored with outdated and dull décor choices.

Unleash the artist within you and style your vases not only with the typical stereotyped bouquet of flowers but also try our extravagant vase fillers to enhance the beauty of your decorative showpieces as flowers are not the solo statement pieces of décor of your tablescape. Fill your vases, aquariums, Betta bowls, fountain decoration, or centerpieces with our polished decorative stones, clear pear teardrop rhinestones, faux pearl beads vase fillers, and DIY art & craft confetti glitters.

Create a crisp crushed stone display that adds a sense of fresh style and natural beauty to your home, office, or event space. These glass vase fillers ideas will showcase your aesthetic taste and instantly heighten the charm and elegance of your decorations, centerpieces, apparel, jewelry, hair pieces, tableware, architecture, and so on. The seamless glint and twinkling appearance of these rhinestone diamonds and lustrous beads are every crafter and decorator’s dream to add glitz and glamour.

If you wish to create a snow-themed décor, use our instant snow powder to enjoy gallons of fluffy snow in seconds without postponing your snowy dreams and desires until the end of the year. Design and decorate like a diva yourself and use our accessories as Christmas vase fillers, in decorating your home ambiance, favor boxes, hang them from the branches or vines, fill in the vases and jars to make stunning centerpieces, and create hanging pearls garlands.

Whatever the occasion or the season, our natural dried assorted potpourri bowl vase fillers are perfect for your needs. Use these fall vase fillers to spruce up the elegance of any space and décor ushering a woodsy whimsical charm to your kitchen, fireplace, or mantel or you can create floral arrangements and table setups with our moss grass and greenery picks.

We, at, strive to provide top-class accents and decorative bowl fillers like our jelly beads, acrylic crystal diamonds, LED lights, natural pebbles and stones, moss fillers, and decorative sand that will help you elegantly accessorize your decor. With gorgeous forms and bright colors, our vases adorned with a glass vase filler are like little pieces of art for your side tables, mantel, or anywhere you choose to put them.

Visit our stellar collection and don’t hesitate to stop by our online store which has an extensive variety of vase fillers to cater to your artistic needs, and order your preferred decorative supplies before they go out of stock.


1. What to put in vases for decoration ?

Ans: There is a multitude of techniques on how to decorate glass vases with different things aside from flowers while still elevating your vase presentation, ranging from adding various ornamental items to simple DIY crafts. To add color and texture to any space in your home, fill clear glass vases with vase fillers. Here are some simple vase decoration ideas and imaginative ways to use them.

  • Add a bunch of colorful sand and attractive seashells to your favorite glass cylinder vases to give any room a nautical feel.
  • Fill a see-through vase with acrylic glass beads for vases and place it in a prominent spot. 
  • Bring your outdoor garden inside your home by filling a big cylinder vase with moss vase filler balls and artificial moss rock.
  • Make crystal vases gleam and sparkle by putting in some decorative rhinestone diamonds topped with decorative sticks for vases.
  • Display vases like artwork by using a whimsical gold vase filler like our potpourri pieces to complement a candle display or simply glam up a room with its sleek color and texture. 

2. How to hide stems in a glass vase ?

Ans: Consider these clever techniques to disguise your flower stems when putting together your next floral arrangement and keep its elegance, whether it's for gifting, home décor, a holiday event, or a dinner party.

  • Put a little vase within a big glass vase to add a little pizzazz to any arrangement and make it easy to hide those unsightly flower stems. Fill the outer vase with lemons, limes, oranges, acorns, decorative balls, faux water pearls, or seasonal objects that fit the season.
  • To conceal stems or branches, line a clear floor vase with huge flat leaves for a stunning and unique look. Because artificial leaves are accessible all year, don't be hesitant to incorporate these floor vase fillers into your project.
  • Keep your gorgeous blooms upright while hiding their stems at the same time with decorative rocks, pebbles, or vase marbles. Add just enough water to keep the stems wet. This is a very trendy technique and not to mention cost-effective, as you only need one flower bunch to the ensemble look nice.
  • To disguise floral stems, combine sand with other beach-themed fillers. For example, in a glass flower vase, you could create a tiny beach scene with decorative sand, shells, sand dollars, pieces of driftwood, beautiful sea glass, and more.

3. What to put in a decorative bowl ?

Ans: Have you ever been stuck coming up with bowl filler ideas for your platters, wide-mouthed vases, or decorative bowls sitting on your coffee tables, consoles, bookcases, or other surfaces in your home? Here are some decorating ideas for your centerpiece bowls that are both cozy and beautiful.

  • Fill your ornamental bowls with stones or pebbles if you want to make them look less fussy. You may get them in any color you want and mix and match them.
  • Accessorize with stunning dough bowl fillers such as flowers or seasonal greenery and large pinecones. This is a terrific way to give your home a festive appeal while sticking to a chosen color scheme.
  • Fill a bowl with our evergreen preserved natural moss orbs and twine balls to create a simple rustic centerpiece with a hint of freshness.
  • Our acrylic teardrop crystals will add a touch of glitz and glam to any decorative bowl instantly and effortlessly. To make a magnificent display, sprinkle or cluster these beautifully polished gems around a candle in a large bowl.

4. Where to buy vase fillers ?

Ans: When it comes to home décor, the finishing touches are often the most essential element to establish your sense of style. And to execute this, you'll need clear glass vase decoration ideas as well as equally lovely bowls and crystal vases. Accentuate your vessels with vase and bowl fillers from eHomemart available in a variety of designs and hues.

We have everything you need to brighten up your home space, choices include natural moss grass, glitters, plastic fillable shells, pebbles, faux pearl beads, and more. Are you looking for simple vase filler ideas to hold stunning flower stalks in place? Then use our selection of polished decorative stones in your floral displays. Or, scatter an assortment of natural sea shells and other novelty items on decorative sand that is perfect for any beach or coastal home decor.

A vase with sticks, rustic twig wicker balls, and pinecones is likely to combine wonderfully as Christmas vase filler ideas with other related décor items, such as natural vase filler branches, whether your interior is simple or contemporary in style. Combine LED lights with these versatile ornamental pieces to enhance their appeal. If you're feeling nostalgic, you can even use these short and tall vase fillers as table scatters. 

Feel free to buy as many pieces as you want and change the look and feel of your house as frequently as you like because all of our glass filler embellishments are trendy, unique, and very affordable. Start shopping based on color, texture, size, and other factors, and don't forget to look around for different home décor items as well.

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