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There is no denying the fact that adequate lighting is crucial to elevate your home decor to the next level. After all, no matter how stunning your decor accents are, nothing will stand out in a dark and gloomy spot. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered! Highlight your interior design with our gleaming LED decorative lights to elegantly illuminate your indoor and porch area with dazzling appeal.

Are you looking to update your living room mantelpiece decorations to create a riveting focal point? Outline your mantelshelf with a lovely artificial green eucalyptus LED leaf garland or snake down our white artificial foam rose.

Lace a LED flower garland around a chic color-changing LED metal Eiffel tower and all the other accents for a glorious mantel decor that’ll strike the perfect balance of elegance and panache. Featuring twinkling LED lights peeking through the lush floral and foliage, these gorgeous indoor string lights will surely add a sparkling glow to your living room home decor.

Are you planning a romantic dinner date night to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home? Show your shining adoration and glam up your porch with glimmering LED lights strings and fairy light bulbs to pull on the heartstrings of your beloved. However, to cherish your love and special bond, hang our LED photo clip string lights on any indoor wall and clip your favorite couple photos to relive your best moments spent together.

Considering the importance of indoor home lighting, we at eHomemart strive to provide you with the best LED indoor lights and porch lights for home decor at affordable prices to help you impart unmatched brilliance. Stop by our collection and see for yourself!


1. What to use to put up fairy lights ?

Ans: Hanging indoor string lights may seem like an easy feat, but it actually takes a bit of planning. Not to mention, it also requires the right tools for putting up indoor twinkle lights and a design in mind. If you have decided that an area within your house needs illumination – it may be the living room or perhaps one of the bedrooms, there are several ways to hang or display charming ceiling string lights without ending up damaging surfaces. Here are a few clever ways that should work.

  • Nail free sticky hangers - For lightweight fairy string lights with a remote and plug in string lights indoor, using adhesive hooks is a perfect choice. But instead of just putting the light set on the hook part which can easily cause the wire to slip off, put the hook between the twisted strands of the electric lights. 
  • On and off fastener hooks - Another surface where you can easily hang string lights room decor on is a brick fireplace or mantel. But instead of drilling nails into the mortar, for a damage-free installation, use brick clips to hold your indoor string lights every few feet along the wall. 
  • The rod method - A more organized and straightforward way to place long string lights along windows is to use a curtain rod. You can wrap the lights around the rod or use zip ties to hold the lights. The great thing about using curtain rods is the flexibility it gives you as you can move them anywhere you want easily. 

2. How to use string lights indoors ?

Ans: LED string lights are no longer just for Christmas anymore as these types of indoor lighting have become an increasingly popular decorating trend due to how these indoor decorative lights can go a long way in personalizing homes. If you’re looking for cozy ideas on how to cast sleek modern illumination over dark spots and crevices in your interior, here are some of our amazing suggestions that can help you decide. 

  • Good kitchen lighting can be expensive, so if you're looking for a quick upgrade option that will shed light on your countertop, try decorative indoor string lights. Place it under cabinets, shelves, or on the wall to provide additional lighting useful for chopping and other food preparation.
  • Use decorative hanging garland lights as a softer way to illuminate a bedroom. These indoor lights for bedroom will shed adequate light to brighten up a late-night reading session or a warm cup of tea in bed early in the morning. Wrap these artificial leaf indoor hanging lights around the bedpost, or simply set them atop an upholstered headboard for a warm, inviting ambiance.
  • Hang twinkling battery powered indoor lights from the ceiling or use them as foyer lighting so it feels like you are walking outdoors under a starry sky. Hanging these 100 LED sequential lights will add a whimsical touch to a mediocre evening.
  • If there's a dark corner that you have no idea what to do with, then hang a warm white cotton ball string garland from a hook attached to the wall for a chic light decor.
  • Bring more light and style into open-plan lofts. Create separate spaces by strategically placing some globe string lights indoor or mirror ball string lights living room between the living area and the dining room.
  • Instead of using traditional candles, place white string lights indoor along with LED candles on the dining table, especially if you have small children or pets you don’t want to expose to flickering flames. You can even use different colors to match your tabletop scheme.
  • Outline a canopy bed, mirrors, wall frames, doors, and window sills with our sunflower greenery garland interior lights.

3. How to hang string lights on porch ?

Ans: If you have a covered porch that is an extension of your living area and you are looking for inexpensive ways to decorate it with indoor fairy lights to make it a cozy and inviting lounging space, then we might have the right tips and tricks for you.

A covered deck or porch will provide you with the ideal structure for hanging string lights from ceiling. There are several options to hang your LED hanging lights indoors. You can choose to light the perimeter of your porch or, if you have a fairly open space, you can place the indoor patio lights in rows, zigzag, or let them hang in swags. 

Once you have decided which design you are going to go for, measure your space to find out how many remote control interior string lights you have to purchase. Also, make sure that your power source is located near the starting point where you will hang your lights. If you are having problems starting to hang your decorative hanging lights at the exact point of your power outlet, you can always use an extension cord.

At this point, you can begin to attach the hardware you have chosen to secure your string lights. For lightweight LED fairy lights, you can use adhesive hooks. If you opted for edison string lights indoor, it’s advisable to use screw eyes/hooks for the mounting points and D-ring clips to secure the Edison bulb festoon lights to the hooks. Once all of your hardware is in place, you can now start putting your lights up and enjoy the upgrade you have made on your porch.

4. Where to buy curtain lights ?

Ans: Create a dazzling atmosphere for your home décor or spice up celebrations with innovative LED curtain lights from eHomemart. Instantly increase the appeal of your living room or bedroom with the delicate shimmer offered by our indoor and outdoor twinkle light curtains.

Also perfect as a room divider, these dazzling curtain string lights are not only easy to install, but you can also choose from 8 flashing lighting modes so you can change how you want these curtain lights bedroom to shine according to the occasion. Say goodbye to dull nights and prepare to be in awe of the brilliance of our cascading light-up curtains

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